TS3- SNAFU Intro

A/N: All of this is from the Apocalypse Challenge site almost verbatim.  I did rearrange things here or there and added a few things or took a few away but it’s in no way mine.  Why did I do this?  Because, as I was reading and rereading the different restrictions I kept thinking how cool the little snippets at the beginning of each one was.  So, I decided to combine them all as if Ivan’s describing what happened since he left university.  Story-wise some time has passed since it all happened.  

The presses went silent the day of the great devastation.  No one knows exactly what happened.  Sims everywhere have been without solid news and rumors run rampant, doing more harm than good to the recovery efforts.  Because of very limited bandwidth, citizen communication is sharply curtailed.  The only thing that sells well are stories from survivors, as media outside of the region is hungry to know what happened and what it is like to live in such a land.  The chaos in the region has broken down the basic economic fabric of society. The value of a Simoleon varies wildly from place to place. All major markets have been destroyed or looted dry. With the economy of the region in shambles, people are unwilling and unable to just ‘go shopping’.  Sims have no choice but to make do with the limited goods provided by the only trusted supplier in the region.  Food riots, zombie attacks, and a broken chain of command have taken their toll. Civilization barely hangs by a thread while murder and mayhem reign in the streets.

The political scene is a mess, more so than it normally is. Local officials are haggling over how and when supplies are sent to the regions, while the citizens suffer. Corruption is rampant and waste is constant. The supply of building materials has been restricted in an effort “conserve” them. Harsh and unreasonable property laws have been enacted. What is left of the police force seems oddly motivated to enforce this building law in particular while turning a blind eye to the looting and anarchy.  With government regulators unwilling to enforce fair labor laws and the remaining businesses able to mistreat their workers who are desperate to keep their jobs, standards of employment have gone down the drain.

Sims are unable to defend themselves, their homes, and possessions.  The entire region is devastated.   Zombies, bandits, motorcycle gangs, and all kinds of other terrors roam the land, mercilessly taking from those that try to rebuild.  The local organized crime family has taken advantage of the lawlessness in the region to set up a protection racket. These goons force people to pay hefty sums to ensure nothing “bad” happens to what few possessions they have left. While some try to resist the effort is useless and most just give in and pay.

With the death toll in the thousands, the grim reaper has been pulling long shifts. He is so tired of hearing pleas he has stopped bargaining for the dead.  The whole region has become haunted by angry spirits.  Locked behind closed doors and barred windows, many pray that the evils roaming the area never find them.  Everyone’s afraid of what’s waiting for them outside.  The mobs of radiated zombies wandering the streets make it unsafe to travel anywhere alone.  Sims do not venture from their homes without an escort, except to go to work.  Neighborhoods are scattered as nobody is willing to risk traveling just to visit with friends.  The roads to and from local universities are blocked.   All the major school systems are in ruins. Education has all but disappeared from the region.  In an apocalyptic world, life is stressful so children are not motivated to learn unless it is fun.

Without the flawless power grid and advanced electronics companies of the modern day, the high tech gizmos that were once relied upon have slipped out of the population’s reach again. Technology has taken a step backward.  The gas lines and power grid have been severely damaged. Running a gas stove or electric appliance carries too much of a risk. The radiation levels are too high to risk using a microwave either. Food is scarce. The quality of the food the Sims can get is very poor and can bring illness to some. Fresh food is non-existent.

The celestial music has stopped. Clouds cover the sky, yet nothing but toxic ash rains down upon the land. Sims despair of ever hearing the symphony of a babbling brook or the chimes of insects whirring as they move from flower to flower again.  Any and all plant life in the region is dead. Nothing grows anymore.  With no plants to hold the soil together natural and organic food is non-existent.  Fish, the ones still left, are horribly mutated and weak. The survival of their species is in doubt. Small animals and insects are also on the brink of extinction. As these little creatures go, so goes the hope for Simanity. The radiation in the air weakens Sims muscles and bones. As a result, muscle degeneration has set in. Even simple physical tasks have become impossible.  The combination of the stress of living in the fallout and the lingering radiation in the air has had a terrible effect on the minds of the elderly. Older minds decay faster and senility sets in early and badly. Surviving to elderhood in this new world is both a blessing and a curse.

The plumbing has been severely damaged in the region. Water brought into the house is dirty and unsanitary.  Baths are a thing of the past. To make things worse, local drug stores have been cleaned out by looters.  There is no medicine or birth control. Sickness runs rampant.  With their focus on basic survival, Sims don’t care about personal appearance anymore. They would rather be fed and safe than pretty. Cosmetics, hair care supplies, and clothing stores have all been cleaned out by looters or destroyed. Nobody wants to spend any money to bring these items back to the region.  They all have to make do with whatever hand-me-downs or scraps they can find.   As a result, appearances have taken a turn for the worse, leading most to keep to themselves.  Spending so much of their time alone has led to most Sims being socially awkward.  Large gatherings, socials, brunches, and parties have disappeared.  And with no cheap mass entertainment, there is no inspiration for parties and sims have run out of conversation topics.  No one knows who to trust so they keep mostly to themselves not trying to get to know others better.  No one asks questions and no one exchanges packages.

The nuclear meltdown and resulting steam explosion contaminated the local area, including the buildings. Their structural integrity lost, many buildings simply collapsed while others were condemned due to heavy radiation. As the survivors cling to life, they resort to building basic shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Without proper knowledge of building safety requirements, these shelters were kept as simple as possible to avoid the risk of collapse. Making do with scraps of wood, carpet, metal, mortar, and bricks, survivors no longer dream of building beautiful abodes. -END

I returned from university to chaos.  The escort my mom sent to meet me took all but ten percent of the substantial amount that I’d earned as the fee for their protection.  I guess they liked the idea because now they’re charging everyone protection fees.  To make things worse, the scientists had no interest in the results of all of the research I’d originally been sent there to do.  They let me keep the research station for my troubles.  Its backup battery is almost dead.  There’s only enough power for one more experiment so I’d better make it good.

My sister got engaged while I was in university and despite my mom’s protests I decided to build my own place.  I know that after living most of my life in an underground bunker you’d think that’s what I’d build but after living in the dorm and being able to look down at the surrounding area I realized that being high up has its advantages too.  It took almost every penny I had left after those goons took most of it to build this.  I know it’s too big but with the research station and not feeling safe leaving the doghouse outdoors I had to build a little bigger than planned.  I found a stray wandering the area and felt bad for the poor girl.  I gave her a home and a meal a day and in return, she protects both me and the home.  With the corruption in the police department, we have to protect ourselves the best we can so I’m grateful for Alasdair.  Her name’s Greek and means man’s defender.  I think it suits her.  What little money I had left I spent on books.  That time in uni taught me how important an education is.  If one day I have children I want them to have a good start in life.  So, I bought whatever skill books I could get my hands on because I don’t know how difficult it will be to purchase them by then.

But that’s for the future.  Right now, it’s all about survival.  I’m doing the job we’d planned before I left for uni.  Painting.  Not as a painter.  I mean, I paint but it’s what’s hidden in the paintings that are important.  Messages.  Everything in and out of the area is being closely monitored.  We expected that it would be.  What we didn’t expect was how bad things would get here.  Sims can’t choose what job they want.  They take the first job offered or no job at all.  They can’t take time off from work for anything.  If a woman gets pregnant she has no choice but to quit her job.  There are no sick days which makes things even more difficult considering there is no healthcare.  They work long hours and they work hard.  So, the messages.  We hope we can get the attention of some of our outside connections that can whisper in the right ears to get something done about the situation here.  I know there are innumerable problems and this is just the tip of the iceberg but I’m only one person and can only do so much.  Hopefully, we can get the attention of the right people fast and can try to get some other things straightened out after that.

Here, in this chaos, there’s a new normal.  This situation sucks but it’s reality now.  Situation normal is all f*cked up.


The only books at the consignment store.  I was so disappointed because I’d hoped for martial arts.

But then, my spirits lifted.  A sale!

He had so much money and at that point, I’d already gotten him everything I wanted to for the house and then some.  I spent the remaining money on some expensive but legal bunk beds and a bunch of extra lights.

Those criminals aren’t getting my money!

Yes, this really happened on day one.  I had him turn on the fireplace to take a screenshot… I don’t even think you can see the darned thing in it!  It took him forever to put out the fire and a bunch of stuff was destroyed.  Since it was still day one I just used the insurance money in addition to selling some bunk beds so that I could replace it all.

I noticed he had this wish when I was clicking out of them later.  Ha ha Ivan.

Yay!  Looks like not everyone is afraid to get married.

Chapter 1.1


    • Yes! I’m so excited for everyone to see what’s been happening! I’m 15 chapters ahead at the moment so it’s kinda driving me crazy, lol.


  1. I saw you had posted this awhile ago, and wanted to start reading it. Oh, the apocalypse challenge by Pinstar! Love it. Although, I read and re-read his rules and was so confused. I love how you combined all the stages into the summary…lol on the grim reaper part that he was so tired…also great that he has a guard dog. $2 simoleons left! Yikes! You are living on the danger limit. Sounds like a great start.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, Pinstar wrote the original Sims 2 rules. I did a modified version of those when I did it in that game. When Sims 3 came out someone else modified the rules and I guess he was too busy so he let them keep up with them. He’s modified them again for Sims 4 again, though. I spent all the money because I’d have to give it away anyway. I zero out their money twice a week to pay “protection fees.”

      Liked by 1 person

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