TS3- SNAFU 1.1: Racing Curfew

SNAFU Chapter 1

Ivan got promoted at work on his first day meaning he had to start scanning art at home so he had to paint something.

That way he can learn how to add the secret messages.

Then he had to work so it was Alasdair watch time.

I couldn’t figure out where she was going.  It showed a pic of Ivan and “follow” and then I realized she was going to wait for him at the lair and I sent her hunting.

After her hunt she went to visit the Dudlansky’s.  I realized later that for some odd reason the kids were set to wear formal clothes to school.  I was wondering why Aeralyn was dressed like that.

Alasdair moved on to playing with Garent and Ivan finally got home so he chatted with Brett for an hour or so.

Alasdair making use of her little doggie house.

Then the next day while Ivan was at work she hunted and visited the Dudlansky’s across the street again.

Ivan got home and found her there and chatted with Aeralyn until curfew.

Not being able to be outside much leaves a lot of pent-up energy.  Which is why Ivan painted the hop-scotch court on the floor.  While he does that Alasdair runs around the room.

In the morning Alasdair decides she needs to wake daddy and I realize that dogs can jump on the beds in Sims 3!

She gets a good morning belly rub.

It was Ivan’s first day off and I really don’t know what I was thinking.  He almost had enough money to buy the second set of bunk beds that I’d already had to sell on the first day because of the fire so I was more focused on money and had him spend most of the day finishing the book he’s been writing since uni.  I realized right after taking this screenshot that the painting can’t be left there on the easel because it was giving off an environment score.  So he’s been keeping it in his inventory and pulling it out to scan it for work.

And Alasdair hunted as per usual.

Then Ivan made the fireplace fireproof.

Which left only a few hours before curfew to socialize and the only one outside was Tessen who as you can see has recently aged to an elder.  My plan is to slowly inch the number of elder days down because if I changed it right now most of them, including his parents, would die right away.  Yikes.

It’s always a rush to get home in time.

And now that we know a certain someone can sleep on the bed she’s got her own spot.

Not really a great place to play kicky bag Ivan.  The annoying thing is that he’ll play with it autonomously but if I try to tell him to play with it he can’t because the snow is too high.  Even when he’s inside.  I later learned that it’s the same with the soccer ball.

This time, I decided not to make the same mistake and sent them out right away.  Inside things can be done after curfew.

He headed to the park and finally met his brother-in-law Young Jae.

And Alasdair met Styx, Jr. who incidentally looks nothing like his father from which he was supposedly cloned from!  It makes me wonder about regular sim cloning.  Does this mean they won’t look the same as whoever they’re cloned from?  I’d assumed that they would.

Note from the future: There are 4 results from cloning.  I figure you only get two from the vouchers though.  There is an exact match and another that is similar but not exact.

Then Garent joins the conversation.  Guys, I gotta tell you… socializing post-apocalypse is really tough!  He can’t tell jokes, he can’t ask questions or give gifts not that he has anything to give anyway.  There are all of these things he can and can’t say and I keep questioning myself on everything I choose.  Is he allowed to high-five?  LOL  So funny!  I will say that it makes things a lot more fun as they become unrestricted.  Suddenly you can’t wait to ask everyone questions or tell jokes.  Or dance!

Young Jae wandered off to play guitar and I’ve been so used to story-mode that I thought I should hide him playing from the camera.  Gasp!  Someone playing music how scandalous!  There were also children and toddlers there.  And while I’m thinking about it Garent shouldn’t have been there either.  Has he maxed his athletic skill already?  All these rule breakers.  Yea, see, it would be really difficult to do this all story-wise and try to constantly come up with explanations for the inconsistencies.

I saw his dad outside and his family never seems to be outside so I had him run over and chat.  Then, it was almost 7pm and he had to run home.

I keep hearing the burglar music and thinking he’s getting robbed.  I even sent him and the dog home once and just had them lurking waiting but nothing happened.  Well, this time I saw it is indeed a burglar.  For some reason, it’s playing the music even when other sim’s houses get robbed.  And she seems to be a really active burglar.  Here she is at the Dudlansky’s house.  And if you’re wondering yes, I opened their house and watched and she did indeed steal their sofa!  The stairs make it almost comical because they’re all trying to get around each other to gasp at the burglar.

Alasdair loves to guard the house.  Here she is standing vigil eventually I sent her to bed.

Note from the future: Did you know that guarding the house spawns burglars?

Monday!  I have never been so happy for a Monday!  He can finally use the phone.  I had him make a few calls before work.  I could kick myself though, I forgot to have him top off Alasdair’s food bowl the day before… either that or she ate a lot.  And he had to pay the protection money so he can’t give her more food until he gets paid at work.  Last time this happened she kept having to drink from the toilet to fill the hunger need.  Because he pays the protection money twice a week.

Then he has his meal of the day before leaving for work.  Yes, it’s a dominos table.  It’s not like mealtime is anything exciting anyway.

After Ivan left for work Alasdair was going to go lay on one of the bunk beds but I got confused when she went into Ivan’s bedroom instead.  She jumped through the wall!  It was so funny.  I had to put a window in here to light it up more so you can see.  I already tested the arrangement out in the test save and I can fit three sets of bunk beds in this room!  I really have nothing else exciting to buy with the extra money right now.

Alasdair’s two finds of the week.  A rainbow gem and some gold.  I released that graduation gnome onto the land when he got home from uni and it’s always all over the place.  They sure do move fast!  I suppose I could look into getting some display cases for the collectibles.  He can only buy one thing a day and I have to zero out his money twice a week so we’ll see.  I decided to stop the chapter here since it’s been a week.  Albeit a boring week but that was expected.  He’s been promoted twice and is now level 3.  But, his rebel influence went down which he needs for his job so I’ve gotta figure something out.  I noticed that his boss is a rebel so maybe he can become friends with him.  He got an opportunity to do street art anywhere he wants without getting into trouble but he can’t do street art on community lots per challenge rules.  I wasn’t sure if doing it on a neighbor’s lot would have counted but he only has an hour or two after work to socialize so it seemed like a poor use of time to me.  He’s back to being friends with Tessen and Aeralyn and has become friends with Young Jae and somehow Todd Landgraab whom he only spoke to for a few minutes at the park.  He’s talked a lot to Garent but I must be using the wrong socials because they aren’t friends yet.  It sucks that he’s barely seen his family because he has like no relationship with any of them!  See how weird it would be trying to keep this all a story?

That squeaky toy drives Ivan nuts!

Me, playing the game with the darned rules cheat sheet on the left and even then I keep having to go to the site and double check things.  As well as constantly finding how to add yet another autonomous action to Nraas Returner mod like cooking pet food.  Why is that even autonomous in the first place???  I just thought you’d get a good laugh at my misery.

Chapter 1.2

Note from the future/disclaimer:

As of the day that this chapter first chapter is publishing I’m getting very close to starting the second generation.  I thought it might be a good idea to note here that although I am trying very hard to follow all of the million rules for this challenge there are some things that I’ve messed up on not realizing I’m breaking one and also my resolve weakens slowly.  This is one of the reasons I’ve shied away from challenges since becoming a certified mod addict, lol.  I’d just like to note that while I am scoring this it’s just for funsies and my experience is in no way the “right way” to do things!  If that’s what you’re looking for you’re kinda out of luck cuz I personally couldn’t find anything!  I do, on the other hand, note that I’m being a big cheaterpants when I’m doing something knowinly so there’s that.  Hope you enjoy watching me torture my poor simmies!


  1. Even if nothing much happened it’s still a nice chapter – Alasdair seems like a good companion to have around 😀
    I really liked that pets could sleep on beds in Sims 3 – I miss that so much in Sims 4 (or at least i have never seen my pets do it in Sims 4)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! This challenge would be dreadfully boring without pets. No, dogs can’t sleep on beds in Sims 4 but cats can. Perhaps someone will mod it for us! I really love it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t have pets in the sims 3, but they look cute there. Also, love some of the mod items in his abode, especially the sink. Awesome. The winter weather is a really good theme. Very desolate.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t go too far with the CC items this time. Mostly decor. I have a LOT of recolor swatches though which I’ve used to make everything look dirty and old. The all-winter thing is part of the rules.

      Liked by 1 person

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