TS3- SNAFU 1.2: The Pets Take Over

Generation One Chapter Two

I discovered something interesting.  Pets can go into other sim’s houses!  I told Alasdair to sniff Jade when she was outside because I swear that family is never outside and I barely get to see them.  Well, Jade went inside and Alasdair followed her to sniff.  So, we got to spend some time there while Ivan was at work.  Alasdair really likes getting brushed.

And then grandma gave her a treat reminding her that she’s hungry and daddy didn’t fill her bowl before work.  So she had a nibble from the cat’s bowl.

Looks like Jade and Young Jae got into an argument about something.

But he seems to know how to calm down his wife.  So sweet!

Also, this little guy was running around!  I remember getting the notification that Styx had caught it.  I really have no idea why I get notifications when things like that happen but it’s funny and now I know who caught it!  So it must have escaped him but since they live in an underground bunker it has nowhere to go!

Then Jade went outside to play with Junior who I’m no longer upset that he looks nothing like Styx and you’ll see why soon!

Ivan returned home and fed the dog not understanding why she didn’t even seem hungry!  Haha dad!  She’s up to all kinds of adventures while you’re away!

Monday!  Finally!  It’s so hard to decide who he should call.

Alasdair is laughing at daddy talking to the wall.  Silly humans.

Then she gets brushed but it doesn’t help the uncomfortable flea problem that they can do nothing about.

And in the morning before work, Ivan tries to teach her to sit.

Hunting time!  Every day after Ivan leaves for work Alasdair starts the day hunting.  She hasn’t found many shinies yet but she’s learning.

Then, she socializes.  Now, you might be thinking to yourself that this is Styx she’s playing with.  If you are then you are wrong!  This just happens to be Styx’s mate Kitty!  I’m happy to say that with the magic of mods she is soon to have a kitten!

For comparison, this is Styx.  They look very similar, don’t they?  I didn’t even realize that pets have mates!

Ivan spent a couple hours working on upgrading the sink but gave up because it was taking forever.

It’s much more fun playing with Alasdair.

In a failed attempt to get his rebel influence up, I had him paint this huge floor mural which I ended up hating and got rid of it.  I’ve found a few people that are rebels but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to socialize with anyone!

Hugs for the pup before work.

After her daily hunt, she heads to the park to see what’s happening and a nice lady gives her a treat.  See that guy with the white hair behind her?  That’s Brett!  He’s aged to an elder.  I guess the thrift store didn’t have much for clothes eh?

Our girl really loves being brushed and everyone wants to brush her!

With only an hour left before curfew, Ivan gets home from work and goes out searching for his wayward pup.  He stops to chat for a few minutes.

And while he talks to Aeralyn, Alasdair socializes with her cat Kia.  So cute!

I took this pic because Ivan looked handsome.  Jade and Donald sure did make some good looking kids!

I guess werewolf dads don’t worry about being out after curfew with their werewolf kids?

I would worry!  Yikes.  This reminds me that I never made more zombies!  I guess I could make some in another save and save them to my bin… hmm.


I get messages like this all the time for them and I think it’s so cool.

And these… yep she’s preggo!

See!  They really are mates!  Junior has a mate too.  So funny.

Okay so, I’m constantly hearing the burglar music, right?

And nothing ever seems to happen.  So this time that thing popped up and it took me to the house that she was actually robbing.  Look how far away it is!  Why am I hearing the music???

While I was up there looking around I took this shot because it looked cool.

Chapter 1.3


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