TS3- SNAFU 1.3: Everything Falls Into Place

Generation One Chapter Three

This is how the day started.  With the music that I have come to loathe and a burglar slowly sneaking across the street.  Now, with the slowness of this guy, you would think that my sim and his dog can surely keep him from stealing anything… right?

Wrong!  They just followed him around thinking about him and reacting negatively!  Meanwhile, he stole one of the precious gems I’d already counted on the collectibles sheet!  I was furious.  Anything else he steals I can replace but who knows how long it would take for another gem to be found!

I wasn’t even aware that police would come without being called or there being an alarm!  I was so grateful to see her!  At least someone around here is doing their job.  The funny thing is that I think she’s working on the down-low because she’s driving a sloppy jalopy instead of a police car!

This popped up like an hour or more after they left.

It took her forever to return and give him his stuff back.  I was busy trying to figure out what was going on and I really have no clue why he is in his underwear.  Is it because he’s got the inappropriate trait maybe?

Note from the future: Get used to it guys, this is literally his outfit of choice for every occasion.

Fast-forward to later that day.  Ivan was at work and after her daily hunt Alasdair went to the park and some nice very pregnant lady gave her a brushing.

I know these pictures are sooo dark sorry.  Styx and Kitty’s kitten was born.  It doesn’t tell you whether it’s a boy or girl kitten so I wasn’t sure what to name him.  I ended up calling him Diddy.

Finally!  Finally, he has friendship enough to invite people over and since it was Thursday it was one of his assigned phone days.  So exciting.  And even more exciting is that on her way over Aeralyn aged up!  The guy is Benin.  I’ve actually played him quite a bit.  He is one of the other households in the network with his wife Brenny and three kids.  One of which was born while he was there!

They had the most boring game of dominoes ever.  It kinda makes things confusing having more than one person since you can’t really talk to more than one I think.

So, Benin went home to his newborn and I look and Aeralyn is doing this.  Okay then.

Here’s the thing… ever since I merged their families into Without a Compass I’d hoped to match their kids together.  Jazmine was so much older she was out of the running from the start.  And then Brett and Tessen never really seemed interested in moving forward in their relationship.  Then, out of nowhere Brett gets abducted and Tessen gets pregnant and Ivan was just a few days into his toddler stage and I said this is it!  But, what if they don’t like each other right?  Yikes.  That would really suck.

Wow.  I’m not even sure how this is scored but wow.

They were already good friends so it didn’t take much.  So here I was totally swooning over my good luck when…

You’ve got to be kidding me!

What the heck?  What’s he say?  Sorry babe, I know we just moved our relationship to the next level but I have to investigate the lights outside.

She waits patiently and plays chess while he’s gone.

Then, it was after midnight and I was totally cheating because he should have immediately asked her to leave but I had him ask her to be his girlfriend first because I was terrified that the second she stepped off of the lot the game would set her up with someone!

When he was heading to bed after Aeralyn left I noticed her cat Kia was sleeping in the doghouse!  She came to the house again the next day and ate the dog’s food so I guess since they’re in a relationship it gives her cat a free pass?

The next day after her hunt, Alasdair went into the “library” this time following a child who was too busy playing dominoes to pay her any attention.

Then another dog entered!  A dog!  A large male dog!  Hooray!

His name is Bruno Yates and I hope to make him her mate.  We do need puppies at some point after-all.

Donald was out in the middle of nowhere playing for tips.  I feel bad for these elders and their diminishing wits.

Then, a very pregnant Jazmine waddled by.

And Ivan got yet another promotion!  He’s now an apprentice counterfeiter level 6.  So, I found this guide about his job because I was wondering about the side jobs and whether they will give him work experience.  But, I also noticed that there was something about the advanced art training which I dismissed thinking it had to do with leveling painting skill.  I was so wrong!  It’s for a chain of opportunities to bring paintings to work that will give him experience!  So awesome.  I had him get it since he was still at work because I’d paused when the promotion announcement popped up and he finished the painting that night.  His rebel infuluence is still at 9 but I really want to get him as high as possible as fast as I can because I know it’s going to suck getting it even back to 10.

While I was buying his shelf as a buy item for the night I noticed something in the backyard.  I took a lantern out there so the picture would look brighter.  It’s a Carter Caninenimus gnome!  I love gnomes and am glad collecting them is part of the challenge.

Then, I thought I was done for the night when it popped up to name Jazmine and Young Jae’s son!  Hooray it’s a boy!

She is just so pretty I swear!  Just lovely.  So I named the baby Xin.  It was one of the names that popped up in my favorite name smasher that I’m using to name all the babies and I thought it went well with his dad’s name.  And if you’re curious, yes he is a werewolf!

After taking the pic of Jazmine I saw this out of the corner of my eye.  That is just terrifying and proof that Jade and Jazmine are actually sculpting when the things pop up telling me they are… apparently, they aren’t taking the sculptures off of the stand when finished though!  Yikes.

Chapter 1.4

Chapter notes:

I did end up dropping the Trust No One handicap.  In the Sims 2 version my sims rarely ever left their lot or even socialized at all.  This is so much better and much more fun.  Even the first time I tried this Sims 3 version I never went anywhere except to the park in my network a few times to find her a husband!  No wonder I wasn’t having any fun!  And I’m having a blast.  Mostly thanks to the dog but still.  I’m enjoying myself a lot more than I’d expected this early in.  I actually expected there to only be a chapter or two while he got his career to level 10.


  1. Welcome Xin! Your Mama is indeed stunning! Donald…it’s a nuclear winter get your diminishing wits butt back indoors! Puppies?! Yes we must have puppies! Aer grew up gorgeous and I am glad they are together now! Also I love the new theme!

    Liked by 1 person

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