TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.4: Focus Ahead

Generation One Chapter Four

Normally, Ivan doesn’t do his visiting in the mornings because he stays up late painting or whatever.  But, with his new work hours he’s not even getting home until curfew so he has no time to socialize in the evenings.  So, when he saw Aeralyn outside he ran over to chat.

Then, after they went inside I realized that Andres Wicker was there!  This is the guy I played in my second run-through of the first week of uni right before I started the actual challenge with Ivan.  What’s so very exciting about this you ask?  Well, Andres has some rebel influence!  Now, you may consider this cheating but so far I have found only one other sim that has it other than the sims I played during the tests.  I saw him one day in the park while Ivan was working and wrote down his name and never saw him again!  So, Aeralyn was forgotten and Ivan spent the morning chatting with Andres and got his influence back up to 10!

Remember the rodent in Ivan’s family’s bunker?  Well, the Dudlansky’s have a turtle crawling around in theirs!

The newspapers seem to draw stray dogs which Alasdair attempts to become friends with.  The problem with these dogs, or any others she meets, is that there is absolutely no way to tell if they are male or female!  Also, none of them stick around long enough for her to gain any real relationship with them.

The every-day-full-moon idea was nixed by the realization that sims… including those I consider “mine” were being temporarily zombified!

I find the gnomes highly entertaining and think it’s so cool how they interact!  I can’t wait to get more and found a guide of things you can do to get them but sadly there isn’t much I can do with the restrictions right now.

Ivan’s been doing that chain of work opportunities and it feels like he spends most of his time while not working painting.  I keep having to remind myself it will be worth it in the end because he’s creeping closer and closer to adult and I need to hurry.

These chapters would likely be so dry and boring… and very short without Alasdair.  Even if I don’t manage to complete Master Breeder it will have been worth it having dogs in the house.

A little play time with the Dudlansky cat Kia.

Then, she goes inside and gets a little attention from dad.

Just a little.  The first work opportunity wasn’t a problem.  But after that, the required painting values kept increasing and he’d have to paint more and more paintings.  Which in turn got stuck in family inventory and later “given” to the mob with his protection fees.

Poor Alasdair was a bit neglected but loved no less.

And she spent a lot of time socializing with other animals.  This was yet another stray that we never saw again.  So frustrating!

This is one of the few owned dogs that I’ve seen visiting their network of lots they are allowed to visit.  I believe it was a girl but either way, I don’t want to breed her with a Chihuahua!

Taking a rare break to use the phone on one of the allowed days.  Sorry… I’m not sure if this was a Mon or Thurs because silly me played for an entire day without stopping to write chapters.  This is always what happens!

Young Jae was really not happy!  From the way he was facing it looked like he was shouting back at his house.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Then, it happened.  Both Jade and Donald passed on.  It was a very sad day and I was glad that Ivan had the day off so he could find his sister to console her.  While their loss is sad we must keep focused on the future.

He stopped by the bunker because he is finally friends with his sister again and can go inside and meet his nephew Xin.

Someday soon Ivan, you’ll have your own.

Speaking of which his next stop was a visit to Aeralyn.  Working so much has taken a bit of a toll on their relationship so it was a good time to stop by and “renew their affections” as story progression likes to call it.  Although, I think that it might be referring to woohoo when it says that which they can’t do so yea.

It was a nice visit but didn’t last very long.  There are only so many hours in the day and so much to do.  Thank goodness he had the university start and was able to get all of those lifetime reward traits to make him not need to eat and everything as often.

Styx’s son Diddy has grown to an adult.  I never noticed a notification but Styx must have passed on since his mate had kittens with another cat.

Ivan stopped by to see Garent and congratulate him on his upcoming marriage and baby.  They also became friends again.  Taking everyone’s friendship down sucked.  When he meets a new person and uses a few charisma greets and stuff they become friends very fast but building it up after they are already friends takes forever!

This was Garent’s fiance/baby-mama.  I say it like that because right before she had the baby they broke up!  Ivan was friends with her and everything and I really liked her.

Ugh, more painting.  Large paintings take forever but I learned that they seem to be the only ones guaranteed to have a higher value.

He upgraded the sink to self cleaning.  Then, I was thinking later maybe it should have been unbreakable because as much as the kids will be using it it will likely break a lot.  It takes sooo long to upgrade things!


I’d originally disabled this and then had to revert SP to original settings and forgot to fix it!

I turned on tags to see what he was ranting about.  So funny.  I can’t figure out how to get that “cash” to go away.

At the time, I felt like this was a lot of money he was losing to the mob.  You’ll see that it’s nothing.

Chapter 1.5


  1. So sad that Jade and Donald passed on. Ivan’s sister is so attractive. Yes, best not to dwell on the sad, as everything is sad in the apocalypse, but keep being positive for the future. Glad he had a chance to visit and get his friendships up again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was very hard on me having the other families that I’d played so long on other lots. Thankfully, I won’t be moving any spares out of the house since I took that handicap so all there will be is Ivan and Aeralyn’s siblings to watch.

      Liked by 2 people

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