TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.5: The End is Nigh

Generation One Chapter Five

A little game of fetch with the pup while waiting for the carpool.

After a day out hunting, Alasdair meets yet another dog that I don’t think we see again.

He had another opportunity from work for a painting and silly me was in a hurry and had him do a small one.  It was a masterpiece and only worth $400!

He mostly only eats quick meals so a peanut butter and jelly before work is a rare treat.

Be careful what you dig up in the graveyard Alasdair!

She got the final piece to build a stone hydrant… which she did herself.  I found this hilarious.  I couldn’t find anything on the apocalypse site whether they are okay or not but I tested and they don’t seem to have any kind of environmental score so I think it should be okay.

Playing with another cat at the park.  That greyish cat looks weird to me.  It has a very elongated snout and at first, I thought it was a small dog!

Ah, here’s where I finally gave in after an attempt with a small and medium painting and make a large.  Sheesh!  So much wasted time.

Meanwhile, Alasdair gets her attention where she can find it.  I don’t think Jazmine minds.  I think she really likes brushing her because she does it almost every time they meet!

He had hours before work and absolutely nobody was around so I had him dig through trash for a bit.  I didn’t realize that it’s not like dumpster diving at all.  He never stopped and I waited and waited.  Then, he was uncomfortable about trash the whole time at work which I thought was from him being dirty but he already had enough experience or whatever to get promoted so it wasn’t a big deal. But, when he got home I realized he had TONS of trash in his inventory!!!  He’s only allowed 5 items so you can imagine I was freaked.

Meanwhile, while he was still at work Alasdair takes a break from hunting to play with Andres.

Psst: Mysterious note from the future.  You may want to remember Andres.

And get yet another brushing by auntie Jazmine.  See Xin playing back there?

He aged up a few minutes later and did this!  I could not stop laughing!  What on earth?  Maybe it’s a werewolf thing.

It’s celebration time!  The night before this Ivan got promoted to level 9!  Now he has many many days without work and takes the first opportunity to see Aeralyn.

And ask her to marry him!  She was really excited.

So sweet!  Almost there girl, just wait a few more days!

Benin walks over to chat and Ivan shares the news.

And then it’s time to get the next task out of the way.  He needs some DNA samples.  It’s almost time to use the last of the battery left in the science research station!

We really want vampire DNA but we’ll settle for fairie.  She was a cutie.

This is Garent’s daughter? playing with her older half-brother outside the library.

Note from the future: Her name is Fellan and we rarely ever see her again since she doesn’t live in the network.  Actually, I barely make note of the extended family at the point I am at right now… the beginning of the second generation.

A little play time with Alasdair.

And then wonder of all wonders a vampire lady visited the park!  Hoorah!  Three samples done!

And he completed the last painting needed for the opportunity chain at work.  Sadly, he can’t deliver it until the next day he works.  I believe this was Sunday and he didn’t have work again until Tuesday.


Here’s a better pic of the vampire lady he got the DNA from.  I discovered when taking this pic that she’s pregnant with Nervous Subject’s baby!

I saw this and couldn’t stop laughing!  And it reminded me of that song The Ants Go Marching…

The cats go marching one by one Hurrah, hurrah

The cats go marching one by one Hurrah, hurrah

The cats go marching one by one

The little one stops to suck his thumb

And they all go marching down to the ground to get out of the snow

Boom boom boom


I mentioned this is the last chapter.  Boy was I mad!

This is cool.  He got the Super Friendly one from making friends at work.

Freaking Snowflake Day!  We don’t even have festival grounds!

This means we can adopt another dog!

Only one step left to go!

Chapter 1.6


  1. Yeah Ivan and Aeralyn ae engaged! And Alasdair built an indoor fire hydrant! lol So many packs that I didn’t have in Sims 3. Makes me want to go back and buy them and play Sims 3 again. The pics Ivan paints are so wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truthfully, I’ve been so goal-oriented I didn’t really pay attention to the paintings! I would go back to Sims 3 for a month or so and get packs and store content and then get bored and quit again. There were some sales around Christmas like 75% off and I got the ones I didn’t have except a few stuff packs. And I had all of these store points so I’ve bought most of the stuff I didn’t have already from the daily deals.

      Liked by 1 person

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