TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.6: Uplifted!

Generation One Chapter Six

Ivan has had an opportunity to meet with Nervous Subject forever and he never seems to go over to this end of town.  It doesn’t help that with Ivan’s recent work hours he isn’t able to visit the network.  But, since he had a million days off before he worked again he was finally able to share some cooking secrets.  Sheesh!  For about two seconds I considered cloning Nervous but Ivan discovered that he’s neurotic.  Literally, the only trait that will never let you get a sample even with a full relationship bar.  Darn.  I really wanted a vampire anyway.

I have no idea how on earth Alasdair dragged this huge space rock home!  It’s gigantic!  Literally.  And just too cool to get rid of.  There’s no way it can fit inside of course so I hope it’s okay that I put it on the ground within the 10×10 area.  I wasn’t sure if I put it in the family inventory if I could ever take it out again.

Note from the future: At some point, like 15 chapters after this I stumbled upon the rules regarding space rocks.  They are supposed to be on a display or pedestal.  I tried but it won’t go on any.  I did end up getting rid of it sometime after that when I got rid of a bunch of stuff in a useless panic over bills not realizing they are nothing like the bills in Sims 4.

This is the final painting!  For some reason, I thought it was the one he’d painted in the last chapter.  The days kinda blurred together truthfully.

He’s a smidge off of maxing his athletic skill so I had him work out to the radio… so I could listen to the radio.

This is the lady who ends up marrying Garent.  Remember with the last one that I really liked they broke up right before she had the baby?  Okay, so it pops up saying he proposed to this one and she said yes.  I was really excited and went to find her and took this pic.  Then, later maybe a day I don’t know… it pops up saying she’s pregnant.  Good thing they’re engaged right?  Then, it says they broke up!  WHAT???  So, I’m sorry.  I know I said I wasn’t going to mettle.  But, I can’t help it!  I married them and moved her in.  Oh, the glory of mods.  At this rate, he was going to have all of these seemingly abandoned children all over the place and die a lonely bachelor.

Monday!  It’s finally Monday!  Do you know what that means?  Other than we can use the phone of course.  Alasdair has level 10 hunting so we can adopt another dog!  I’ve given up on trying to find her a mate amongst the dogs in the ‘hood.  Most are female and the males are strays that never show up again after she meets them.

(Also, I was trying something new brightening up my screenshots.  I don’t know if I like this or not.  It almost makes the place look cleaner somehow… yea, I never did it again.  It was easy but I didn’t like it in the end.)

Alasdair gets a nice brushing while waiting for the new dog to arrive.

Here he is!  I chose him because he has the same snout as she does.  His name is Apollo.

Alasdair goes outside to investigate.  Those ears!!!

They like each other!  His only trait is proud and sadly he’s not too far from aging to elder but at least he’s close to her age.  I thought it would be super weird to have her mate with a puppy.

Then, with only half a day left before returning to work to hopefully get his final promotion, Ivan loses rebel influence!  Thank goodness it was Monday and he could invite over Andres, a fellow rebel!  After a few hours of chatting, he was back up to level 10.

There wasn’t really much to do.  Everything was on hold until work the next day.  He finished the book he’d been writing and promptly broke the crappy old computer that he can’t do anything with but write books.

After a quick workout and the annoyance of two dogs sharing one food bowl Ivan takes a few hours to train Apollo in his first level of hunting skill.

While Apollo was getting trained Alasdair was outside watching wild horses by the library.

(This is another pic that got lighted a lot.  It was nighttime!)

A little playtime with Apollo before work.  The anticipation was building!

He showed up to work exactly an hour early to deliver the final painting.  So exciting!  And with that, his promotion bar was full.  Now, to wait.

And what better to entertain me than getting these two to be besties?

His ears!  I just can’t!  Sooo cute!  They are now besties but at the point that I quit playing at the end of this day I couldn’t figure out how to get them to mate.

Ivan left work after getting promoted to the top of his career and set up outside of city hall.  He called to all of the passers by letting them know that they would now get fair wages!

A huge crowd gathered to hear his announcement that the Fair Labor Enforcement Agents have heard of their plight.  No more being forced to always work hard.  No more pregnant women being forced to quit their jobs.  No more having to take the first job the first day one is offered.  No more getting fired for going to a graduation, getting sick, or even being late to work.  It was a happy day for all and the crowd was so loud the police showed up.

As Ivan was returning home he saw Aeralyn about to enter her house and called her over.  It was almost 8pm and he needed to get inside for curfew you see.  He announced his promotion and what that meant for them… finally!

It was a joyous day indeed!

And Aeralyn seemed as thrilled as I was!

What?  You thought they’d immediately try for baby didn’t you?  Well, sort of.

This is it!  Our cloned baby.  And now the battery in the research station is dead unfortunately.  Hopefully, one day it will be useful again.

It took a very very very long time to find a name for our little clone girl.  She is not an exact replica of Kayla which is better I think.  Her name is Syna.  It is Greek meaning two together.  Eh, it’s not the best meaning but I really struggled with this one and I liked the sound of it more than anything else I’d found.

Whew!  What a long and exhausting day eh Ivan?  Well, you must be feeling so much younger suddenly!  That should help.

Oh and sleep.  A lot of sleep.  He was barely standing at this point.  Poor guy!  What a champ!  Lifting three restrictions in a single day!  Now we just gotta go about working on that heir.  And puppies.  We need a puppy.


Yes, I changed her hair and gave her a custom skin.  Sue me.  LOL

The amounts I’m subtracting keep getting higher and higher.

See?  Before he even went into work he was at the top of the bar!  The promotion was a sure thing.  Which was a huge relief considering he had only one day left before he aged to an adult if I didn’t hurry!


Despite his exhaustion, I didn’t want to risk waiting one more day!  I find the fact that it said “your clone” and not “your baby” kind of disconcerting.  And with her “birth” I was able to add 15 whole days to the young adult lifespan.  What on earth will we do with all of that extra time?

Chapter notes:

The rally?  I just wanted the screenshots.  Nobody showed up so I sent him home after I got a few.  It was very odd though, he kept randomly waving a picket sign.  I should have gotten a screenshot of it because it was really funny but I was just so eager to get everything done.  Then, right before they got married I got a notification that the cops were breaking up the protest!  I looked and the cop was standing there and there were no protesters.  Umm… okay.  Aeralyn had no job, an inventory full of junk that I can’t keep and selling is pointless because I have nothing high priced that I need to buy, and only some writing skill.  I did consider dropping the bloodline only handicap but I’m keeping it unless someone marries in that’s already far into a career I need.  Even though it will take a little longer I feel like having the spouses working on stuff that will earn extra points will be well worth it in the end.  I hope that having kids and puppies running around and driving me nuts will make the time go by faster.  With all of Ivan’s bonus traits y’all really haven’t seen how hard this is going to be!  No baths.  One meal a day.  It’s already driving me crazy having two dogs share one bowl! Get ready for the real apocalypse. I’m afraid!

Chapter 1.7


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