TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.7: Babies Incoming!

Generation One chapter Seven

I’d read up on aliens when I was looking into the different occult options for starting the challenge and realized they had some pretty cool powers one of which is not needing to sleep.  She does this and she hardly ever needs to.  She can eat space rocks too but all I have is a small one she’s carrying around just in case and the gigantic one downstairs which I won’t let her near!  If we had the science lab in our network she could go get some there but unfortunately, I didn’t have that foresight.

The dogs.  Can we just talk about the dogs for a moment and the headache they caused?  No matter what I did there was no option to try for puppies!  Even though I’m not allowed to move it I moved the dog house thinking maybe its placement was the problem.  Still no option.  Took out all mods just in case one was preventing it.  Nope.  Read and read and read some more and only one person appeared to have this problem but in the end of the lengthy forum conversation with people trying to help they realized both were male!  sigh  I really tried not to cheat I did.  I even tried taking them to the dog park thinking maybe it was a problem with this lot but it didn’t help.  So, I ended up using MC to “pollinate” Alasdair.  Spoiler alert: This is not the end of my problems with them but the beginning.

One of my plans for the spouses is to get their painting skill high so that they can paint portraits of family members.  I’d originally planned for them to also write books which she does when I need money to cook or fill the dog bowl since they get payments for chapters but I realized that the points for masterpiece books specify that they must be written by a sim from the bloodline!  There are only a few other things I can have her work on.  Future spouses will have more as restrictions are lifted.

Plus, there are the children to care for.  Ivan barely works so he’s a big help but later generations won’t have that kind of aid which is why I decided to keep the bloodline only can lift restrictions handicap.

Yea.  I decided pretty quickly to just give up on the handwashing.  Unlike Sims 4 where they become uncomfortable and can barely function stinky, in Sims 3, they are miserable but still useful.  So, our kids will be the stinky kids in school.  Which really since everyone else should have the same restrictions all kids should be stinky!

Someone had a blast in the puddle before daddy came and repaired the sink!

Food is finally an issue and the timing in order to cook peanut butter and jelly has to be precise.  In the morning you can only serve breakfast which is only waffles and other stuff requiring a stove.  So he has to wait for brunch to come around.  He can cook lunch up to around 5 after which the only option is the grilled food.  I’m a tad nervous about fires.  Now, prior to starting this challenge, I’d put several “no autonomous” mods in but for some very annoying reason, some of them didn’t work.  And using nraas Returner didn’t seem to work either until I found a site Tumblr page that mentions how to do it so you click on the object which has worked for almost everything.  This is actually how the new TS4 MCCC autonomy thing works.  Anyway, sorry this is a long explanation… that’s why the fridge is backward in a few pics.  While waiting for peanut butter jelly time a certain someone kept wanting to make autumn salads.  No clue where she thought she’d get lettuce!

At the time I’m writing this I’m waaay ahead of this so it’s crazy to think this is only the day after they were married!  It’s try for baby time!

Which also means they finally get to woohoo since there’s the whole no birth control thing they had to wait.

Isn’t Syna’s teddy adorable?  I realized that there are several of the store teddys that meet the challenge requirements!  Sadly, the vamp one did not but I thought a skeleton would be a good one for a vampy girl.

Yea, there are limited entertainments.  Also, I couldn’t help it… I gave her some grungy clothes.  Not that she wears them much.

Hopscotch was interrupted by the need to vomit.

But, they’re already a family… can’t forget Syna!

And the pups of course!

Although, they aren’t always home.  They hunt and socialize most days.  Nice to see that someone gets to leave the house!

Aeralyn discovers that she’s pregnant and promptly changes into the most ridiculous maternity wear ever!  There’s no way that’s gonna stretch!

Properly dressed she tells Ivan the happy news and Alasdair says “Whaaat?  Me too!”  Seriously!  Look at her face!  Priceless.

Then, little Syna aged up to an adorable toddler!

And daddy promptly starts teaching her to speak.  The toddler lifespan is short so there’s not a lot of time to get all the skills taught before they age up.  Yea, I get bonus points for that too.


I remembered to look at Aeralyn’s traits and all I can say is at least she’s Artistic.  She had a useless LTW because she can’t learn guitar.

Yes, I have a soft spot for Nervous.  And Kayla is who we cloned Syna from so the fact they’re together is super cool!

Here’s toddler Nervous in the library right after I’d finished building it!  Apparently, he’s in Sims 2 as well as an adult.  I think he lives in Strangetown.  The story is that his father is the Grim Reaper!  I have my fingers crossed that one day we can move a descendant into the family.

Is this an illness?  No clue but it’s funny! Aeralyn had it after she moved in. Too bad we can’t tell jokes eh?

That poor kid!  His mother doesn’t want to be friends with him because he’s unpopular!

Note from the future:  This poor kid has been unpopular his entire life!  I still get stories about him!

I was so excited.  Was.  You’ll see.

One of the dogs investigating Jazmine’s werewolf hubby.

I noticed this dude in the backyard.  At first, I thought he was getting a collectible behind the lot but he never left!  Hours went by.  Finally, I had Ivan go ask him to leave.  Which was odd in itself because it seems like the guy must have thought he was visiting them if there was that option.

Jazmine’s daughter Ashlen after aging to a child.  In the future, I do a horrible job keeping up with all of the kids.

Garent’s wife bringing home their daughter Danya.

I was in build mode for something and glanced over.  Isn’t that red creepy?

Chapter 1.8


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