TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.8: Let Chaos Reign!

Generation One Chapter Eight

Such a nice peaceful scene.  I had no idea when taking these first screenshots what absolute chaos their lives would soon become.

Syna’s such a cutie.  I’m so relieved they are able to have the bears.  Although, as you’ll see later, I’d forgotten about one of the other entertainments they are allowed as toddlers.

Ah, vampire toddlers.  So adorable!

Syna: “Oh my god my mom is blue???”

Ah, life was so peaceful.  Was.

A little outdoor playtime after their collecting run.

Daddy writing so they have money again after giving it all as protection money.

More learning how to talk.


And then walk.  Which Apollo seemed to find as a strange ritual.

Not that he was in the house much.  He spent most of his time skilling hunting and digging for collectibles.  I will say this, having two dogs was really nice for the collection aspect!

Yikes.  From this pic, it looks like he was beating her with the stick and not playing fetch!  It was just playing fetch I swear!

And then a little goofing around with Apollo.

Such good dogs.  So peaceful.  So nice.

I’d totally forgotten that he was almost an elder when he came to them!  The first days I also forgot I’m not supposed to control him.  But, I also have the advantage that I can control elders for a few days so that part was okay.  Just that part.

Immediately after Apollo aged to an elder Alasdair gave birth.  To three puppies.  Three!  And that ladies and gentlemen is the exact moment I began to panic.  And also realized why the “Master Breeder” ending requirement is not as easy or as fun as it sounded in the beginning.  I frantically searched the rules and my fears were answered.  One bowl of food a day.  Five dogs.  What on earth was I thinking???

If you were expecting lots of adorable puppy pics I’m very sorry to disappoint you.  From this moment life was absolute hell.  There’s no nice way of putting it.  So, there aren’t many pics I’m sorry to say.  I named the pups after I stopped hyperventilating.  Ares, Artemis, and  Athena.  I had my eye on that middle pup Artemis as the one to keep but when she aged up she looked nothing like her parents!  At this point, I stopped playing for the night because I was too freaked out to continue.

I felt like the mod that hides… well, pretty much everything… stink clouds included was very unrealistic in this situation and it would be easy for someone to think I was cheating somehow because of the lack of stinky sims and/or food.  So, sadly you’re going to see it now.  Bleh.  You’ll see a lot of it!

To my chagrin, all of the puppies were super tired so the insane training had to wait.

In a last-ditch effort to sort the food problem, I tried to have Aeralyn bio boost Alasdair.  Other than a moodlet, I didn’t see any effects.

Let the training begin.  It went like this… wait for a puppy to do something wrong and scold them.  Make them do something right and praise them.

Since they were always hungry it was better to praise them as much as possible because it gives them a positive moodlet where scolding gives a big negative which made their moods even worse.

And then Aeralyn went into labor!  Which lasted forever since she couldn’t go to the hospital!

And baby Davan was born.

Note from the future: Yes, Davan was born with green skin.  I did change it to Aeralyn’s skin at some point after his birth.  I didn’t figure out how to make it so that they weren’t all born with green skin until later.  I think it’s a result of the alien dna percentage that causes them to default to the green skin (which I hate) and alien eyes.

Daddy cuddles his son while mommy runs to care for her needs she was forced to neglect in the hours she was stuck doing nothing but gripping her belly and breathing.

Let the insanity continue!  Let’s try for another, shall we?

Such a sweet yet apocalyptic scene.  One very nice bonus of going for the 10×10 house advantage was having space for cribs.

And then, the day before her child birthday I remembered all the many toddler books that Ivan had purchased on day one!  At least I realized it now with the first toddler.


I have no idea why but I had the urge to photo Nervy Subject when he aged to toddler.  I suppose because Syna is cloned from his mom and I like his dad.

Yea well, get used to it.

Ugh.  I forgot to mark them for no moar babies!

Subtracting the substantial “dowry” that Aeralyn brought in and the many many wedding gifts.


Such joy the moodlets insinuate!

That poor child.

And I’ll leave you with this terrifying image to burn your brain with!  This chapter is actually several days.  Sorry if it seemed longish.

Chapter 1.9


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