TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.9: Calm Moments

Generation One Chapter Nine

So, here’s the deal… In these apocalyptic times nobody will adopt a pet unless they have either high hunting skill or good traits and they each need a sponsor to vouch for the sims putting them up for adoption.  Which shouldn’t have been a problem because I knew that Ivan had a few best friends and Aeralyn had really high relationships with several people too.  But, I got confused by the “old friends” thing.  I wasted hours with both of them trying to get the thing to change from old friends back to best friends!  Finally, I did a bit of searching online and discovered that they can be one and the same.  That after some unknown period of time a sim they’ve been friends with becomes an old friend and the relationship will decay slower.

And then it happened.  First was Artemis who I’d hoped to keep all along but sadly she looked nothing like her mom and dad.  All sleek-lined and pointy snouted.  Then it was Athena’s turn.  She looked a bit more like her parents.  More fluffy and less of a pointy snout.  Last it was Ares who ended up being almost a perfect representation of his parents!  Now, all along I’d planned to keep a girl in hopes I could avoid adopting next time… if there will be a next time.  But, I couldn’t resist Ares’s perfect looks!

Aaand mom discovers that she’s pregnant again.

In the early morning hours Aeralyn chats and chats on the phone trying to get her relationship up to best friends with someone because I still didn’t understand the old friends vs best friends thing!  Once I did figure that out she called the pet adoption agency.

Artemis was the first to go…

See the difference between her and Ares?  Also, Ares had a blast goofing around with that raccoon!

Then, Ivan called the lady back.  You forgot a dog!

Whoever gets her is lucky indeed with those traits!

Goodbye Athena!  Where did you get that stubby tail anyway?

Note from the future: Nobody gets them.  They just poof disappear!  I had no idea I really didn’t.  I’d assumed all along that when I was getting notifications that neighbors were adopting pets this is where they came from and sooner or later I would see one for these ones too.  Nope.  Never.  And when I was trying to figure something out later I came upon a forum thread where someone was heartbroken that their foals were just gone and everyone recommended just merging them with other families.  So upsetting.

The chaos of the other dogs was finally abated and a new problem arose.  Apollo had been an elder for several days now and was still going strong.  He should have passed on at any moment I thought and if you don’t know this already wherever a sim’s grave lies it must stay until Paranormal is cleared.  With my current plan that’s at least halfway through the challenge!  So, the plan was to keep him off the lot as much as possible.  It sounds horrible but I really had no other ideas.  The whole one-food-bowl-five-dogs-train-non-stop cycle had me burnt out and exhausted.  In hindsight, I should have taken a break for a day or two but I felt driven to just move past it!

Back at the house, it’s the final time we get to play with little Syna because it’s her birthday.

And of course, she aged up in the bathroom while using the potty chair.  How awkward.  Happily, they don’t get a “missed birthday” moodlet for the lack of a cake.

And then immediately following her birthday was Davan’s.

And lastly, Alasdair’s.

Immediately following that a stray cat I’ve never seen before died on the lot!  I thought Grim was there for Apollo but no, it was a random cat.

Well, this is awkward.

I had wrongly assumed that with the Hunter trait that Ares would already know how to hunt but he did not.  So Ivan had to get him trained up to level 1 so that he could go sniffing out collectibles for us.

Alasdair looks so very elder, unlike Apollo who didn’t change much after aging.  But she still enjoys playing with daddy.

Now what Syna is all grown up it’s Davan’s time to learn all of the toddler skills.  Incidentally, this is the only time we can teach the kids until the Education restriction is lifted.

Being so miserable all the time apocalypse children only do things they find fun.  I wrongly assumed that working out to the radio would be fun for Syna but I was wrong.  On to the next activity!

Playing dominoes is fun but requires another sim.

She does enjoy caring for the dogs and does it autonomously quite often.  It’s so funny how much everyone loves brushing the pups!

Speaking of pups, Alasdair goes to the park to visit her mate and I decide something must be done about this.

And Aeralyn goes into labor again.  Nobody seems to take notice.

Son number two is born and dubbed Jarick.

Note from the future: I did change him to Aeralyn’s skin at some point after this.  First, I don’t like the green colored skin and second, because they look really weird with Ivan’s skin.  Super weird trust me.

In the morning Ivan wakes to find the baby in his crib.  Which sounds weird but Aeralyn has the whole no-sleeping thing going on and Ivan doesn’t.

Yes, I’m sorry but I had no choice.  I was scouring the rules for some option… something I could do.  I have a vague plan for the elder sims but hadn’t given any thought to elder pets further than the shortened stage.  So, that’s when I saw the rule that an elder pet may not leave the lot unless they have maxed hunting skill.  Apollo had a very high hunting skill but it was not maxed, unfortunately.  But he did have some good traits and Ivan is best friends with Jazmine’s hubby Young Jae who was able to vouch for Apollo.  This should be much less of an issue from here on out as long as I have the hunting skill up prior to elderhood.  These are tough times!

Note from the future: I was heartbroken after doing this and almost adopted him back but that wouldn’t negate the problem that caused me to put him up for adoption in the first place.  Oddly enough, despite their lifespan being set to only 2 elder days the pets seem to live waaay longer than that!

And for the first time since the puppies and Davan were born, I suddenly feel like I can breathe!

Just in time to try for baby number three!


I wish she could! Maybe she can call him.

The “party” music scared the heck out of me! I thought something bad happened!

Syna is a blessing and a curse.  Vampire kids are pretty funny but her neat trait makes me want to wring her neck!

This was too hilarious not to screenshot!  I wish that lady wasn’t there.  The front left cat is Diddy, Styx’s son.  The rest are his half-brothers and sisters and their mom.

I remembered to get a shot of Xin, Jazmine and Young Jae’s son after he aged to a teen.  So handsome!

Chapter 1.10


    • Awe thanks! It was very stressful and I was heartbroken when I realized that they’d just disappear when being put up for adoption because I really did love them all.


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