TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.10: The Stinky Kids

Generation One Chapter Ten

This old rocking horse brings such joy to this house!  Working hard in school each day takes a huge toll on Syna’s mood.

Ares socialized with Junior for a bit.  I later got the notification that Junior aged to an elder.  As far as I know, he’s never had kittens so it’s good we have Diddy to hopefully carry on Styx’s line.

Things around the house are far more pleasant these days.

Even if we do have a now-uncontrollable elder dog.  I love Alasdair far too much to put her up for adoption so we do what we can to keep her fed and happy… and out of the house.  The main way is sending her off to find collectibles which I’ve learned makes her present the objects she’s found which can be pretty funny.

Well done Alasdair!  I wonder how many of these things there are?

Davan learned all of his toddler skills.

Ares likes being brushed as much as his mom.

Who gets frequent walks to get her off of the lot.  This might sound bad but remember how much she loves to socialize.  She gets lots of attention and treats while hanging out at the park.

Mom discovers that she’s pregnant again.

And though it makes a happy scene I remember just how much I loathe rocking chairs.

Ares investigating the strange sim.

More brushing.  I really wish there was a way to track which toddler books they’ve already read.  At this point, I just leave them all over and let them choose what to read.

Daddy checking up on the boys while they slept.

Ares meets Auntie Jazmine after hunting and gets a nice brushing.

And Ivan spends a good part of the day outside with our old girl.

I’ve found that at least with a single child the chess set is the best diversion.  I did forget about the hopscotch court though.

But, we don’t have a single child in the house anymore!  Davan has aged up!

And Jarick becomes the resident toddler a few minutes later.

Time to teach the toddler skills while we wait for the next baby to be born.

Belly rubs for Ares.

And tickles for Jarick.

Finally, Syna has someone to play dominoes with.  I don’t know if Ivan’s gagging at his children’s stench or the spoiled yet edible food but he needs to man up!  Not everyone in the apocalypse has his traits.  Especially since we can’t choose them!

Can’t let a little stink get ya down.  There are toddler skills to teach!

And a neat-freak vampire to watch like a hawk.  I’m gonna strangle her if she throws away the darned food one more time!  Sadly, I can’t think of any way around this problem.  Maybe I can lock it somewhere but I can’t think of where.

Note from the future: I figured a way with Nrass Returner and it works as long as they don’t decide to wash their dish and all dishes on the lot after they’ve eaten which they all rarely do.

Alasdair showed up to eat and after she was done it was time to go back outside.  Poor girl.  She’s now quite far into the elder stage which is only supposed to be 2 days!  It’s very frustrating to have to treat her this way but I try to make it as nice as possible for her.

Meaning a lot of play time and walks in between being sent off to find collectibles.

Davan discovers the joys of the horse which has turned out to be a great addition despite the fact they learn no skills from it.

Jarick already learned to talk and I think he might have also learned to walk here.

After Jarick was tucked into bed Aeralyn thought she was going to get some quiet time but was very wrong when she went into labor!

Note from the future: I decided to just take out what I wrote because it was all conjecture over things.  For whatever reason, I never explained why Deshin already has Aeralyn’s skin type.  I found a little workaround that I’ve used with the next gen too that allows them to inherit non-green-alien-skin at birth.  I also worried that I would need to drop the “The Eyes Have It” handicap.  I did.  They all have alien eyes.  After some research, I learned that they will have alien eyes until they have less than 20% alien DNA.  From what I’ve read this takes 3 or 4 generations.

From the previous screenshot to this one was a day real time of me struggling to decide what to do.  I won’t lie, I was disappointed they didn’t have any girls.  And I was very much on the side of trying for one more baby.  But I need to remind myself that this is a challenge more than a legacy.  I knew going in that I’d almost always have a full house which is why the second bedroom is full of bunk beds.  With that in mind having five kids in this generation only leaves room for two in the next.  And that’s five different unlocks to work on simultaneously.  I don’t doubt it can be done.  I’m sure a lot of people doing the challenge fill up the household in the beginning and lift Military so they can move everyone out as they lift restrictions and have babies as space opens up.  Strategically that’s the best way I’m sure.  But it sounds extremely stressful and not much fun.  After the puppy fiasco, I feel like I need to take all things into consideration.  And some of the careers I’ve never done and want to fully enjoy as well.  So, four lifts at once plus a spouse doing their thing and three children of varying ages plus dogs if I decide to keep with it.  Yea, chaos but I think I’d rather deal with three kids at once than five differing unlocks at once… at least for my sanity.  So there is the very long answer to the question they are both asking each other in the picture.  Sorry guys as much as I want to I have to say no.

Note from the future: Oh thank goodness I had the foresight to quell my baby fever!


I’m confused by this because as you can see there is a graduation gnome still on the lot.  There was only one so where did he come from???

I saw Young Jae and Jazmine outside flirting so took a pic.  I changed it so that the supernaturals all have the same age-span as humans so I don’t have to try to figure out when to age up Syna when she gets older.

This is one of Garent’s daughters Danya.  Sadly, I’ve just been too busy to keep track of them all other than to make sure he had no more after the 3rd or 4th one.  I don’t want half the town’s population related to my household!

I was checking on Alasdair and saw he was there with his youngest.  I think him and his wife broke up.  Despite my meddling, I guess they weren’t meant to be.

Chapter 1.11

Chapter notes:

According to the challenge rules I’m not allowed to have the nraas Careers module in.  So like a good little girl I took it out.  Forgetting how much it helps with the never-ending school issue.  Well, I kept sending Syna to school hungry and she’d still be hungry and I’d look to find her and she’d be outside of the school!  Because there was this huge queue of kids trying to get inside from the time school started to when they were to go home!  Then, she wouldn’t take the bus and I’d have to find her and bring her home.  What I’ve been doing is teleporting her to the school a few hours before it starts and sending her in.  I tried adding more schools to the town but I guess you need the mod for that too!  Needless to say, I’m putting that back in.  This is why I stopped doing challenges!  Mods make the game so much better and almost every challenge doesn’t allow them.


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