TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.11: Long-Lived Dog

Generation One Chapter Eleven

A/N: I apologize in advance for how wordy this chapter is.  I tried to cut it down but it didn’t make much of a difference.

Awe! Look at my fam!

The army of imaginary friends.  If this doesn’t terrify you nothing will!  So, I had an issue with the game.  After Aeralyn gave birth to Deshin I saved and quit for the night.  And then the next morning the game kept crashing trying to load their household.  I have had zero problems with this so needless to say I was alarmed!  I spent the good part of a day finding the culprit… a recolor swatch that incidentally I used A LOT.  In the meantime, I pulled out some mods I felt weren’t helpful and just tidied up some things.  Once I was able to finally play I didn’t much feel like it ironically.  But I did get in the game for a little bit and the strangest things happened!  First were several error pop-ups regarding imaginary friends.  I was confused and thought maybe it had something to do with townies?  I have a mod that prevents the played family from getting them.  When I did play again the next day I found all of these guys in the mailbox!

But, following the confusing imaginary friend error pop-ups was a message saying something weird about Sims 3 gifting me 5 lifetime reward points.  As I was clicking out of it I realized it had nothing to do with the imaginary friends and I didn’t see it clearly.  I was curious and looked at everyone’s points.  Which, if you don’t know already, accumulate when the sims are in good moods unlike Sims 4 where you can only earn them through whims.  Ivan had a shocking amount of points for not doing any wishes since uni which confused me.  And Alasdair had this…


This made me wonder… what can I buy?  After topping his career and lifting Hopelessness, I was able to once again purchase rewards just not lock wishes.  But I never really looked to see what could be bought because I wrongly assumed nobody would have many!  The whole purpose of lifting Alien Technology was to extend my sim’s lifespans but I realized that there were some pretty cool rewards that I’d unlocked as well.  This line from the rules: “Sims everywhere are grateful to get their gizmos and whatchamacallits back!” confused me at the time because all of the gizmos need Science that I could tell.  It’s the lifetime rewards it’s referencing!  I know this is a very long explanation and it’s odd I put it at the start and not end of the chapter but it might explain some things.  I had a new focus… see if Alasdair will live long enough to get to 15,000 points.  An insane number to expect from an elder dog especially when the elder lifespan is set to 2 days!  And yet, the old girl was still kicking and I figured making her last days as happy as possible would be a good enough reward even if we didn’t get the magical bowl that would guarantee I could keep up her lineage.  If it doesn’t happen with her perhaps Ares can earn it?  The point is, it can be earned!

A little nuzzle for mama.

And later, a belly rub before she’s sent off to hunt.  I will say this, the new goal of keeping her happy made me less frustrated with the hoops we have to jump through to keep her out of the house most of the time.

I would be terrified if I woke up and saw my mom doing this!

I finally came up with a plan to keep them from messing with the food!  When it was still good they kept trying to put leftovers in the fridge and once it went bad they (especially neat-freak Syna) kept throwing it away!  That’s your daily rations crazy sims!  So, after a failed search to see if anyone had tips I had one of those duh moments realizing that I can just block them from getting to the plate!  It’s not the perfect solution.  When they want to put away leftovers or clean up bad food they now walk to the front yard.  So I really have to watch them like a hawk after 8pm since they aren’t supposed to be out of the house!

Note from the future: I figured out sometime after this how to use the Returner mod to make it so they won’t autonomously wash it or put away leftovers because this method sucked.

Our babies.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I decided to keep the 10×10 house advantage.  It’s so much nicer having them sleep in cribs than it would have been having them on the darned floor!

Someone brought a puppy out to the park and Ares was fascinated.  It took way too long to get the second pic so you could see it!

A little lovin’ for Alasdair who can’t seem to decide who she would like as a best friend.  When she’s with Aeralyn it pops up that she’s her best friend and when she’s with Ivan it pops up that he is!

Another reason I’m glad for the larger house advantage is that I was able to add the hopscotch.  It breaks up the monotony of chess and dominoes.

See, dominoes.  They never look very enthused with this game.

More lovin’ for Alasdair.  I took so many pics of her because each day I expected it to be her last.

Now that Aeralyn has more time sans children she’s started working on the all-important athletic skill.

And I got the school nightmare fixed by adding the mod back in.  There are now 4 schools because I went overboard trying to fix it but it seems like all of the kids that were in the first school still go there.  Including Syna.  Which meant there were two buses… anyway it was confusing but they did indeed get into school unlike it used to be!

I really didn’t realize how many screenshots I’d taken of our old girl.  I feel kinda bad for poor Ares.  His mom surely has the spotlight!

Another fully trained toddler.

It was a phone day so Syna spent a few hours chatting with Nervy.  I really feel like someone should use the darned phone on those days since we are so heavily restricted but life is chaos most of the time and there are no pressing demands for friends.

Deshin aged to a toddler with brown hair!  Where on earth did that come from?  Our final toddler to train up for this generation.

Note from the future: I realized to my annoyance in the next generation that the hair that should be Aeralyn’s blue ends up brown when they age up.

No time like the present.  Daddy started teaching him to talk but he was sleepy so it didn’t last long.

This is the first time we had two toddlers at once!

More pup love.  The pets really do rule the apocalypse!  Outside they are everywhere.

It’s convenient that Ivan’s in the room when they wake up.  Although, I’m not sure he’d agree due to the lack of sleep!

Mother and son having a little play time.

Deshin learning to talk some more while Jarick looks at picture books.  Those books are a godsend!  I really don’t know what I’d do with them all.

More play time with Alasdair as the kids return from school.

I try to have him make the peanut butter and jelly shortly after school.  Syna sure loves to clean.

Deshin has finished learning to talk and moved on to learning to walk.  Such a homey peaceful picture.  If you overlook the fact that everyone is stinky and there is only candlelight and that everything looks worn and old it would seem like a normal family in normal times.

Enough introspection!  Jarick aged to a child and that’s where we’ll leave them for now.  All my babies are growing up!


Jazmine and Young Jae’s daughter aged to a teen.  She looks very similar to her mother!

Chapter 1.12


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