TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.12: Alasdair’s Gift

Generation One Chapter Twelve

Awe, just like old times!  Our girl waking up daddy.  Except back then he didn’t have to rush her outside.

I decided to try to give Ares a bit more attention.  I was starting to feel like he’d taken the back burner so to speak.

But, it’s hard not to pay special attention to our girl!

Another one of those homey pics where things seem normal unless you look closer.

See?  They never seem very happy playing dominoes!

This drives me nuts.  I can’t tell them to play with any of these things!

Note from the future: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it already but I did figure out the soccer ball and kicky bag.

I’ve been trying to get Alasdair to hang out at the “library” as much as possible because of the fire and park moodlets.  Plus, it just seems like a nice place for an old dog to warm up.  Yes, I’m a softie.

I finally decided to use some of Ivan’s points towards a Collection Helper.  Though, I’m not too sure about it.  I mean, he’s only allowed to be in his network right?  But, does that count the area surrounding the network?  I wasn’t sure so I haven’t really used the thing except for this one time so far since this was at the in-network park.

I decided to move Styx’s son Diddy in with Jazmine and her family now that Junior is gone.  He was living in a house with 5 other cats and I rarely saw him.  Sadly, he has no mate yet.

This time it was Davan’s turn to use the phone.  He had an opportunity to become friends with his cousin Danya.  Unfortunately, after several calls, he’d barely tipped the scales.

Note from the future: Which is probably a good thing since I later discovered that this is also against the rules.  No opprotunities that increase school performance.

And then it was time for Syna to age up.  This is the first time that anyone has taken notice of a birthday so I guess it must be only teen-elder birthdays.

I left her in the hair she aged up in.  I won’t change that unless it’s truly terrible like the traffic cone one.  What’s up with that anyway? But I did decide to start giving them more of a grungy look and one like Ivan’s that has the same clothes in most outfits which is very frustrating because most pants aren’t available in outerwear which they wear half of the time.  I prefer outerwear to be their regular clothes with a jacket.

Sorry, walls up wasn’t an option.  Daddy aged to adult shortly after Syna aged to teen!

More love for our girl.

Who in turn brought home a gift as a thank you.  A very strange pet bowl indeed.  It has an alien quality to it and we don’t really know where she got it but are eternally thankful to the doggie founder of her own side-legacy branch of the apocalypse!  I swear I almost cried!

And yet, she’s still going strong!  She’s now, as I’m writing this, twelve days into her elder years… two days is what it’s set at because of the handicap I took.  I’m confused yet grateful to have so much time with her.  And also slightly concerned that she’s bugged or something!

This little fat dachshund was so funny hopping around socializing with Ares.  Also, I love that his ears flop like his dad’s did!

Now we have a teenager home all day.  It’s strange.  I figured we’ll start straight-away working on building her athletic skill.

Toddlers have no social options when clicking on pets but I didn’t realize until here that pets have an option to sniff a toddler!  So cute!

So, Davan and Ares were playing chase and ran outside.  And I thought oh no he isn’t supposed to be outside!  But then I was curious, is it outside or off the lot?  After searching the rules it seems that it’s off the lot.  Children are only allowed off the lot between 8am-3pm for school.  BUT what I didn’t realize was that they are allowed to be outside the house on the lot until the usual curfew of 8pm!  What a nice revelation!  Just in time for the weekend too.

Oh!  This reminds me.  I’d taken the Black Market Connection advantage and never used it yet.  I finally found a use for it.  The freaking rocking chair!  Ugh.  Never again.  The attraction on those things is too high.  Sims are addicted to it and it takes them forever to get out of it even if they literally just sat down.  And now that the radio is getting some use while they work out I see how silly it was putting it there in the first place.

Curfew time and Davan and Ares came inside.  Davan does not look pleased.  But, it’s time for Deshin to age up to child!

He’s the first child I actually tried to give some grungy clothes to.  Which incidentally turned out to be a huge waste of time since he rolled the insane trait and never seems to wear the clothes I gave him!

This was absolutely hilarious!  It looks like he’s hollering to the girls as they work out but he was ranting about evil.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

Alasdair met another dog that has a similar look as her.  I was hoping it was a stray we could move in but it’s owned.  I can’t remember if it’s a boy or a girl but since we kept a boy the point is moot.  I will admit that constantly wrangling her out of the house in one way or another is tiring.  But, she gave us a priceless gift and for that and just being such a wonderful dog I will continue as long as needed.


I finally got a picture of Garent’s other daughter Danis.  I also moved their mom out since they’d been divorced since shortly after Danis’s birth and I realized that with the “no moving” caste she’d not be able to leave on her own.  Oopsie!  She has a boyfriend and I think she’s pregnant again.  Garent has gone through several girlfriends but I’d put the “no moar babies” caste on him after Danis was born.  I don’t think I’ve seen his first daughter that doesn’t live with him since she was a toddler playing with her teen half-brother.  Garent did not have the happy life I’d pictured for him.  I think he must have horrible traits or something.  At least Jazmine has had a good life I suppose.  And Garent’s girls seem happy so there’s that.

Since practically the beginning my nraas mod has been harping at me about such and such couple not being able to live together bla bla bla.  I’ve been ignoring it but lately it seems to be happening a lot more often so what I did was bulldoze a few large lots and replaced them with 20×20 lots and put these Townie Survival Huts by Rflong7 in.  I’m really hoping that solves the problem.  I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the townies but I know they had a lot of kids and the kids will need houses if their parents live long.  It occurred to me that I will have a lot of work ahead of me once I lift Architect and have to give some of them nicer houses!


I’m telling you I got lightheaded when I saw she’d done it!  I really thought I might pass out.  Perhaps it was because I stopped breathing?  Seriously!  In regular gameplay, this is not that big of a deal.  There’s even a store version which incidentally is restricted.  But in an apocalypse?  When I was considering giving up on the Master Breeder ending requirement because of the food issue.  It’s a godsend!  And what a great way for us to remember our founding pup through the generations!

Plus, they get this moodlet.

Neat sims make the apocalypse miserable!

Chapter 1.13


    • It’s so neat and like I said in normal gameplay most people would be like whatever about it because it only costs $5 or something to fill a bowl but in this challenge it’s a HUGE deal!

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