TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.13: Time Marches On

Generation One Chapter Thirteen

The new discovery that kids can be outside as long as they are on the lot was a welcome one!  Especially since it was Saturday and the younger kids didn’t have school.  Everyone was hungry and I almost lost my mind making them share a few sandwiches to tide them over until more could be made.

It seems like the kids weren’t as thrilled about this revelation and soon Davan and Deshin were back inside both wanting to play on the rocking horse.  Sorry, guys, it’s a one-rider toy.  Dominoes it is then!

And then Syna and Jarick made their way inside too.  Thankfully, Ivan was able to make their daily meal.

A little later Davan and Jarick were back outside playing with the newly purchased foot-and-hand-ball.  Which confused me greatly. I know without a doubt that he had one when Ivan moved in.  There was also a sketch pad that I was unable to locate.  I know it was there because I was editing the intro post today and I saw it!  Perhaps a burglar stole it.

I don’t think the kids appreciate your advice dad.

That’s better.  The bonus of everyone working out to the radio so much is I get to listen to music.

Before curfew, Ivan took Alasdair for a walk and played with her for a bit.

Alasdair is such a social butterfly!  Always chatting with the other pets when I look for her!

I don’t think they get any skills from this thing but they sure do love it!  That second pic was a total fluke.  I’d paused for some other reason and looked to see what everyone was doing before I unpaused and caught this!

Such a tough old girl playing tug of war still!

Both Aeralyn and Syna needed social.  I have no idea why they were outside but anyway I was looking through things they could say to each other and like usual I went for the special menu where I found Syna’s vampire options.  One of which was to confess being a vampire.  I didn’t expect her to look so heartbroken about it!  Aeralyn acted all disgusted which just will not do!  So, I made up my own scenario.  It goes like this.  “Mom, I’m a vampire!”

“That’s okay Syna.  You might not have noticed but I am a half alien!”

“Look!  I’ve even got a probe!”

“Oh my god don’t probe me!”

“Tickle tickle hahaha!”

“Well, if we’re showing off powers check this out!”

“Uh, what, what happened?”

-Syna whistles and wanders away… end scene.  Yes, yes I am very strange and found this highly entertaining.

Both needing some fun Ivan and Syna played a little foot-and-hand-ball.  That inappropriate trait is so weird.  He wears his pajamas like 85% of the time!  Which basically means running around in his boxers.

A little mother-son romp.  Unfortunately, one of the neighboring pets must have given them fleas.

It’s now Davan’s turn to age up to a teen!

Wowza!  Very handsome indeed.  I find it interesting that all of the kids seem to have different coloring.  I think it uses the same slider as usual so it’s blending where Aeralyn is on her skin slider and where Ivan is on his skin slider if that makes sense?  There’s also a small chance that it’s taking into account a grandparent’s location on the slider scale.  I find genetics so interesting.

Surprisingly, Davan inherited his mom’s brain power instead of sleep need.  If they all get it theirs will be a very productive generation due to the lack of sleep!  And, since he’d done some hopscotch and maybe the playing catch helped too he started athletic at almost level two!  Also, I finally got my crashing problems fixed and Aeralyn can now paint a portrait!

And then, after sending the rest of the family off to bed, the time finally came for our old girl.  She will be sorely missed.

I haven’t seen a pet death in Sims 4 yet but I think the Sims 3 one is so sweet.  Grim gives them a hug…

…then tosses a stick into the light and they float up towards it.  I will admit I cried a bit even though I’ve been expecting this for sooo long.  Goodbye girl.  Our doggie founder.  The pup that entertained us while Ivan worked non-stop.  I can’t imagine doing this without you.


I couldn’t find the dog’s toy and found it downstairs with this dog gnome.  It was so cute!

Sorry Syna, no prom for you!  Trust me, girl, you don’t want to go.  In a time that did not happen when I was trying to fix the crashing issue she went and she had a terrible time!  Also, trying to force the game to crash while attempting to ignore whatever is happening with the family is very frustrating.  Why wouldn’t they do anything for themselves?!

A terrifying sight of a test with no mods at all for the crashing when painting a portrait.  Also, the game keeps generating kids new homework each time I start the game!  It’s very annoying because I have to keep deleting it or they rush to do it!

I just had to get a pic of the goofy get-up that Davan aged up in.  You know, the original plan was to just leave them in whatever they aged up in and just say they got it all as hand-me-downs or something.  But, I really like the grungy look better for them.  Although, the outerwear issue is wearing on my nerves and I might have to look up a Sim3Pe guide on how to mark the rest of the pants as outerwear instead of the few pairs there.

Yes, I figured out how to make another household that I’m not playing adopt a pet.  I meddle, so sue me.  But, when I realized Diddy was an elder and started looking around for a cat for him to mate with it seemed like they were all related to him!  So, thanks to the miracle of mods his family got a new cat and she was dubbed his mate and “pollinated” promptly.  The kitty is named Bastian because when I was doing one of my many tests trying to get the game to stop crashing the game named him Sebastian.

Sadly, he was born on their doorstep and when I looked was sleeping in the snow.  Sheesh!  I’ll take a proper pic soon hopefully and we’ll see if he inherited Styx and Diddy’s markings!

He and Kayla have been engaged forever!  They have two kids and I believe she might be pregnant again.  Yet they don’t live together so I keep getting these dead-beat-dad notifications.  Finally, they got married shortly after this and when I got the stupid notification that they couldn’t find a house together I moved him in with her, in a house that is plenty big, and hopefully, they can all be a big happy family!

Sadly, they aren’t allowed off the lot and we aren’t allowed to see kids unless it’s at their homes so it was not meant to be but I thought it was cute.

Syna had her first mood swing and I was having the extremely annoying crashing when trying to paint a portrait problem so I decided to see what would happen if Ivan scolded her for booby-trapping the computer.  Yikes!  I’m glad it technically didn’t happen since I had to quit yet again since taking out whatever it didn’t work that time.

So funny!

I took this the day before she passed on.  What I found odd was that her trained traits don’t show as trained.  So, she was 42 with the Apocalypse settings that’s 12 days past her expected lifespan!  I will admit though it might sound a bit cruel, a part of me was relieved because I seriously wondered if it was something I’d done wrong causing it.  Some mod or something.  I don’t know.  I read up on how death works in Sims 3.  Each day past the elder stage there’s a random chance that a sim will die.  I guess our girl just had some extremely lucky dice rolls!

I was shocked when looking to see Ares’ age and realizing he’ll be an elder in 7 days!  His mom’s oddly extended lifespan has thrown me off completely.  Perhaps when Thursday rolls around and we can use the phone again we’ll see about adopting him a mate.

I’m actually not certain how they will react with the mods I have in place to stop some of the more annoying things that sims do in this game.

For the without a compass readers a little check up on the other families…

Ares sniffing Danis, Garent’s youngest daughter.

Alasdair sniffing his middle daughter Danya while he and Danis chat outside.

I finally got a shot of his eldest daughter Fellan when I got the notification that she’d aged up.  It looks like she inherited Brett’s hair color.

Jazmine’s son Xin playing catch by the library.  That cat there is a newly adopted mate for Diddy because our Diddy is now an elder! Where did the time go???

Later, when checking on Alasdair I found him inside playing guitar for a crowd.  This gives me pause as to my plans for lifting Symphonic but I need to review the rules before changing my mind just yet!

Garent’s middle daughter Danya aged to a teen.

And he married a widower with two children of her own.

I saw this and got sooo annoyed.  I have no idea why the couples won’t move in with each other!  Garent’s house is HUGE!  It’s three or four levels down!  Needless to say, I just moved her in with him.  Sheesh.

Shortly after Davan aged to a teen Xin aged to young adult.  He looks so mysterious with those eyes!

Chapter 1.14


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