TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.14: The Night Crew

Generation One Chapter 14

Aeralyn had to break it to everyone that Alasdair passed away.

They were all very upset including poor Ares who howled along with the families’ cries.

So much crying.

Just because they’re sad doesn’t mean they spend their time just sitting around crying although truthfully some were so miserable they had no choice.

I was happy to move the dog bowl out of the bathroom but it seems that he couldn’t get to it and I had to move it again.  Then I later saw that they couldn’t get to the end table that they all set their half-eaten sandwiches on!  At some point, I moved it upstairs by the dog house along with the squeaky toy that grates on everyone’s nerves.

Dad joins the younger boys in some hopscotch.  I never know what to do with him and Aeralyn for fun since there are no fun activities they need skills from.  I think she gets a small amount from painting and the rest they get from playing with the dogs.

This cracks me up!  Also, it seems like everything upstairs used that color swatch that I took out because I thought it was what was crashing my game.  The tables need to be redone and the bed didn’t look like that before but I guess it looks suitably crappy still.

I will admit, having three sims now that are up at night is odd.  I’ve finally got Syna on a daytime sleeping schedule because vampires skill better at night… at least that’s what I’ve read.

On the second day, everyone went to mourn at Alasdair’s grave which incidentally is impossible to find under all the snow where I placed it!  They all felt much better after having a good cry.

Note from the future: I didn’t realize until waaay after this that gravestones I move myself should have been under or within the house so many rules!

We missed the darned peanut butter and jelly time deadline by a few minutes and Ivan had to grill some hot dogs instead.  Which I think sounds disgusting eating leftovers.  I mean, I can imagine eating a day old PB&J but a day old hot dog?  Gag!

Alasdair haunted that night.  Apparently, she’s red because I spent her lifetime happiness points.  If she’d had 10,000 she would have been blue.  I’m used to Sims 4 and red means angry so I had to look it up!

She haunted that little table which I thought was funny but freaked everyone out resulting in me finding a no ghost reaction mod because I know that this family would be happy to see our girl as a ghostie not gagging at the sight of her!

This made me tear up a little bit.  She spent the rest of the night sleeping with him.

We can’t forget our boy now can we?  Also, he needs to look his best for the new pup!

Guys, I swear to you, she was a puppy!  When I looked at the list she was a tiny puppy and I had to look up the dog breed to make sure it’s a large breed.  English Setter, I think?  Her age-span was at the very beginning so I don’t know if she aged up after getting out of the car or what because I really wasn’t paying attention.

Hello girl!  All pups love a brushing so it’s a good place to start.  Her name is Enyo.  Since Ares is the god of war I thought a goddess of war and destruction would be good.  I didn’t realize until later that in mythology they are brother and sister.  Oopsie.

After a bit more attention Ivan begins teaching our genius girl how to hunt.  Her other traits were non-destructive and proud.

And she’s off!

I’ve got a rough plan of what each of the kids will be doing when they age up.  That will also depend on the jobs that come up in the newspaper too though.  With Master Thief lifted we don’t have to take the first one the first day but if they go too long not finding the one I want I’ll have to give in.  Just in case, I’ve got them all skilling varying things.

Ares finally meets Enyo and seems pleased to have another dog around to socialize with.

And, I learned here that she is a smiling dog!  Awe!

I thought having the kids chat would bring up social and charisma. 

Jarick is not pleased that he has to go to school on his birthday.  He doesn’t see the point in going and working hard all day but he has to go.

Aeralyn and the teens have that stir-crazy moodlet from being stuck in the house all of the time and there’s nothing we can do about the teens because their athletic isn’t high enough but at least she can get out for a bit.

She chats with Kayla aka the vampire we cloned Syna from aka Nervous Subject’s girlfriend.  The baby is their third child Antsy.

And then it’s finally Jarick’s birthday.  I can’t figure out how he ended up being so far apart in age from Davan.

He aged up with the exact same goofy hair that Davan did so I didn’t take a funny pic.  His features are more Aeralyn’s than Ivan’s but I am happy to see Brett’s mouth.  Aeralyn has it of course but it looks better on a male I think.

I just wanted to see what it looked like to have one of them repair the toilet this way.  The thing breaks at least once a day.

I didn’t realize I had so many dog pics until I’m writing this!  I have to say I really prefer having two dogs in the house.  Ares has a little bit of time before aging to elder but I do want them to have pups before we have babies in the house again.  That was poor planning on my part last time around!  I am quite pleased with Enyo.  Adopting from those goofy pics is pretty dodgy.

And now there are four of them in the night crew!  The next generation is going to be so weird.  Although, at least the spouse will sleep at night.  Before that can happen I have to choose an heir.  A poll is out of the question since I’m about 15 chapters ahead of what’s being published at this point!  I want to see Deshin aged up before I decide.  Davan would be the obvious choice if I want to start right away.  There’s also the problem that unless the parents start meeting girls they aren’t going to be met before the kids age to young adult.  Even with the headstart on athletic skill from playing hopscotch and stuff as children, I doubt they’ll max it until almost their birthdays anyway.  If Syna could be heir it would be so much easier!


That mourning moodlet was killer in these conditions.  Then, everyone’s been sick too.  Also, this is what happens when I accidentally get distracted and let them finish eating the bad peanut butter and jelly.  Poor sims!  But, it’ll be awhile before we clear Culinary so they’ll just have to get used to it.

I don’t remember getting one of these for Styx.  I just realized one day I hadn’t seen him in a long time.  The mate I gave Diddy, Mips, has since mated with another cat and had 3 freaking kittens!  It’s gotta be crowded in that tiny bunker.

Wow!  That’s a lot of moola and pretty much nothing to spend it on before we give it away as protection money anyway.  I occasionally buy more shelves for the collectibles.  I wasted my time having Ivan use the collection helper thingy to find a few things nearby and they all ended up being things they already have.  Pretty much everything the dogs bring home we have too but it keeps them busy and we need their hunting maxed before they age to elders!

A pic of Jazmine with Diddy’s son Bastian.  He has heterochromia!  He might not have the same coloring but he does have the smiling mouth.  It seems like Jazmine is another long-lived sim.  I think one of the reasons is that there are so many elders in the neighborhood maybe?  I don’t know if there’s a limit in how many can die in a day.  It is weird though.

It popped up saying that Xin has a girlfriend and I had to investigate.  Why on earth is he in his werewolf form?  Maybe he was trying to impress her?

A/N: So I’m realizing now that it was pointed out to me that pretty much every chapter is longer than mine usually are and I feel terrible about it but at this point I’m so far ahead of all of this it would take a huge undertaking to do them all over again and with a dog just out of surgery to care for I just don’t have the time.  I’ll understand if you don’t want to take the time to read them.  I’ve prided myself in having short, fun, and easy to read chapters.  I don’t know when I got so wordy.

Chapter 1.15


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