TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.15: My Strange Family

Generation One Chapter Fifteen

Oh, the joys of having an insane sim in the house!

Hopscotch is fun and I think it builds athletic skill so when they need fun I have them play that.  This hopscotch court was really a great idea and I’m so thankful I didn’t go with the original 8×8 version of this house because it was very cramped and there’s no way it would have fit!

Enyo was visiting the park after her hunt and received a biscuit from someone there.  I wonder where they all get these biscuits and why our family is not allowed them?

The strangest things happen in this game!  Enyo ran off to play with Ares and this guy randomly changed into a werewolf and I guess because of the proximity it forced another guy to change as well… look to the back left of the first pic.  So that dude attacked the first guy as soon as he was done changing.  It was hilarious!

Aeralyn finally aged to adult.  She looks really old as an adult.  I thought it was the skin I’d given her but just out of curiosity I took her into CAS and gave her the same one Ivan has and she looks really old with that skin too!  I don’t remember Brett looking like that.

Note from the future: I don’t know why I thought it was her and not the skin but I did believe that up until she aged to an elder and her skin went to normal!  I’m mortified that I let her run around looking like this her whole adult life.  I found another similar skin by the same maker that I plan to switch the boys to when they age to adult.  I don’t know what else to do because I love this skin and they all look terrible with tan skin.

The indoor-most-of-the-time activities leave much to be desired but I am happy to announce that I finally figured out how to get them to use the kicky bag and soccer ball in the house!  You have to put them on the ground.  I was trying to do it from their inventories!  Hooray!  Fun and athletic at once and it doesn’t block the bathroom door like they sometimes do while playing hopscotch!

They were chatting and she did this.  Look into my eyes!  Syna and Davan are actually best friends.  It’s funny because despite living in such close quarters nobody else has that great of a relationship except with the parents.

Yes, I am a huge Cheater-McCheaterpants!  Even though I can place the doghouse upstairs fine and they use it quite often to sleep or just lay in I could not get them to try for puppies in it!  And even with moving it down here it took forever.  I can only assume that the animation requires a lot of space.  Sims 3 routing is such a nightmare!  I didn’t hear a jingle so I wanted to have them try again but I could not get them to do it and gave up.

This megaphone is actually getting quite annoying.  They are constantly doing this!

I both love and hate the “play catch” items.  I love them because it gets them out of the house and yes they build athletics.  I hate them because of the aforementioned routing issues… most of the time I have to have them go here to an open area and then ask to play catch.  And then there’s the fact that they decide autonomously to ask to play catch at all hours of the night.  I really should just disable autonomy for the darned things.  I have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they don’t run out past 8pm!  They also do with with the dogs either playing chase or deciding they want to play fetch which incidentally also almost always route fails.  Thank goodness I have a mod that gets rid of the extremely annoying route fail animation!  I had played with the mods that I have lovingly dubbed “no annoying actions” out for a sim day and I was seriously ready to kill them all.  That tiny house is a route fail nightmare!

I got a notification that Jazmine’s daughter Ashlen had a boyfriend and looked to see him.  He was leaving so no cute pic but I did get a pic of her and Jazmine with the many cats that live with them!  I belive that Styx’s grandson Bastian is the cat looking at her with the crooked tail.

A nice brushing for our pregnant girl while Davan chats on the phone with whoever will answer his call.  It feels like a complete waste of time.  Only Syna and Jarick seem to know anyone outside of family and even then they can chat with someone the entire day on the phone and barely move the relationship.  But, I do try to take advantage of the phone on the two days a week it’s allowed.

Ares brought home a disturbing skeleton.

And Deshin finally aged up to teen.  All teens in the house now!

I made the boys sit down together so that I could compare their looks.  Jarick in the middle takes after his mother almost completely. Deshin is mostly a mix of the two but still favors his mother.  But I feel like Davan takes after his father the most.

A comparison.  I mean, making Davan heir makes the most sense but I’d been waiting just in case for whatever reason Deshin had some really unique features or something that I wanted to pass on.  But in the end, I decided to go with the one that has the most of the Masters look to him.

A/N: This chapter originally went through the end of this night but due to an odd number of screenshots for the next two chapters I had to cut this one off here.  The chapter was super long anyway so it’s a good thing!


So, apparently, Garent is rich.  Maybe he took money from his many wives?  Nobody can skill charisma because they have no friends and apparently the family doesn’t count and they won’t do a freaking thing when hungry which is extremely frustrating!

I was so excited when this option popped up and then I looked and he had only 2 days!

I’m beginning to feel like this story progression relationship system has a vendetta against my sim’s family!

Yet another invite to play with other children that we had to say no to.  This time it is doubly restricted because they live outside of the network.  One of the many rants that I have to stop.  And Davan had a blank person on his relationship panel called Amki and I have no clue who it is!  (Note: It’s Aeralyn’s alien mother!)

A pop-up to name kittens surprised me.  Apparently, our little Bastian has mated!  And unlike his father and grandfather, he had more than a single kitten.  He had to completely outdo them with four!

I had to open the house to investigate.  Looks like his mate is a Siamese.  What cute little kittens and now it looks like half the neighborhood will soon be descended from Styx!  So funny.

The sad news followed by happy news.

All of that hopscotch really paid off!  He started off with level 3!

Chapter 1.16

Note from the future: I found it a bit creepy that today the chapter I’ll be writing is pretty much the same one for the next generation. The remaining child aged to teen and I took a comparison shot on the couch and it was Davan and his wife’s anniversary too!  o.O


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