TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.16: Doggonit!

Generation One Chapter Sixteen

Another sim to watch exercise all night.  Oh, joy.  Also, I made the mistake of giving him some apocalypse friendly clothing which he in turn mostly ignores thanks to his delightful insane trait.  We’ll just say he has a box of cast-offs that nobody else wants.

Poor Ares.  His elder birthday snuck up on me and he was just a smidge away from maxing the hunting skill still!  If he had not he wouldn’t be allowed off of the lot as an elder which ruins my strategy to ensure there aren’t a bunch of urns all over the house causing yet more route fails!

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this.  I will say though that aliens in Sims 3 are far superior to those in Sims 4.  Truthfully, I’ve just never liked them because of their ugly green skin.  Which I remedied with this awesome “dragon skin”.

Syna wakes from her daily slumber to have her peanut butter and jelly.  Soon she’ll be on a liquid diet and I’ll admit I am a bit nervous about it!  Still no masterpieces from either parent… book nor painting which is frustrating.

And then our Ares ages to an elder!  Where has the time gone?!

Sorry, buddy but yes, this is what you have to look forward to.

A/N: This is where the prior chapter originally ended.  Sorry if starting near the end of the night confused you!

I’d sent Enyo downstairs to pee and darned if she didn’t have the puppy there!  Yes, you got that right folks.  Singular.  A puppy.  Now, y’all know how stressed I’ve been over the dog issue and how I was considering not doing that part of the challenge anymore.  So then our brilliant doggie founder earns a wonderful bowl so we can continue and what happens?  One puppy!

So then it’s like 4 or 5am and the whole family tromps down to welcome the newcomer!  During curfew!  So here I am trying to get everyone back inside with the puppy.  Needless to say, by the time they all got inside it was 6am anyway.

Oh?  What’s that?  The puppy?  Oh!  Right!  Yes, it’s a girl and we named her Hera… Queen of the heavens and Greek goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires.  She will conquer the world!

So here I was all revved up for the insane puppy training session and suddenly I realized there wouldn’t need to be one!  We can take our time and train Hera because she’s staying.  As long as her hunting is maxed before she ages to elder we’re golden.  All of that worry for naught!

Of course, there is the usual potty training needed.

And she’s highly entertaining howling along to the music that someone’s exercising to 24/7.  At first, I was enjoying the music now I’m having to constantly turn the music volume down because it’s never ending!

I occasionally get a break from the music when they go outside to play catch but it’s such a pain getting them out there I usually don’t bother unless they’re fatigued and it’s outside of curfew.

Although, everyone was pretty distracted by the little pup… including me!

I thought this was hilarious.  All of them seated exactly as I’d made them when I was comparing their looks!

We got to enjoy having Ares in the house for the few days of the actual elder lifespan of two days.  I thought briefly about seeing if they could try for puppies again but was horrified at the thought of maybe getting three this time!

There really isn’t much to screenshot now that they are all teens.  They all literally spend every moment possible trying to get their athletic up.  The only one with a real advantage is Deshin who started out at 3.  He also rolled the Athletic trait so despite being younger he’s nose-to-nose with his brothers!  Syna, on the other hand, didn’t get the expected vampire skilling and it’s been an uphill battle trying to get hers up and it still won’t be maxed before she ages up.

See?  This puppy is a distraction!

Ares didn’t sleep with Ivan a lot like his mom did but I thought it was sweet seeing him in there.

I’m realizing now that Hera totally took over this chapter!

And there she is again!

Look!  Something did happen other than puppy-watch!  And goofball Ivan with his inappropriate clothing obsession almost froze!  Between him and insane Deshin, I don’t know what I’m gonna do!


Ares’ hunting skill the morning of his birthday.  It didn’t take long to get it maxed but I was a nervous wreck until he did!

I thought you guys would find this entertaining.  Each Monday and Thursday this is what the family inventory looks like before I sell it all.  All of the duplicate rocks and stuff that the pets brought home and all of the paintings and drawings too.  I take out the science station, camera, gnome graves, and Ivan’s portrait then sell all of this…

Then subtract it all to pay the protection fees!

Jazmine’s daughter had a baby and I think the guy is now dating one of Garent’s daughters.  What a creep!  I’m trying to keep the outside the family births to a minimum so after she had him I marked her no moar babies.  Her older brother hasn’t had any yet surprisingly.  He has had a few relationships that went nowhere.  I’ll admit I’m kind of losing interest in the extended family.

And the day before her birthday Syna got this!  Gee thanks, game!  Now she’s miserable.  Once we clear Education I’ll at least be able to let them do their darned schoolwork.

Chapter 1.17


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