TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 1.17: Passing the Torch

Generation One Chapter Seventeen

After staying up way too long working on her athletic skill Syna hopped out of bed and aged up.  Then went right back to sleep disappointing the family that had started making their way upstairs to cheer her on.

A new adjustment to our schedules is feeding time.  Something I didn’t expect to be a very big deal and was almost looking forward to since it meant one extra plate a day could be split between the rest of them if needed.  But, I’m sad to report, it’s a very big deal. Ugh!  Not only did our vampire not get the super vampire skilling she can’t feed off of anyone but Ivan!  The boys are only 1/4 alien and I didn’t even know that not feeding off of aliens was a thing! 

Yes Syna, and so it begins.  Her face reflects how I feel about this process.  Sure, I lifted Master Thief first just so we could do this and Alien Technology so we’d have extra time to do it and not feel rushed but the waiting game of looking in the newspaper every morning… at just the first job mind you… wears on the nerves.

Everyone left to go to City Hall.  It seems she popped in there and grabbed her diploma and took the LLAMA back to the library.  She did the little celebration and went home back to sleep.  Meanwhile, the rest of the family is still making their way to City Hall!

Needless to say, I sent them all back home and they finally got to eat.

I’d been keeping an eye on Garent’s step-daughter as a possibly maybe spouse.  I didn’t realize she was so much younger.  I think she’d just aged to a teen.  And I also realized that, yet again, he had divorced!

Syna has had that darned moodlet from being cooped up in the house and I was relieved to let her out even if it was only for an hour and then run… vampire speed… home in time for curfew.

Hera aged up to many applause and Ivan’s goofy pointing and laughing.  I was beyond thrilled to see she has her dad and grandma’s snout!

I can’t even imagine what Ivan’s thinking right now.  It might be: “I can’t believe I’m eating a stinky sandwich” or “I have the strangest children in the world.”  Who would have thought that all of those years ago in uni would lead to this?

Dad’s off to bed and it’s just the night crew.  I’m not used to this go-go-go all day long!  I’m used to getting a bit of a break when my sims sleep!

Hera was outside playing with Ares and then Deshin broke away from whatever it was I was making him do to brush them.

I can’t seem to play without mods sorry guys!  I tagged all of the single girls and I check when I think about it to see if they are in the network.  She’s the first one who actually was so Ivan ran over and befriended her.

Back at the abode, Hera learns how to hunt.  Silly me thought he’d stop teaching her after she’d learned the first level and got distracted.  Next thing I know it’s popping up saying she’s level three and he’s about to pee his pants!  Oopsie!

This time Syna got out of the house a few hours before curfew and managed to chat with this lady for a few minutes before having to once again race home.

Hera gained the noisy trait and I really don’t mind because her howling along to the radio as they exercise is so freaking cute!

Elder dogs eating is depressing.  They lay down and slowly munch munch munch.


Hera meets her grandma Alasdair and after getting a few good sniffs in they spent much of the night playing.

Which later lead to playing with dad!  It looks like he might just live as long as Alasdair did!  What’s up with my pets?

Ares has taken over his mom’s place socializing with everyone at the park and library.

But, we still have the two dogs at home to keep us busy and entertained.  And once again I’m noticing I took a lot of pet shots!  But you have to understand that watching them all exercise non-stop is painfully boring!  I bet if we took out all of the pet pics this would have been half the chapters!

They are so violent when tossing the balls!  They get all aggressive and mean about it!  It’s hilarious.  At least Ivan put some clothes on for once.

I saw another one of the girls at the park when I was checking on Ares and had Ivan run over to befriend her.  That’s two now.  I have seen a few others in the network but it’s been during curfew so he can’t leave the house to meet them darn it.

And then that magical moment we’ve been anticipating arrives!  Can you believe it’s the end of the first generation???

Holy muscles batman!  Hubba hubba.  He’s got kind of a rakish look to him, doesn’t he?  And so it begins in earnest.  Soon I’ll have four of them vying for jobs plus trying to get him hitched and gen three on the way.


Puppy Hera dreaming of turkey.

If I can’t get her into the Music career that’s gonna be a wasted choice but there wasn’t anything better.


It might be more trouble than it’s worth but having a vampire is entertaining at least.

Explain to me how someone who never stepped foot off of the lot from the day she aged to teen and never once went to school not only graduated but got voted most artistic?  And while we’re at it, how did she graduate with a fail?!

I was so excited about this… then she painted three more.  Am I missing something?  I thought they were rare.


Ugh, this is what I was talking about in the last chapter!  Oh, and I liked the name the baby rolled so much I let him keep it.  I later realized why I like it so much.  Didrick Lothario from my Robinson Legacy!

These poor poor sims.  Do you realize what this means?  It means that I can literally make them skill non-stop!

This is what I bought with Ares’ points but once I place the darned thing I will never be able to move it and it has a huge footprint!  I’m hoping once we lift Symphonic and can put stuff on the ground I can put it under the house.  It’ll be great for the flea problem!

Ugh.  It was either Swimming in Cash or the one for adopting 6 strays.  He has such goofy traits it’s not really a surprise he got ridiculous lifetime wish options.


Chapter 2.1


    • First, because I’d taken a handicap that they’d need to have 10 in athletic before they could get a job. I ended up dropping that recently. Second, because teens can’t leave the lot without 10 athletic until Espionage is cleared. Third, elders can’t leave the lot without 10 athletic until Forensics is cleared.

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