TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.1: Searching for a Spouse

Generation 2 Chapter 1

I’m going to try to remember to take one of these at the start of each generation.  It’s not as nice as the ones from Sims 4 but it’s still pretty cool.  Welcome to gen 2!

Our gen 3 doggie heir was sleeping on the floor and a dog gnome poofed behind her.  It was adorable!  These dog gnomes are everywhere!

Syna was abducted by aliens.  Perhaps they wanted to inspect this vampire that lives in a houseful of their kind?  I’d paused after she returned and was panning out and saw the spaceship like this!

No rest for our night crew.  Though I like to start chapters in the mornings and end them at night it’s kinda pointless considering that only one sim in the house sleeps at night.

Ares was socializing with this little dog and the pic of the dog was so funny I had to investigate.  When I looked there was a deer just standing next to them!

You know, I actually did research alien powers.  Honest, I did.  But for some reason, I seem to have forgotten they can transmute things.  I had Deshin try it but it didn’t work and said to try when his needs are better or something, it seemed like a waste of brain power.

I had him get it cut and then only later realized this is one of the things needed to make a simbot!  I don’t know if getting it cut makes it useless or not but I’m keeping all of them the dogs find now that I know what to watch for.

The “newspaper” is really just a listing of a single available job each day.  No luck today.

The spouse search begins.  This is Keri.  The traits we’ve learned are Artistic, Never Nude, and Lucky.  And her star sign is Cancer which is compatible.  The star sign thing is my own extra handicap restriction.  If it gets too hard to find a spouse with it I’ll have to drop it.  As well as the one that they can only be single.

This girl is named Sandy she, on the other hand, does not have a compatible star sign.  Hers is Aries.  Not to be confused with Ares the dog!  I crack myself up!  Anywhoo… her traits we learned are Loves the Outdoors, Hot-Headed, and Loner.  Total meh traits.

We all knew that this time was coming.  It’s always sad and the sweet interaction with Grim always makes me cry.  He lived nearly as long as his mother did although I’ve been so busy I haven’t made as big of a deal of it as I did her.

That was the first night that Hera slept with Ivan.  Maybe she needed comfort?

Yes, Syna got abducted again.  Each time I see these lights I fear it’s one of the boys.  Not that it’s a big deal really… they are already 1/4 alien after-all but I would like to have regular sims at some point.  Though, having them abducted would negate the need for a spouse!

A little pup gnome popped up next to where Ares’ grave was placed and it broke my heart a little more.  One by one the family made their way out to mourn.

Even the dogs said their goodbyes.

Davan met Noelol behind the graveyard.  I think she has an Asian look to her.  She does have a compatible star sign but doesn’t have very exciting traits at least the ones we discovered.  Loves Heat, (I guess that’s why the umbrella?) Vegetarian, and Couch Potato.  Although she has a nice look to her the couch potato one takes her out of the running since she’ll not want to exercise!

Nothing like trying to impress a girl and having some passer-by gag at your stench. 

It was very strange indeed having a sim able to leave the lot as a teen.  Deshin is a very curious sim and not afraid to ask questions… although he doesn’t.  But he wants to!  He introduces himself to everyone and then watches them to try to learn more about them.

This is one of Benin’s kids.  The only one to inherit the blue hair and it’s not even close to the color blue I’d given his dad sadly.

I believe that this guy is the son of one of the other sims I’d made to test uni Andres.  He’d dated a vampire for a bit and had a girl that I was actually considering for Davan before I had the whole vampires-can’t-drink-from-aliens realization!

Note from the future: Oh and if you know the rules and you’re like but Rainy he’s supposed to be on the home lot by 3pm… I didn’t realize that until I was looking for something else completely unrelated in the rules darnit.

And the family had to stomach the canned hot dogs for their daily meal because I was so preoccupied with the sims off of the lot that I missed peanut butter jelly time.  And we’ll stop there because this chapter’s getting kinda long.


Our potty trained pup with the neat trait peed on the floor following Ivan’s birthday party.  I can only assume that this was because the game pulls everyone to wherever the birthday sim is and it takes freaking forever for them to age up.

This moodlet that Enyo got broke my heart too!

Between his athletic trait and the hopscotch as a child advantage, I was amazed at how quickly Deshin got maxed!  At this point Syna is the only other one!  Not counting Ivan of course.

I couldn’t find the scoring when he was talking to the first two girls and got annoyed when he was talking to Noelol and did some research.  Yet another mod I removed.  I actually have another mod that changes EA’s shoddy attraction system.  But after doing a little more research on the mod’s page I found that it only gives a star sign score if they have the exact same sign not if they are compatible.  Also, Davan has completely useless traits and part of the scoring is by traits somehow so I’m kinda meh about them.  Although the attractive sim moodlet is nice to have so I’ll try to get someone with it if possible.  I’d quit the game and added the mod back in while he was chatting with Noelol and got her score and then Sandy’s later.


Wow!  It feels like he just hit the 1 year mark!  You do realize that this means our Ivan is getting a bit old right?  sigh  We’ll deal with that later I suppose.

Chapter 2.2


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