TS2 to TS4 Part 1: Personality Points

Please note: I’ve made a different version of this system which is a lot more complicated and in-depth than it was when I wrote this but decided to leave the original explanation here for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time just to make a profile for one sim.

One of my favorite parts of Sims 2 is the genetics and personality system.  I’ll get into Sims 4 genetics in another article.  First, we have personality points.  Which, even in Sims 2 were flawed.  I found this article Personality Points that Make Sense and decided that I can apply this to Sims 4.  I was actually surprised to realize that all of these traits are already in Sims 4.  Here, let me show you:

Sims 4 equivalents… Also, note that all of them conflict with their paired trait:

By using Coolspear’s Trait Application System all of the traits are available through the rewards store if you didn’t want to waste a trait slot for them.

The much more complicated system I mentioned takes into account ALL conflicting traits… just sayin’.

If you look at anyone’s posts from Sims 2 you will see a string of numbers.  For example, my T-Park founder Neoma’s is 3-9-4-5-5 and her husband Trent’s is 0-6-0-5-6.  Looking at this we know that Neoma is sloppy and very outgoing while Trent is very sloppy and very lazy.  The mid-range numbers I consider to be average.  In the above-linked article from Sullivan Sims they note that even in Sims 2 the system was flawed because it would use up most of the children’s allotted points before it got to the final one which is niceness.  But, the awesome thing about this is that they came up with a system for determining the points!

In this system, there are four factors that determine a personality profile for each sim.  Chosen randomly at their birth for each pairing the child can either take after the father, the mother, an average between the two, or a random number.  So, in effect, a child could be neat like their mother, outgoing like their father, mid-line active because the father is active but the mother is lazy, very cheerful even though neither parent is because kids don’t always take everything after their parents, and an average between the parents again for niceness.

I’ve been messing around with this concept a bit.  Here are my results for one couple that I made: Derek Addison: 7-3-9-3-1 + Suzanna Snyder: 1-8-3-7-9 = Nora Snyder: 4-6-3-5-5 & Jax Snyder: 7-3-7-5-1.  Seeing that Derek is mean and active I wouldn’t give him a trait like goofball.  Suzanna has mostly all extreme traits!  She’s a slob, outgoing, lazy, cheerful, and good.  Nothing is really mid-line in her personality.  Their daughter Nora, on the other hand, is mostly an average personality.  And Jax you can see takes mostly after his father.

This can make writing a character so much more interesting!  Perhaps her mother’s extreme personality made Nora want to be as average as possible to fit in.  I would give Suzanna, the mother, a popularity aspiration most likely because she’s cheerful, outgoing, and good.  A sim that is a lazy loner I might give one of the nature aspirations like fishing or gardening or one of the creative ones because they spend a lot of time alone and aren’t very mobile.  And when choosing traits in CAS or birthdays, I would give them corresponding traits.  For Suzanna’s popularity, I might give her something like music lover and dance machine.  For the nature sims there’s obviously loves the outdoors, geek (for collectibles) and if they instead go for a creative aspiration there are creative, art lover, perfectionist… many options!

Like I said, I’ve created a much more complicated system that I believe becomes much more in-depth when creating a sim.  I did this with an 8 sim household and though it took several hours I felt I knew each of them before I even created them in CAS!  I haven’t written that one up so I doubt it will be published directly after this unless I feel the sudden urge to explain all this craziness in more detail in the next day or so.  I do have articles already written covering advanced genetics factoring in skin shade, eye color, freckles, beauty marks, glasses, and masculinity/feminity.  And several articles about integrated ‘hoods since I decided not to make it a challenge write-up.

Note: It occurred to me that when I say high this and low that you probably have no idea what I’m talking about and here I was referencing a thing I’d drawn up on my notepad that you can’t see!  So here it is…

Personality Profiles

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