TS4- Integrated ‘Hoods: Townie Population

If you aren’t already aware of my absolute OCD obsession with random townies I have to ask where you’ve been because I won’t shut up about it!  Now, based on this obsession, you might think that I hate randoms.  Not so!  Some of my most unique townies come from the randomly generated ones!  My issue is that when I feel that I have enough sims in my populace the game needlessly continues generating them to fill roles that are already filled.  This ruins the illusion of community.

When writing I enjoy incorporating secondary characters or even peripheral characters.  A secondary character example would be Didrik Lothario in my Robinson Legacy.  He briefly dated my founder and I liked him so much he became a family friend who was invited to all of the many parties.  When he inevitably became a player with several kids his kids became friends with the Robinson kids and his eldest daughter married their eldest son.  Another example might be the neighborhood food vendors.  The game normally only assigns a few of these so you’re bound to see the same ones as you travel between the San Myshuno, Brindleton Bay, and even festivals.  They don’t play a big part but they are there and at some point, like with Catarina Lynx and Veer Mathis, the main character might take a liking to them and they are given a larger role.

Then, there are goofy roles like the raccoon weirdo, city weirdo, towel elder, etc.  What makes them tick?  Why do they want to occasionally do these silly things?  Or, if you really wanted to, you could change that raccoon weirdo’s clothing so that they always are dressed like this!  Even give them a raccoon pet!  So many peripheral roles can be played in this game.  If you rotate it becomes even more apparent.  Like, say you take the Hecking’s on a visit to Granite Falls and they become friends with the ranger… later you take the Delgato’s camping and they could meet the same ranger.  You’re already aware of this person and may have drawn an opinion of them and now you can see them through other character’s eyes.

You might decide you really like them and even decide that one of the main characters would match nicely with them.  Or even another peripheral character!  You might decide that they would be a perfect person for the neighborhood bartender or waitress.  As long as these sims continue to be unplayed, and in some cases homeless, they will continue their assigned roles even when merged with other households.  So, ranger lady marries the bartender guy and you know them and you like them and when they have a son and he shows up as the repairman or gardener you feel a connection to him!  But, this isn’t possible when each and every time you visit Granite Falls or go to a pub a different sim is generated.  There is no opportunity to expand your family beyond family friends or relatives which I consider secondary characters.

You might be saying to yourself sure but those random townies always look horrible!  Personally, I enjoy giving them makeovers and a personality.  Some of my favorite Bay Tides townies started that way by my thoughts as I gave them their makeovers.  Their mixture of traits and sometimes the hair and clothing they were originally generated with can sometimes help me create a little backstory on them in my mind.

Like, the girl who was an athletic bro and had a very short extreme haircut.  I can’t remember what her third trait was but I decided that she was a woman very confident with herself.  I gave her nice makeup and even though she was very curvy some more revealing clothes.  I thought perhaps she might develop showing as a lesbian but barely saw her in the ‘hood to interact with her so I don’t know.

This brings me back to the point of the endless generation of random townies.  If you want to see certain sims more often this is less and less possible because instead of them showing up it is new sims being generated!  How very frustrating when you were looking forward to your sim having a chat with the mailperson that they had previously flirted with or the repairman or the maid… whatever!  And they don’t show up!  Instead of the very cute repair girl, a balding overweight middle-aged married man shows up.  And poof that storyline is ruined.  The sim you were hoping to show up might not have gotten culled but for no apparent reason, the pool of sims with that role has increased.

With the new Jungle Adventure pack, this adds another aspect.  Natives!  How fun to have one family visit over and over or more than one if you rotate and seeing the same native sims.  Building a background for them and yes, maybe someday adding them or one of their children into your own family’s main story.

Population Control

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