TS4- Integrated ‘Hoods: Population Control

In the previous part, I discussed my reasoning for wanting to limit townie generation.  Let’s look into some solutions.  I’m sorry to say that in a vanilla game the only option is to delete the sims you don’t want. In a modded game, on the other hand, there is the Reduced Random Townies mod by AKLSimmer and the NPC Control mod by Paulson. These aren’t the perfect solution, far from it. Putting these in place prevents ANY townie generation. With the second mod, it will pull from the unplayed sims already in your hood. The first depends on you creating your own sims and assigning the roles to them which is a frustrating process and there are so many different roles with required traits or skills. In some cases, nobody will show up at all and others one of the unplayed yet housed sims will show up which is pretty cool for the most part as long as they didn’t already play a secondary role as a co-worker or something with your own sims!

My solution to this quandary is immigration. We had this with the nraas story progression mod in Sims 3. The problem I ran into with it was that it only generated sims using the genetics of the sims in my sim bin. There were options to let them be randomly generated but they usually looked puddin’ faced. With Sims 4 though, townies are random. Yes, in a lot of cases this makes them unpleasant looking. Personally, I try my hardest to not fix too much with them though. I find the fact that I have a variety of sims, some not so great looking, refreshing!

What I plan to do in my integrated ‘hood is occasionally taking out the aforementioned mods and let the game do its thing. Using Mc Command Center I can get a report on every single sim that was immigrated into the hood and what their purpose is. Perhaps I already have a resident raccoon weirdo that I’m quite fond of but have a need for a statue busker because one of my sims married them. I can reassign that role. It’s a pain but it’s doable.

But, what about the sims I don’t like and get on my nerves? I could emigrate them ie place them on the gallery. You might be reading my blog and think that the grumpy gardener that annoys me is just misunderstood and take them in. In the same vein, you might decide you don’t like the flirty bartender in your ‘hood and pass them along to me since I have an open spot. I feel like using this process we can expand our stories and make our neighborhoods a fuller richer place where we look forward to taking our sims out of the house because you just never know who you might meet!

A tutorial on assigning roles:

Let’s say you want to make your own townies.  You could make a household of them, place them in a house, and play them just that one time to assign their roles.  You would open the cheats window and first give them the trait if it’s needed and then give them the job.  For example:

Mailman: traits.equip_trait isMailman

careers.add_career Mailman

In some cases, it’s fairly easy.  They don’t need special skills or traits so you just give it to them and move on.  In other cases, it’s more complex.  A massage therapist needs wellness skill, a gardener needs gardening, a butler needs 5 skills in a minimum of different levels.  Some roles, like the gardener, need more than one trait assigned because there are different gardener roles!  So now you’ve assigned the role to that sim.  Your next step is to evict them from the house you put them in and mark them unplayed.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, it doesn’t stick and you have to do this process over again.  If you do and it’s a household with more than one sim you’ll have to take that sim out of the household because entering the household again takes away all of your previous work.

A much more simple process when starting a new integrated ‘hood would be my form of immigration.  Take out your mods preventing the townie generation and allow it to happen.  You can speed up the process by jumping from lot to lot only staying for about a sim hour.  Go to different lots in different worlds to be thorough.  Also, you’ll need to hire all of the different NPCs so that they will be generated.  Let the game go nuts creating them and meanwhile track with MC Command Center the assigned roles to each household.  Some examples:

  • Created homeless household, Parson, containing 1 sim(s) for: filter_CityLife_LivingStatueBusker
  • Created homeless household, Banerjee, containing 1 sim(s) for: filter_Vampires_WalkBy
  • Created homeless household, Luna, containing 1 sim(s) for: barfly_Filters_jungle
  • Created homeless household, Zhang, containing 1 sim(s) for: filter_CityLife_LivingStatueBusker
  • Created homeless household, Suzuki, containing 1 sim(s) for: filter_CityLife_Weirdo

What I do is rename the household in manage worlds with their role.  I might decide I want 2 statue buskers, 5 barflies, 3 vampires for walkbys and on and on.  Now, I edit the household in manage worlds.  If they have a name I don’t like I change it.  If they have a skin/hair color combo I don’t like I change one or the other.  If they have very weird eyes or nose or something that just doesn’t seem to fit I change them.  If they have an odd body shape I will sometimes change it.  If they are a muscular and fairly thin sim and yet have a huge gut that makes them look pregnant I will push it in depending on their muscle scale.  If they are muscular and yet fat I change it because that makes no sense.  I try to keep some of their clothes or match their clothes to their traits but the million accessories have to go!

I have settings in MC Command Center that regulate what outfits sims wear to festivals and such.  There are also lot traits by LitteMsSam that can force sims to wear certain outfits to different community lots.  So, unfortunately, making over a sim takes a very long time.  Yet another reason I don’t want a bunch of them generated!  I have to give them formalwear to wear to the romance festival or fancy restaurants, party wear for the humor and hijinks festival and clubs, everyday of course and athletic because they’ll be jogging by the house or in the gym or spa, even bathing suits for if my sims visit a place with a pool!  I even do their pjs cuz you never know if one of my more promiscuous sims might have a one-night-stand.

In an integrated ‘hood, this process is very rewarding.  It gives the feeling of a living thriving community with all kinds of characters in addition to the main characters that move in and out of their lives to varying extents adding flavor and unpredictability to the mix!

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