TS4- Fun with Genetics Part 2

Note: This is a continuation of the Part 1 post! 

Final rolls time!  At birth, I roll for how much acne they will have.  Mostly because I never use it.  If they rolled Gg/gG for glasses at some point in their lives I roll to determine when they will need them.  That way, I can make a note in their profile and when they age up it’s glasses time!  I’m considering adding male balding to this roll too.  I’m also toying with a fertility roll.  But, I found a mod that kinda helps with the autonomous baby thing better than MCCC (supposedly) so I don’t know?  There isn’t a way in Sims 4 that I know of to set individual fertility rates.  Everything is a blanket percentage across all sims.  The mod I just got Risky Woohoo & Try for Baby Chances takes traits into account so that a family oriented sim would have a higher chance than a hates children sim but still doesn’t allow me to assign random percentages on top of that.

So yes, even with all of these rolls, things do go deeper.  Chances they will marry or not, how early they might die, their zodiac sign (mod), in CAS sims I determine their muscle/weight scale so I won’t keep giving everyone mid-weight and mid-muscle!

The CAS rolls, more than anything, are to take me out of my little box and make me do new things.  I have created some really different sims that I’d never have thought of without these random rolls.  The birth rolls, I feel, gives the kids more depth.  I’ve always preferred to randomize traits but even with Pinstar’s version that takes the parent’s traits into account, I didn’t feel like it was deep enough.  I want to know the why.  Like with Cassandra and her out-of-nowhere gloomy trait that doesn’t match her family’s personality.  So interesting, where could that have come from?  And, I can, if I want, build some kind of story around it.  For some reason, this feels much more interesting to me than a random generator giving me gloomy.  In this case, there were 3 other options!  Mother, father, or an average of the two.  And yet, for some reason, she didn’t take after them.

Grandma’s red hair or violet eyes suddenly showing up.  Yes, I intend to change the kid’s hair/eye/skin when they age to toddler.  Don’t worry, you’ll never know.  I already take them immediately into CAS to give them new clothes when they age up and babies never seem to look like their future selves anyway.  So many facets!  So many opportunities to give our sim’s more depth.

I really hope I don’t somehow offend anyone with the sexuality thing.  I did take it off of another simmer’s blog from Sims 2.  It’s just an attempt to add more diversity.  I’ve considered not publishing this part more than once and am very nervous someone will be insulted so if you are perhaps you can suggest a better way to decide for CAS sims?  This roll only applies to CAS sims not born-in-game sims.

Here’s the pattern I’m using for CAS sims:

FF hyper-feminine

MM hyper-masculine

Ff-fF/Mm-mM not hyper-feminine or masculine likely straight

fm/mf are bisexual

Then there is ff/mm recessive feminity and masculinity.  In opposite sexes, I’d consider then gay.

And then if a male has Ff/fF or a female has Mm/mM or FF/MM I’d also consider them gay or maybe trans.

Now, if they roll a 0 in the flirty scale none of this means a thing!  Because I’d assume they are asexual.

Yes, I know all of this is an odd way to determine sexuality.  And I’m not very knowledgeable about these things but I want diverse sims.  I’ve found that I almost always make my sims straight.  And it annoys me.  So, I took the choice out of my hands.  I’m not sure how I’m going to do the kids.  From what I’ve read most people start thinking of their personal preferences in early childhood.  Yes, I did a lot of research on this.  I really am fascinated with genetics and what makes people tick.

Lastly, I have mentioned at least once before the program I am using for the rolls.  I tried to find a way make an online generator myself that I could just link you to but I can’t find anything like this program!  Maybe excel but I’m not that great at it and I don’t know if it factors probability.  Here’s the link again: Hook’s Random Stuff Generator at MATY.  Originally, I didn’t plan to give out my rolls yet since I’m still adjusting them but I decided to go ahead and just remind you they’re a work in progress.  I’m doing three:  I have Starting Rolls, Personality Rolls, and Birth Rolls.  I love my randomness!

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