TS4- Personality Profile Tweaks

Warning!  This is extremely long!  If you don’t hold my obsession with personality profiles I’d suggest skipping this diatribe.  I ramble a lot.  I changed a lot so it all needs explaining.  You have been warned.

As I figured would happen, after using the new personality profiles more in-depth I’ve found quite a few snags.  It started out with me deciding I wanted to try to make profiles for some of the random townies to see if any of them might be a good match with any of my Ash Shore residents.  I spent hours making all of the profiles and then began using the chemistry chart I’d made along with the zodiac chart to calculate their chemistry.

This went on for more hours.  But after a while, I noticed something troubling.  Any sim with several 5’s was getting high matches with everyone!  My original plan with sims that have a 5 on the scale is to count it as the same side of whatever the other sim’s scale is.  So, if SimA has a 5 and SimB has a 7 there would be a difference of 2 equaling 5 points in chemistry.  I kept going like this for a bit but like always I just couldn’t let this be!

Here’s the thing, it’s not just the chemistry that’s a problem!  It’s also the lack of personality of sims with several 5’s.  When writing about them I’m not sure how to classify them on that scale so I just gloss over it.  For example, here’s Naomi’s: N8-S10-A5P5-N2-L/C5-F7-E5.  So, is she athletic or not?  Playful or not?  She lies in a grey area on half of the personality scales!

So, what to do about this issue?  Here I am with 20 of my own sims and 18 townies already figured out!  Think again!  Okay, here’s the new and improved plan.  You ready for it?  Buh-bye 5!  No more 5 at all.  Now, sims roll either one side or the other of the scale.  Whew!  What a relief.  And a TON of work re-rolling everyone’s 5s!  sigh  But, alas, it does not end there.

(I will note here that I am not entirely sure how I will handle this if a child gets a 5 when averaging their parent’s traits.  That is for another time.)

Some of the traits I have noticed now that I’m playing more in-depth with the sims don’t seem to match where I put them on the scale.  Truthfully, my brain is about to explode from like 14 hours of this so for the life of me I can’t think of which ones triggered the thought.  So, I went back to the drawing board so-to-speak.  I made a spreadsheet with ALL of the traits that conflict and what they conflict with and tried to make some sort of sense of them!

The problem is, unless I combined neatness with activity and playfulness with niceness there will always be conflicts!  Lazy conflicts with neat, active, and ambitious.  Active and ambitious are on one scale and neat on the other.  So, you could potentially roll a low neatness high activity sim with opposing traits!  sigh  The other case is that if you roll low niceness and get snob(formerly in neat), hates children, or evil it conflicts with high playfulness goofball and/or childish!  So, I had to create a rule in the scales.  It’s going to be a pain.  It means possibly re-rolling more than once but I can’t see an easier way around it.

If you rolled 0-2 on the Neatness scale and 8-10 on the Activity Scale reroll neatness!

If you rolled 8-10 Playfulness and 0-2 Niceness re-roll Niceness

Alright so, I’m being a little umm pushy here?  I decided I’d rather re-roll low neatness or niceness than a high activity or playfulness.  If you want to do it randomly more power to you.  I also feel that this makes more sense in the long run.  It felt weird to have a mean playful sim or an athletic slob.  But, it seemed too extreme to merge the scales because they really are separate other than a few opposing traits.  Whew!  So, that’s out of the way, let’s continue with my blabbering.

I noted above that Snob in now in low playfulness instead of high neatness.  Snob actually conflicts with both Goofball and Childish which I’ve now made prerequisites for high playfulness.  So, I did move some stuff around that was in places they didn’t rightly belong.  I blame the confusion on the fact that I did most of this on paper and now that I found the chart I made it’s a complete illegible mess!  Also, it was like 3 days straight of obsessing over it.  In hindsight, I should have let the project cool for a few days and gone back to it.  Moving on!

The problem with the personality profiles as a whole is that they don’t really affect much of anything except in my imagination or in the cases that one of the sims got a trait like Lazy or Neat that actually has a moodlet affect.  My first response to this issue was to try to make my own traits.  I looked into the process just a tiny bit and said “Oh hell no!”  I swear my eyes glazed over.  Perhaps one day… but not now.  Then, defeated, I started looking at custom traits.  My hesitation with custom traits is that if I depend heavily on them and then the modder stops updating them I’m screwed.  (Excuse my language I really couldn’t think of a more apt word!)  Also, I really don’t like a lot of them.  The “mental illness” ones, in particular, had me pretty annoyed just going through the lists.  So, forget custom traits for now… at least for me.  I do have the zodiac traits but so far they seem pretty cool.

Alright, so, the solution is to have conflicting traits always at the opposing ends of the scale.  Not the “roll for neat.”  No, if you have 8-10 in Neatness you’re going to be neat darn it.  And the same is on the other end of the new scale.  If you have low Neatness you’ll get different traits depending on how low on the scale you are.  A zero gets Slob, Lazy, and Bad Manners!  Yes, I know these sims will be pretty disgusting.  I’m already seeing it with my Slobs.  Bleh.  But, if we only give them all the happy-happy traits they are like Stepford Wives!  Little barbie-doll cut-outs of all of our favorite traits.  Likely in our favorite clothes and makeup!  I will admit, I have tipped the scales a bit in the case of some of the more unpleasant traits.  The Niceness Scale is a good example of that.  I just couldn’t bear to give more chances to get sims with those terrible traits.  Plus, there are a lot more possible traits in the high niceness side of the scale.

Jealous doesn’t conflict with anything.  It’s a very frustrating trait.  I decided to put it on the flirtiness scale instead of niceness.  Because the only effects are romance-oriented.  I put it in 1-2 for low flirtiness.  That side of the scale was pretty empty anyway because of Unflirty only taking up the zero spot.  I was trying to decide if any of the Parenthood character traits needed to be moved and was looking them all up on Carl’s Sims 4 Guide when I noticed that argumentative compliments hot-headed.  But hot-headed is on the emotional scale!  sigh  So, here’s the solution.  Zero on the emotional scale has two rolls: uncontrolled emotions/insane or hot-headed/argumentative.

Which brings me to my next point.  I have been giving my kids corresponding starting character value points based on their personality profile.  Well, I had listed the character values on the chart to assign them to adult sims that rated on the far 3 spots on either side of the scale.  But, kids only get them if they have 90% in a side!  So, I’ve changed the scales that have character traits assigned to them to only the last point on it’s side of the scale.  So, low neatness will only get bad manners IF they roll a zero instead of auto bad manners at 0-2 or whatever it was.  I think this also shows how much of an accomplishment it really is for the kids to gain one of those traits!  Or be stuck with… depending on the trait I suppose!

There are a few other things that I moved around but nothing that’s enough of a change that I can think it’s worth mentioning.  I tried my hardest to make it more evident which side of the scale sims are.  I was attempting not to have sims with TONS of traits but doing it that way leaves no outward evidence of their rolls.  I wasn’t pleased with trying to write up profiles and not having much to go on to describe the sims!  This means I’ll have to go back and re-do ALL of those sims profiles!  Noooooooooooo!  Well, this has become a huge update.  Sorry about that.  Like I said, 14 hours.  If only I could put that effort into fixing all my broken links on this site.  rolls eyes

The Personality Profile Trait Chart has been changed to this new process.  If you are attached to the old way I’ve left it at the bottom, just scroll down.  I am sending this out now since I do want somewhat of an explanation.  Although, with all the broken links I’m not sure if anyone can find their way to the darned chart in the first place.  rolls eyes more  In addition, I will need to go back to all of the articles and note that there have been changes.  sigh  Night all!


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