TS4- Reverse-Building Townie Personality Profiles

I have a few profiles I need to build today so I thought I’d go through the steps that I’ve been using for anyone that’s interested to see how I’m doing it now.  It’s a bit easier for me of course since I have extra trait slots.  Here we have one of the townie kids Quinton’s profile…

Just a quick glance at his traits and character values I can get an idea of what his profile will look like.  Low playfulness, high neatness, high emotional control, etc.  But, let’s see how high and low shall we?  I next go to the Personality Profile Trait Chart and search for each of these traits.

Self-assured gives him 0-4 in playfulness

Neat gives him 8-10 neatness

Art lover gives him 7-9 creativity

Moving onto the zodiac sign he has Aquarius we see he has High Activity (6-10)/Low Social (0-4)

Looking at his character values we see he has high emotional control (journals) and good manners (likely from that neat trait) which helps narrow things down more.

I told you this was a simple one!  Let’s grab one of the profiles and fill it in.  I’m just going to randomly roll them on a number generator.  I may also factor in what I’ve noticed about him while playing with the other kids during school time to narrow it down a bit.  While he has low social I have noticed him quietly playing with the other kids so maybe not super low like I’d give a kid who is frequently playing alone.


roll niceness and flirtiness

good manners, antiseptic, active, ambitious, creative, muser, cheerful

I decided to roll 9-10 neatness since he has both the trait and high manners character value.  He got a 10.  Looking at the trait chart I see that adds good manners and antiseptic.  I’ll keep track of any new traits as I go as well.

In the case of social, I rolled 3-4 since he does interact quite a bit with other kids.  His 3, unlike the 10 in neatness, gives him a roll option.  I’ve made rolls for this scenario which I’ll do at the end.

So, I only have 2 that I’m missing.  The only one that I can use his families profile for is niceness.  His mom, Kiley, has a niceness 8.  Normally, I’d do the random roll that I made for kids with only one parent or caregiver but it’s kinda pointless for a single roll.  Here’s mom’s profile if you’re curious…


Niceness 8 gives him auto good and family oriented plus a roll.

I guess he got his creativity and emotional control from his dad!  His older sister has very high emotional control too actually!  But, I have no interest in the mother or daughter only Quinton so I’m not too worried about them beyond their profiles in a just-in-case draft page which, as you can see, turned out to be handy!

I decided to do a starting roll for him so I can add his future height and such to his profile…

***** RandomStuff *****

* mid-tall *
* Hh *
glasses- He actually wears glasses so I’ll ignore this!
* gg *
* none *
beauty mark
* none *
lifespan base:
* one strike *

And now the personality roll for flirtiness, the social trait since he rolled 3, and the niceness trait since he rolled 8…

***** RandomStuff *****

3-4 social rolls
* angler’s tranquility *
6-10 niceness rolls
* patriarch *
flirty scale
* 8 auto romantic +roll *
8-9 flirty roll
* great kisser *

Cool deal.  I knew I liked this kid!  Final results…


good manners, angler’s tranquility, antiseptic, active, ambitious, creative, muser, good, family oriented, patriarch, romantic, great kisser, cheerful

Then, I break them down into when he’ll get the additional traits.  Obviously, some of these traits aren’t available until certain ages:

Now: antiseptic, active, creative, muser, good, cheerful

Teen: romantic, great kisser, angler’s tranquility

YA: good manners, ambitious, family oriented, patriarch

All that’s left is to put all of this into a resident profile on my Ash Shore blog.  Yes, this is a long and tedious process.  I had to do 3 different rolls this time just to get the information I needed.  And this was a fairly simple one.  For example, his mother’s had a bunch of conflicting traits and zodiac signs that I had to sift through and then I decided later I have no real interest in her!

To determine his age I did a search on my blog for his name and found the first chapter he’s mentioned and after looking around I saw that I mentioned that Kyra was 3 at the time.  This means the youngest he can be is 6 1/2.  I still have to do rolls for 2 of the other children to see if I have interest in playing them at some point but it looks like the current age is likely going to be the 6 1/2 or maybe 7.  Which puts him close to 3 other children one of which I’m already currently playing.  The other two I’ll likely be playing relatives of theirs in the future if matchmaking works out!

Quinton Glass

Note: There were some kids with only one or two traits that were much more difficult and I had to go by their relative’s profiles like I would if they were a born-in-game sim.  I’m pretty sure I went over birth rolls at some point but if anyone wants I can do an article on one.


  1. I’ve sort of cobbled together a system based on yours. Mostly I’m using it to reverse-engineer my existing rotation sims which is taking forever (I’m just doing it as I play each one, not going through and doing them all at once). So it’s sort of a weird mix of new personality rolls, birth rolls and genetics, based on what I know of them and whether they still have parents around or not. It’s actually really awesome to fill them out because some of them have pretty distinct personalities already while others I really needed to get more of a grip on. I’m not using an additional trait mod though so I’m working with that. (Only once have I changed a core trait entirely though, for the most part I can come up with something pretty cohesive.)

    I don’t know if you’re interested in writing more about the rolls or the process but I’ll certainly read it if you do!

    I should just sign up for wordpress. (In fact I wonder if I already have…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh sure I can write something up if you’d like!
      Gotta be careful just removing a trait in CAS. Some traits that have negative moodlets they still get after it’s removed. Are you completely adverse to mods?
      I had a really old WP name from when I used to do my book blog. I can’t remember if I switched that to this or made this one when I started using WP for blogging.


      • As for blogging, I Livejournaled for years; mostly about my marriage/kids/divorce/etc etc, but eventually I got drawn off into Facebook. I know I ported my entire LJ to Dreamwidth at some point, but I never added to it; I just have a vague memory of making a WP account for some reason and now I can’t remember why or even if it actually happened. 😛 I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from doing a new one.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Might as well make a new one. If you didn’t do anything with the old one you’re not losing anything. I’d never even heard of livejournal until I started playing Sims 2 a lot after my PC died and my laptop couldn’t handle Sims 4.


  2. Oh no, no, I have craploads of mods, hehe. I couldn’t play this game without mods. For some reason though I’m resistant to the extra trait mod; not sure why, because I certainly have no problems cheating in extra aspiration or lifeskills traits. I’ll probably add it eventually…right now I’m seeing what the whole array of different core traits are that they end up rolling, and then rolling among those if I need to add any. Sometimes I’ll roll one and think “No, trait X fits better” and go with that (as long as it’s one of the ones that came up), but overall I feel like I’m getting much more cohesive and layered personalities.

    As for removing traits, I usually avoid it for that very reason, but in this case I figured if he got some leftover moodlets it would be okay (the trait was lazy – I didn’t see him as a sim who was TRAIT-worthy lazy, but it won’t bother me if he gets some of the moodlets, heh).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh okay. Well, if anything, I’d get Coolspear’s mod that allows you to add and remove the traits easier. Then again, if you’re going to do that you might as well get the one for extra slots! LOL My only complaint is that some of the random townies had a ton of traits usually half of them the zodiac ones which are my only custom traits.
      There have been several times like you said that someone rolled something in the same group and I’m like naw that doesn’t make sense based on other traits or their personality.
      Lazy is a tricky trait since it conflicts with both neat and active. Which forces you to re-roll if you get both of them. Lazy sims I don’t mind but slobs ohmygosh they drive me nuts!


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