Example of Random Rolls: Adoption!

I was asked a week or so ago to show how I do random rolls.  I’d hoped to do a short video since it’ll take much longer to screenshot and type everything out but it’s probably for the best.  Sometimes I forget words and stuff which is why I don’t do much where I need an instant response like that in the first place.  Anyhoo we’re doing it the long way and since I’m making new rolls for adoptions I thought I’d do it step by step as I make the rolls.

So, I have several same-sex couples and although the game allows us to change things to make them able to have babies I’ve always thought it’s kinda weird.  Hence adoptions.  But, I don’t like the way they’re done in-game either.  You click on the computer to see the kids and the game creates them all and later you see them, with parents, at the park or whatever like what?  I’ve been trying to decide how to do it and the other day I ventured onto Second Life and someone mentioned the roleplay kids and I had a lightbulb moment!  What they do is the adoption agencies have profiles for the kids and potential parents.  And I realized it’s sort of like in real life you get the packet or whatever with details of the available kids.  So, that’s what I plan to do.

I found a list on American Adoptions of reasons why parents might put their child up for adoption.

Okay, so I started a new notepad document and copied and pasted some of the reasons from the site linked above.  I decided to leave out anything too upsetting that might trigger someone reading my blog and a few others that don’t really relate to Ash Shore that I might add in at some point.

I’ve linked to Hook’s Random Thing Picker at MATY several times but I’ll do it again just in case.  For that, you need a notepad document like I’ve started above.  When starting a new list to roll from you put a * this tells the program that what is below is the rolls to choose from.

Now we have a small idea of why it was the child was placed and can build somewhat of a story from that but I’d like to go more in depth.  I’m going to copy and paste the rolls I use for brand-new out of CAS sims for each parent.

This is just a small part of what I’m using now.  The numbers in brackets are the weights I’ve given to each roll.  I change these quite often when I’m doing a lot of random rolls at once like when I make my not-so-random townies.  Say I roll three times and all get light blonde hair, I’ll put less of a weight on that color for a while.  The skin tones are all the custom ones mostly and I have them weighed with higher chances of the ones I prefer.  Like 1/3 is super pale so it has less weight.  Eyes I kept getting the same over and over so I decided to remove the weights altogether.

Other rolls for CAS sims are their muscle/weight ratio and height.  HH-GG-FF-BB the genetic string that I use to determine hair growth, glasses, freckles, and beauty marks for the CAS sims and what will be passed on to their kids.  I’m also adding in the gigantic list of first and last names for the parents.  I’ve been using a neat website I found quite often lately which has given me cool names like Vicente but decided it wasn’t worth it for sims I’ll never see or play.  The 3 in brackets rolls 3 names that I choose from.

This roll that has no corresponding traits is one I did in a failed experiment to see if I could create a profile based on an existing sim to create one with high chemistry.  It was a complete and utter failure and I decided I was being silly trying to play with fate.  But, I was able to reuse it here so that I can also add a personality roll.  I’m doing this so that I can maybe give the kid one of their birth parent’s traits like let’s say they’re raised by very logical parents and somehow turn out to be a creative savant.  Just adds a bit of fun and more depth to the characters.

This is the way that I’m doing my not-so-random townies.  It’s an if/then type thing.  If it rolls that the parents were very young then I look at this roll to determine their ages.  As you can see from the last 2 here I decided to add a few more reasons that a child might be up for adoption… illness and death.

I was just sitting here typing out why I can’t use the Ash Shore “burnings” as an excuse but then realized it’s really not that bad.  Kyra’s birthdate is 2 A.O.R and she’s the youngest currently 6 1/2 so if they rolled a 1 A.O.R. child they would be 6 and still subject to the “Afore” timeline.  I went up to 13 1/2 I think.  I used the day of birth instead of age because the age will change over time as I play more “days” which I don’t actually use in my stories but are how I keep track of everyone’s birthdays since they are all aging off.

I might add more rolls to this as I think of them but let’s use this for now and see what we get?

I have a folder on my desktop with the roller in it.  As you can see I have several different rolls for different scenerios.  I take the needed roll document and drag it to the RandomStuff roller.

Up pops this long list of results like this.

Right-click, select all, Enter.

And then you open a doc or blog page or whatever and paste.  I cut most of the results off cuz it was really long but this is what it looks like:

***** RandomStuff *****

Reason for adoption
* She isnÆt ready to be a mother. *

* light blonde *

* 1/6 green *


So what I’d do next after it’s pasted is condense the information like this:

Reason for adoption
* She isn’t ready to be a mother. *

Jeannette Ware

light blonde hair-1/6 green eyes-2/3 skin

mid-high muscle/mid weight/average height



Robbie Sullivan

red hair-1/9 hazel eyes- 2/3 skin

mid-high muscle/low weight/short height



A glance at their personalities tells me that the parents were both very social, flirty, not very nice, and had low emotional control.  She’s pretty playful as well making me think maybe she enjoys having fun and doesn’t take things seriously.  And even though he has no emotional control whatsoever he’s pretty serious.  Maybe it was his idea that they wouldn’t be good parents.  Or maybe hers because she’s too busy having fun?  Or the not-so-niceness was a bit of selfishness on their parts.  I’d also think that they’d put the baby up for adoption right away in this scenerio.

Next, I would use their rolls to make the parents in CAS and then play with genetics to get the child… or children?  I hadn’t thought of that before.  I suppose if I wanted a baby I could take them into the world and use MCCC to start and speed through a pregnancy and birth.  I find babies very boring so I doubt I will.

Next, once I found adoptive parents, I would do a birth roll using the biological parents to determine the height and then the rolls for braces, acne, flirtiness etc and also roll for the stuff from the parent’s genetic string.  I went over how I do those before in the articles Fun with Genetics Part 1 and Fun with Genetics Part 2.  Then I would use the adoptive parent’s personality profiles to create the child’s using the birth roll and like I said, possibly tossing in something from a biological parent into the mix.

From the personality profile I would have then completed, I would be able to roll for their future traits.  I can also look at that profile and see if anything stands out for their toddler trait too if they’re still that young.  By this point,  I would have a practically complete profile on the Ash Shore blog about them and would just need to add a picture!  They’re ready to become part of the community and have their story be told!

I hope this wasn’t too boring.  I try not to make these things long but it’s practically impossible.  All of the rolls I do are similar to this but if there’s one, in particular, you want to see an example of I’ll be more than happy to do so.  It would take much less time than this where I was creating the roll as I went!

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