TS3- Gnome Crazy! Intro: Dreams

Intro: Dreams

Andres Wicker is what some sims call “unbalanced.”  Others just feel he’s a bit eccentric.  And others, the not-so-nice ones, refer to him as crazy.  But really, it’s not his fault.  You’d be a little loopy too if you had the dreams that he has!  No, not dreams like aspirations.  Dreams!  Most would call them nightmares.  To Andres, they have become an obsession.  And in this obsession, he has focused his whole being on one thing…

Gnomes!  Out of all the strangeness in his dreams, his mind has shied away from the ugliness and focused on the one thing that he found fascinating in his dreams.  In his dreams, he would take a stroll to the park every day and walk by the house of his friend Ivan and he’d always make note of where the gnomes were if they were outside and what mischief they were up to.  Who was Ivan in these dreams you ask?

The dreams begin with a blurry trip to university but they don’t become very focused until he met Ivan.  They became good friends soon after meeting.

And, in these dreams, Ivan had the coolest dog named Alasdair who was always hanging out around the park getting brushed and being played with by everyone living there.  And that’s the part his mind shied away from.  The there…

It was a horrible place with underground bunkers and houses on stilts to prevent the entrance of…

Zombies!  Not the usual full moon zombies that go back to normal the next day with a funny story to tell their friends.  Oh no, these zombies were that way permanently and instead of an appetite for garden vegetables, they ate sim flesh!  It was horrifying.  So, it’s not really a surprise that his mind focused on something whimsical like gnomes.

And his friend.

He also has some memories of marrying and then divorcing a vampire lady with which he had two vampire children and the woman stalked him the rest of his life.

And then he married again and had a few non-vampire kids one of which married the blue alien son of his friend Ivan.

Then he and Ivan grew to be old and grey.

And when his time came Ivan, a rebel to the end, shouted to the reaper to come for him.  And he did.

Andres lasted a bit longer in this strange strange place.

Before he died his daughter gave birth to a pink granddaughter!  Pink!  He knew this had to be a dream.  A blue son-in-law and a pink granddaughter!  Flesh-eating perma-zombies and vampire stalker wives.  Eternal snow and life in bunkers with so many restrictions by the government they could barely live.  Yes, a very strange terrible recurring dream.

Can you really blame him that his sole focus of these dreams became the gnomes?

The first he remembers seeing in his friend Ivan’s lawn was a graduation gnome.  Ivan said he found several of them hiding in books at university.  How they fit in books Andres couldn’t fathom but the image stayed with him.

And so the day he graduated high school he enrolled in university.  His sole focus: Find the gnomes!

Chapter notes:  If you’ve read anything I’ve written about Sims 3 gameplay you know already that I have a deep love for gnomes.  And, I myself could be dubbed gnome crazy!  Andres was originally a test sim I’d created to plan my strategy for the university start of my Apocalypse Challenge SNAFU.  I absolutely loved Andres and when I was trying to decide what kind of sim to use for this “challenge” I was thinking I haven’t played a male sim in awhile and remembered him in my bin.  I actually didn’t think of the background dream part until later but wow what a cool connection eh?  

Okay, so basically Andres’ goal in life is to collect all of the gnomes.  This may sound fairly simple to you but after doing some research I’ve found it’s going to be a lot more work than expected.  But hey, it’s a labor of love right?  Unlike my other recent TS3 gameplay I decided to actually write about this because I can see myself sticking with and returning to this one.  This obviously isn’t going to be a serious story or anything.  Total goof-off save with crazy Andres bouncing from one thing to another in search for gnomes.  I’ve put it on long lifespan so there’s no need to turn this into a generational thing.

This site is still a mess.  I was in the process of moving most of the older content to an archives blog when I became so frustrated I gave up… for now.  This also means that if you wanted to read the SNAFU story all of the chapter links are broken.  I’ll try to fix them since it’s loosely connected to this.  I do plan to someday get back to that challenge but I fear that the save is corrupted in some way and can’t think of how to fix it.  

Chapter 1


  1. This sounds like fun! I love the gnomes, too! So happy that TS4 gnomes have become magical, too. I don’t think I’ve collected all the gnomes, so I’ll be eager to watch the progress of this challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I haven’t gotten close to collecting them all. Some seem to be rarer than others. And some you have to be in certain careers for them to show up or working on certain skills which is why I said he’ll be jumping from one thing to another!


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