TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 1: We Need Happiness

Chapter 1

Ah, university.  Where there’s a huge diversity in sims, right?  Well, not really.  They all look extremely familiar.  He picked his bed, locked his door, and I added a few necessities to the dorm.

Like the brain thingy.  Gotta change his traits to some that will help him with his goals for this term.

And, of course, we have to do a bit of dumpster diving!  Not only is it rebellious but there may be some treasure in there.

Another one of my favorite items to use in university is the MultiTab thing from the TS3 store.  LOVE this item.  He can listen to tabcasts and gain skills while he does almost anything… like dumpster dive.

Pulled away from the fun to attend the meet and greet at the student union.  But, seeing the fairy llama was totally worth it.

Uh, okay?  Thanks.

I really have absolutely no idea what he’d done to get attention from paparazzi already!  But, we need the gnome celebrities receive as gifts so getting their attention is a good thing for once.

Their outfits though!  They surely don’t blend, do they?  Although, fairy llama.  Nuff said.

He did it.  I didn’t take a pic because for whatever reason the decensor mod is defaulted to on.  He ran around, nobody saw him, it took forever, there was no reward.

He got invited to a party.  Nobody else showed up.  It was sooo boring.

He got back to the dorm and zapped a skill point into his brain.  This gave him +celebrity.  Apparently, being skilled is super-cool.

What’s not super cool?  This roommate that had a salad mixing bowl stuck to his hand.  He must have slept with it there.  I watched him for hours waiting for him to lift his hand so I could get this shot!  I saw him later coming out of class with it still there!  All of the dormies run around in underwear.  It’s quite odd.

Where was Andres while I was stalking the salad bowl guy?  Doing more dumpster diving of course!

While he was in class this guy passed out.  I’m thinking maybe he has the trait that makes them pretend to faint.  Diva or dramatic… something like that.

Look a rainbow!

Waiting for the next class and someone else passed out.  So weird.

I know if you’ve read the SNAFU Apocalypse story you’re realizing that I’m kinda following the same pattern with Andres.  But I really like this place!  And herbs are cool man!

Since he had the bumbleleaf tea buzz going he was safe to do a little wall tagging.

This plant sim is a level 10 rebel!  He worked on building a friendship with him a little before his needs sent him home.

Yay.  A plant.  Thus far, this is the only gift he’s received.

More digging in the trash.  He found a few sellable items.

This vampire guy is so cool looking.  I have no idea why everyone was freaking out and acting upset.  I think that guy back there even fainted!

Once the boring lecture was over, Andres announced there would be a protest in a few hours in the quad.  I love protests!

He handed out fliers to everyone he could before he had to leave.  This guy refused one but then was one of the first to show up!  He also hates children.  Since Andres is a young adult I’m not sure what that has to do with anything?

We need more happiness people!

This vampire was so impassioned that he began his own speech… while he threw off sparks from being in the sun!

Ah, we now have the paparazzi attention again.

And it was even covered on the radio by one of the communications students!

It was no surprise that he caught the attention of… whoever hands out happiness?  LOL!!!

He was sooo exhausted!  Good thing uni students don’t have curfew eh?

A pretty sky view while he slept.  I freaking love that mod.  I could stare at the sky all night… if I wasn’t working on my Ash Shore blog on my second monitor while he sleeps.

Gah, it popped up the day before telling him to meet and become friends with this girl because she’s a celebrity.  That was yesterday.  Today she isn’t.

He chatted with her for a while before class.  It was a waste of time since she’s a jock, not a rebel and not a celebrity anymore.  I’ve realized since this that it’s happening constantly.  Nobody else seems able to hang on to the first star!

The thing that I love the most about Andres is his facial expressions!  He’s such a cutie.  Total goofball.  This should be a fun little challenge.  Sadly, no gnomes yet.

Chapter 2


  1. He’s adorable! College Sims, man. They’re so wild! I’m sure Andreas will definitely become well-known soon; everyone needs a resident sweetheart in their lives. Such a good guy.

    Also, sign me and ninjapig up for the next happiness protest! What an amazing rally. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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