TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 2: There and Back Again

Chapter 2

Andres has gotten quite good at the guitar thanks to the tabcasts he listens to all the time to keep his school performance up.  So good that he decided he wanted to make some tips playing.  But nobody showed up!

Oh, there they are!  All standing around on their phones.  Typical.

He insinuated himself into the center of the group and began to play again.  They all immediately started to listen.

Aha!  A tip.  Just a few more and he’ll meet his goal.

§25.00 goal met he begins working on making friends with the plant sim that’s a level 10 rebel.  Yes, I know I really need to write these when the game is open so I can actually add names.

I added a food synthesizer to the dorm and the roomies keep making the weirdest stuff!  All bad quality, unfortunately.  I’m not exactly sure what skill affects the outcome.  Andres usually gets normal quality.

This guy was supposedly a celebrity.  He wanted to impress him or something but there were no options.  They became friends anyway.

This one was definitely a celebrity.  And wow is he a good looking sim.  I need to figure out how to save him to my bin… if that’s possible for an unhoused sim.

This whole system cracks me up.  I think it would be more realistic in a setting like in Bridgeport where there are already established celebrities but here it seems like the game just assigns 1 star to random sims.

The paparazzi are so intrusive.  Haven’t they heard of a telephoto lens?

Random horse running through the parking lot while he slept.

A report card.  Did you really expect anything less?

Back to the coffee shop to finish becoming friends with Teddy.

And then he harvested herbs until it was time to leave for home.  Geeze that dude must be cold running around in those little purple underpants!  This game is just so goofy!

Back home to good ole Appaloosa Plains.  Tori (@sourgreendolly) on Twitter recommended I play there after I said I’ve only played here for a few days.  I seriously only played custom worlds before.  Plus, he’ll need a cat, dog, and horse eventually!

I seemed to have miscalculated his scoring this time around.  He should have had a 400 in Fine Arts in addition to Technology and I have no clue how he got that score in Science & Medicine!  Eh well, another free ride.  I suppose that’s all that matters.  He doesn’t actually need a degree.  He needs some graduation gnomes!

LOL!  The town was still setting up when he left.  As soon as he entered the map Nraas Register started popping up informing me that this or that person has been assigned to places.  No clue how to turn that off but it rarely pops up after the first day.

This adorable stray was playing in a puddle and, try as I might, I couldn’t get him to interact with it!

Back to uni again.  sigh  I’d have liked to have him meet the stray dog.  So weird he couldn’t interact with it.

Oopsie.  I put him in the wrong dorm.  I had to set everything up all over again.

Personality re-programmed.  I didn’t give him irresistible this time.  I thought it would somehow attract people to him but I think it just gave him bragging socials that people hated.  I gave him good sense of humor instead.  It’s one of my favorites.

I couldn’t resist the lure any longer.  These sims worked on that thing the whole time he was spray painting and the discs never lit up.  I still can’t believe the time I brought my Apocalypse sim Ivan here and it was just a tiny bit away from turning white.

From defacing public property?

Last semester I only had him go a few times to apply for assistance.  I could have sworn that there was a 3-day cooldown on it.  But no, when looking for the traits needed for scholarships I saw on Carl’s Guide that he can do it every 24 hours!

But he didn’t do anything yet.  Thanks for the simoleans though.

The meet and greet was a total waste of time.  This was literally the only guy in there.  The students here are interesting to say the least.

Seeing another group of sims just standing around he decided to play for tips again.

That’s when I saw her!  She actually is a premade sim.  At first, I thought surely she had to be random but she was too matchy.  Too extreme even for random.  I found her on the wiki.  Sarah Parker.  I knew he must befriend her!

And so he did.  He had a wish to kiss her.  Umm… no.

Congratulate Cheater?  That’s odd and it’s a friendly interaction too.

The thing that annoys me the most about uni is the sims that run around in graduation robes.  Why???

I love skill challenges.  He got that celebrity one and it has been super helpful!  Making friends in Sims 3 seems to take sooo long!

He wanted to introduce himself to the girl in the black and purple top who is a one-star celebrity and got all excited when she deigned to notice him.

So goofy!

While he was getting ready for bed I saw these two having a clandestine meeting outside near the dumpsters.

Since Holly managed to hold her 1 star through the night he befriended her.

Ohmygosh his face!  I could not stop laughing!

He got to like 3.75 and then got too fatigued to finish it.  It took him only a few minutes in the morning to finish it off.

His guitar skill got so high during the workout that he decided he wanted to learn a composition.  It was interesting that he learned while playing instead of reading it like they do a recipe.  He doesn’t really need the guitar skill since there isn’t a gnome related to it but I switched his aspiration to one that needs it since he had something goofy from when I’d used him as a test sim.

Chapter 3


  1. Aaaaah so much development! Andreas did so well in his first report card – congrats to him! And those one-star celebrities are so random, but I love them. It’s so sweet that he’s attracted to Sarah Parker. Somehow, I think their personalities miiight just complement each other…who knows?

    That cute puppy! ❤

    Best. Workout. Shirt. Ever. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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