TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 3: Very Awkward?

Chapter 3

Ah, dumpster diving.  So fun.  Sadly, nothing exciting found yet.  We can’t always get Tiberium now, can we?

What?  From digging in the trash?  3 stars?  I won’t argue with it!

Put your hand down!  What on earth?  Where the heck was everyone?!  Thankfully, lectures don’t last long.

This girl came up to him in the dorm and gave him a flirty introduction or something.  He wanted to kiss her.  That makeup though.  Just no.  I’d make him some sort of player but the reputation system might ruin his chances of celebrity and thus the gnome gift.  He befriended her anyway.

What is he wearing?  I really need to look through his outfits.  I feel like I might have only done a few since he was originally a test sim.  Although, it adds to his eccentric nature.  This party was so boring but at least sims showed up.  Probably because he brought most of them with him.

I know I should be working on the celebrity stuff or getting rebel influence but I love this thing!  Plus, he’ll need the money he’d get from all that stuff that rains down from the sky!

Darn.  Green.  It would have been good if he was actually going to be skilling after this.

Another party.  He’s getting invited every day now.  The darker skinned girl is the one that threw the last one and he befriended her then dragged her and a bunch of others to this one.

What the heck kind of objective is that???

This one popped up next.  And I was already trying to decide if he should do this so figured why not?

I know I say this every time but I love the heat of the moment kiss.  I totally didn’t expect her to go for it!  They hadn’t even spoken yet that night.  But ugh now they’re romantic interests.

Poor guy!  I kept him there too long trying to make friends with someone.  Oopsie.

What is she wearing???  He wanted to do a stimulus-response test on her.  She caught the duck and laughed but then got really angry.  She has no sense of humor apparently.  I think we’ll just avoid her.

I saw this “tourist” while he was waiting for his hands-on drawing class to start.  I looked her up and she’s a resident of Appaloosa Plains so he introduced himself.

Oddly, since he was in the area that the class was taking place the game seemed to think he was actually participating.  He made friends with her because why not?

It was Spooky Day and there was supposed to be a costume party and I was really excited for him to go but it was scheduled during class.  After class was over though, I searched and searched the map and there was no party!  He later got a text saying he’d missed it.  sigh

Oh yeah, I totally forgot I’m supposed to be talking to you while I was checking my texts.  Seeing as how you’re a 1-star celebrity… for the moment.

They became friends and she caught the duck without screaming at him afterward.

Meanwhile, I was searching the house (again) for the source of the music.  Children’s music to be exact.  Always.  Always children’s music even when I change it to something else and turn it off.

Kicky bag between classes is perfect!  Fun, athletic skill, and rebel influence!


Where did you have that?  You just randomly pull a skeleton out of your pocket?

I’m trying to remember to do this but keep forgetting.

This was the most annoying thing ever.  He had a wish to befriend a certain number of celebrities but it was hard to do because sims he’d been almost friends with wouldn’t be celebrities the next day when he went to complete it.  This girl was the only one left in his relationship panel with a star.

What?  I’m so confused by this!  I even checked.  I seriously don’t understand why sims that hate children don’t like him!

I know.  I can’t fathom why anyone wouldn’t like you either Andres!

I should have given up.  I just kept trying different tactics.  She didn’t like charming socials, she didn’t like funny socials, she seemed okay with the questions until…

What?  How?  Ohmygosh woman!

I don’t know what you’re upset about?!  You’re the one being a jerk.  I wasted sooo much time.

So he invited a bunch of friends out to eat with him.  Surely that will go better.  They all like him!

It would have been nice if the game let me know who it was that left the group!

Just interrupt him while he’s trying to become best friends with Sarah to take a pic, thanks.

Half price!  Do they know he’s a 3-star celebrity now???

I’ve decided that the jock dare opportunities are all goofy.   Although, this was pretty hilarious!

As was this!

And this.  Dude, you do know you still have your clothes on right?

He had another one of those rebel opportunities to kiss someone but darned if he wasn’t still a romantic interest with this girl Paris… who was sleeping.

Wake up and kiss me girly!

He was really tired himself.  So tired he started to leave without the kiss.  Oh no buster, you woke her now you’ll kiss her!

I’m not sure how to feel about him getting paid to kiss someone.

Another A report card.  I thought it was funny that he’d popped up so quick to look at it that the zzz’s were still there!

He needed to do another celebrity body opportunity and so I thought drinking some buzzberry tea would be good so he’d get more out of the workout.

Too many?  He hadn’t had any in a few days I don’t think!

Poor baby.  He didn’t work out long before he had to run and throw up.

These people man.  I’m baffled by the simmers that miss the celebrity system so much.  It’s extremely intrusive as you’ll see in the next chapter.

He spotted Sarah and was finally able to become best friends with her.  That seemed to take forever!  He’d had the wish practically since he’d met her.

Well, after let some guy take a photo of him.

It’s youuuuuuuu!!!!  Cheerleader girl is the one turning on children’s music!!!  I swear that music gives me flashbacks of doing the 100 baby challenge and trying to get multiples.

Eh well, time to do some more personality reprogramming again before heading home.  I’m sure all of these switches in personality won’t affect him… much.

Chapter 4


  1. Hahaha I find it so funny that the game lets him be well-known around town for the most rebellious things. First defacing public property, and then rummaging in the trash. At least there’s a system that appreciates this, even if there isn’t one IRL. xD

    How could anyone not like Andreas? 😡 Especially after you realise he’s conducting an experiment with the cutest thing ever – a rubber duck. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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