TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 4: A Slave to Fame

Chapter 4

Yes, back home again.  It doesn’t really feel like home though does it?

Might as well see how he does on the aptitude test.

I miscalculated the Fine Arts again somehow!  Looking back at the notebook page I’d written it on it looks like I put one of the skills for something else (likely technology) into the Fine Arts column.  This really sucks because he’s going for a Fine Arts degree… at least this time.

Supposedly I can have him take the test over and over to get this moodlet.

Yes, he has good cooking skill but it seemed pointless since he’ll be leaving again in the morning.

Really though?

Standing with an umbrella.  Juicy.

I started surveying the yard.  I was dismayed to see this gap in the fence.  And shocked to realize that the fence is decorative and not part of his land!

Once they got their pictures they left so I was able to put up the security gate which looks ridiculous.  Surely they could have made a smaller version.  A fence within a fence makes sense in a farming community but not on his tiny lot!  I’d move him to a larger one but I like this location.  Although, I might need to scope out the area closer to the fairgrounds.

He spent the rest of the evening texting his many friends to keep his friendship levels up.

And just as he’d gone to sleep he got a phone call.

Oh cool!  I’d planned for him to leave first thing in the morning but this is pretty neat.

The school didn’t open until 9am though so he went to eat at the local diner.


He was still too early so he played kicky bag outside of the school until it opened.

Llama herding!  LOL!

I don’t know who you’re trying to fool playing at being a taxi driver now lady.  We’re onto you.

The infernal children’s music greeted him upon his arrival back to the dorm.

Feeling more like yourself again, Andres?

First, I’m so mad that I messed up the calculations for the Fine Arts degree because now he has to take more classes.  Second, A Guide to Boys???

Immediately upon his arrival, he got new wishes to meet this or that celebrity of the day.  He met and befriended this guy whom I, of course, don’t know the name of…

And this girl Whitney… after mind melding.

He was invited to yet another party and tried to add the llama fairy to his group to come with him but no luck.

And about now is when I started losing my temper over the celebrity thing.  He will stop whatever is queued to have his picture taken.  Like, it just pops in front of whatever he was doing!

Some bonfire party.  The snow was too deep to light it.

And everyone that he’d managed to bring with him just stood in the front yard.  He was hungry so he brought the group to the diner.  Where the heck does the bike keep coming from???

Pfft!  At home, he gets free food!

In the morning when he woke up he just stood like this.  It was too funny not to take a pic!


Thankfully the multitab has a social game on it too so he was able to get his fun back up between his three classes.  Ugh.

Although, he was late for the second because I thought it was in the same building as the first!  Not far to run at least.

For being late to class?  What on earth makes these popup?  It always seems to happen when he’s doing something like digging through trash or spray painting the sidewalk.

Poor baby.  He was so exhausted.  I felt so guilty about messing up his test and making him take an extra class.  But hey, at least I finally gave him some proper clothes!

This still baffles me.  When I was researching it the guide made it sound really difficult unless you could befriend and likely romance a very high-level celebrity and get into a bunch of hotspots.  I swear he’s getting most of it from gaining skill points.

New PJs as well!  Adorable.

You know what would make you feel better Andres?  Your favorite meal!

Wow, that’s quite the discount!

It’s nice to have the break between the hectic class schedules on Tues and Thurs to actually do something like learn a recipe.

I like how whatever they’re cooking looks like… whatever they’re cooking.

There you go, buddy!  Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!  A bit of comfort food.

And then a quick nap before class.

That girl to the left stunk really bad.  He sat next to her and was miserable so I made him move.

Then again, what was the point?

He gave his own lecture on… something.  I’m sure it was riveting.  The blonde girl woke up at least!

So after lecture time was up he introduced and befriended her.

Yay!  I swear jokes are the fastest way to make friends.

A bit more socializing.  He was so close to the 20 friends for the skill challenge.

Ohmygosh please stop screaming people.

And dropping his entire queue to request an autograph.

He seems to enjoy it.  I, on the other hand, was about to lose my mind.  I was hoping to finish the skill challenge in time to get him to bed early.

It didn’t happen.  I wonder how long he’ll have to keep this up before he gets that gnome?

Chapter 5


  1. Oh no! No kicky bag in deep snow! 😦

    It amused me at how obliging Andreas is to have his photo taken. He’s such a sweetheart; it’s really in character for him to drop everything just to make some fan happy. ❤

    I love his new outerwear and sleepwear! He looks so cozy in that hat.

    Liked by 1 person

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