TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 5: Gnometastic!

Chapter 5

Do you hear that?  Is it a choir of angels singing?  I swear I heard alleluia chorus when I spied this little guy hanging out in the bathroom outside of one of the all-in-one stalls!

I’m baffled because my research said the only way to get him is by having a sim in the singing career!  Maybe a roommate is in the career while not in school?  I have no clue but I won’t complain that’s for sure!

Mmm peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast.  Seasoned with licorice so he’ll stay full longer since this is another hell day of non-stop classes.

He spent his time between classes texting everyone once his fun was up.

That’s pretty cool!  I can’t think of a trait to search for though really.

Speaking of traits, he was so close to getting that extra social trait he got a chamomile energy drink.  I just love this barista!  I’m thinking of having him move to Appaloosa Plains after uni is over.

My plan to have him make a few friends while getting his rebel influence up was curtailed by him constantly stopping to get his photo taken.

Yes, this vampire guy is a rebel.  He’s funny!

Nobody ever seems to mind getting interrupted at least.  He only managed to make the one friend.

With his other needs taken care of he had to wait a bit for the energy drink to wear off before he could actually sleep so he played kicky bag.

Oh wow!  I think it was something like §1,880!  I was thinking if he gets a lot of stuff he can decorate his house with them but he’s only gotten this and a potted plant so far.

Umm… what?

Gasp!  Ohmygosh!  But, he’s in uni so he can’t adopt!


Yes, ignore the perfectly good pie on the counter and cook some horrifying quality pancakes.  She then left the pancakes on the counter and ate pie.

She’s got this whole hair/top/shorts matching thing going on.  I dig it.  She’s also the 20th friend!!!

Yes!  Ohmygosh this was so hard to do!  But now they won’t decay!  No more texting people constantly.

Then, he was off to class to sit in the snow and draw.  While waiting for 2pm he napped in that igloo someone had built.  He must be the only Fine Arts student.  Nobody ever shows up here or to his classes.

It was Snowflake Day and since it was his short class day it sounded like fun.  Thankfully there was room for the gift pile and it was pretty neat that as they came in they all added to it.

I had Andres making all this food for the party and then a lot of them brought food as well!

I’d given him the dramatic trait this time.  It was hilarious!  Also, it got his energy up a bit too so that was a bonus.

I was trying to get everyone into this room and they did mostly come in but the moment he stopped playing they all piled back out!

Wait, what?  Nobody was opening gifts!

It took forever for the first person to open a gift.  They all got stuck in the doorway as I knew would happen which was why I’d had him playing guitar in there to draw them in slowly.

Such a cutie!

Nooo!  Ohmygosh I hate him riding that invisible bike all the time and now he got a real one!

This time I completely lost my temper over the celebrity thing.  His needs were a mess and I’d queued up a ton of stuff.  I was waiting and waiting for him to come into the kitchen but when I looked he was signing an autograph for this girl… in the bathroom.  And he’d never used the bathroom!  I had to cancel out and re-queue it all.

A little angel food cake with some lavender so he can hopefully sleep faster.

Look at all this food!  Ohmygosh!  And the roommates very rarely ever take anything out of the fridge.

The name of this one cracked me up!

He was already sleeping.

This semester was terrible.  He wasn’t able to keep his performance to max at all.  I was seriously worried that he might not get an A!  So, I thought maybe the grocer sells herbs and they do.  This was added to his breakfast of forever alone calzone.

He also used the brain machine to give him a little more of a boost.  His performance wasn’t super low but hey it can’t hurt right?

It ended up being from the nerd group.  Must have been the brain machine.

I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t sure what to pick.  I should have gotten savvy sculptor first.

Getting some fun between exams.

I noticed this sad looking clown.  I didn’t even know that was a snowman type!

Looking all pensive.

While waiting for the next exam to start he worked on increasing his friendship with this girl and got his rebel influence up enough that he could have gotten the bonus trait through them!  So funny.

Paris invited him to a party and I figured this would be a good time to end the whole “romantic interest” thing with a girl he’d only talked to a few times and kissed for dares.  She was not pleased.

It was lame anyway.  Nobody else showed up.

Yes!  Another A report card and enough credits to get the Fine Arts degree!  And, he did manage to find one graduation gnome as well!  Two down twenty-two to go.

Chapter 6


  1. Singer gnome must have wanted the peanut butter and banana sandwiches too (I heard they were Elvis’s favourite)!

    Aaaaah snow pupper! ❤

    That Snowflake Day party looked like so much fun! Potluck buffet! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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