TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 6: Domino

Chapter 6

Synthesized angel food cake for the final uni breakfast.

So, there was a pop-up after he had breakfast saying he’d graduate tomorrow and did he want to invite any friends or family.

So I thought oh wow cool he can try out this machine one last time.

But then when he was almost there…

…he stopped and ran off to graduate!

So handsome in his robes.

This totally cracked me up!  I’ve never seen any sims do anything but throw it into the air!

Sarah, Shea the plant sim, and Bobby the barista were the only ones he’d invited.  Shea came out of the auditorium and left.

Bobby talked to him for a few minutes and left as well.

What the?

I suppose we’d see her evil side eventually but it still was upsetting.

So he went back to the machine.  See that guy there?

He ruined it!

Might as well pull the lever anyway… wasn’t sure what red did.  If you know already you’re laughing at me!

I swear he gets celebrity points for the oddest stuff!  A pretty cool way to end off the school-time though eh?

Yes, it started raining!

Just when I was thinking he was the only one affected.

Oh man… is it time to leave yet?

Feeling somewhat normal again he barged into this girl’s room and started dancing.  That’s what they all get for blasting children’s music all the time!  Also, why is she sleeping?  They leave any minute now.

Although, it looked like it was just him.  They all went outside and waved goodbye which was pretty cool and yet kind of odd since he never met most of this group.

He arrived back at the little cottage in town to find his fence removed and an eviction notice!  It appears the town beautification society frowned upon his paparazzi security methods.

And that’s how he found himself in a new house out in the country with the huge goofy looking security gate.

The two gnomes were placed reverently upon the yard to do their gnomely thing.

He gets this moodlet every time that gnome moves!

Can’t live on a farm without chickens now can we?

What the?


His house is mostly decorated with stuff that was already there or in his inventory… gifts and dumpster finds.  Andres really doesn’t pay all that much attention to stuff.

The nice thing about this spot is the cute little diner practically in his backyard.

His phone rings incessantly.

Time to prepare for the new family member!

Umm… that’s all that’s left of that huge hay bale?

Oh wow, he arrived in a big horse trailer!

Yes yes, thank you now where’s my horse?

Meet Domino.  I thought from his picture that he was black with a little white hence the name but I realized that his mane is dark brown.  Oh well.

Andres:  Aren’t you a cute horsey?

Domino:  I am a mighty horse be in awe little sim!

A nice brushing…

And hoof cleaning.

Then he was called to the corral to sleep.  I later realized that being called in there meant he wouldn’t autonomously leave when he woke!  The horse owner learning curve is high.  I had no idea what I was doing!

Chapter 7


  1. Aww, huge congratulations to Andres for graduating! He did so well. ❤

    Domino! Such a sweetheart! Unlike the evil chicken hahaha xD

    Also, I like his decorating style! ❤ I wonder if that could be a challenge someday – furnish using only gifted items. Hmm…

    Liked by 1 person

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