TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 7: Chicken Blocked

Chapter 7

Every time I start up the game I look around to see what the gnomes are up to.  The graduation gnome seems to like the horse.

Time to find out what the deal is with Charles the evil chicken.  Yes, he looks evil!

Ohmygosh!  So funny!  The chicken won.


Domino galloping around the yard.  It really did seem like a large yard at the time that he bought this house.

That bike!  All through uni he kept riding a bike everywhere that wasn’t in his inventory and darned if he didn’t get one at the gift-giving holiday!

But why ride a bike when there’s a perfectly good horse there eh?  I’ve seen sims riding horses around.

Me:  Wow he doesn’t look very happy at all to be riding the horse.  He almost seems afraid.  I wonder how the game knows he’s never ridden one before?

Ohhh!  Oh no there’s a skill???

When I realized there’s a skill and that they were moving at a snail’s pace I should have had him dismount and call a taxi.  But I didn’t.


I had this picture in my head of him arriving at the premiere on a horse.  But nobody was there obviously so I have no idea why it mattered to me!

You’ll be fine!

The nice thing about Appaloosa Plains is that there are these hitching stations, I think that’s what they’re called, where the horses can get food and water.


Awe!  How cute!

Holy moly §10,000!!!

I was gonna have him take a taxi home and spare the poor horse… and himself but a limo picked him up!  Wow!

Domino ran home!  He’s a fast horse!

He’s going into the magician profession and when I looked it up on Carl’s guide it said just to ask any proprietor in town.  Kinda weird but okay.  Might as well grab a late dinner while he’s there.

I like this lady and her cat hat.  He told her he wants to be a magician…

And now he is!  But, wait…

This is why I wanted the Fine Arts degree.  The nraas mod adds levels to this profession!  And yes, it took me forever to think up a stage name for him.  Google is my friend.  I found a few little articles about where they get their names and it said a lot of magicians use a nickname + what inspires them.  Dre is a shortened version of Andres and Gnomely is actually the name of the save game and what I’d originally planned to call this whole thing.  So, Dre Gnomely it is!

He became friends with her.  Yes, I know, I’m terrible with names!

Darnit!  I always forget the alarms!

There goes the tv.

His face!  So funny.

Not the smartest burglar now is he?  You’d think he’d sneak around and try not to alert the homeowner?

While he was stealing the dresser a cop arrived.  At first, I thought he was just gonna give in.

But no, they did end up fighting.

Okay now, stand obediently by the car because you obviously cannot run with handcuffs on.

It took so long that Andres fell asleep on the couch.  Now, how is it that this officer who has never been here knows what is missing?  The tv and dresser were returned.  Not that they get much use.

In the morning he was still sleeping and I was trying to figure out what to do with the horse’s rapidly dropping needs when this popped up.  What?

A fire truck went by his house so I followed it.  That’s quite the blaze.  Oh no, a bird!

I suppose this is your fault… whoever you are.

What the heck???  Where did that baby come from?  These are terrible parents and bird owners!

Sims are so stupid.  You’re supposed to run away from the flames.  In Sims 4 they sometimes route to safety… but not often.  You know your baby is right there by that firefighter’s foot right?

Oh, that can’t be good for the bird.  Finally, they put out the flames and I was back to horse watch.

I turned on map tags and found some wild horses nearby.

Why hello wild horse!

A colt!  I almost got one but was afraid they’d need even more work.

He stayed and socialized with all of them.  Sadly, this was the only time I’ve managed to catch them nearby.  I even gave him that trait that is supposed to make wild horses hang out near the house.

Back home to play with the horse ball.  I love this thing!

I discovered that horses can dig up random veggies.  He usually eats them.

Andres was finally awake and went to see the new chicks.

Awe cute!

Oh wow!  I learned later that if he doesn’t sell it right away it goes rotten.

What a good horsey!

They went to the fairgrounds.  Don’t worry, Domino ran and Andres took a limo.  I learned my lesson.

I realized way after this that the water looked so weird because for whatever reason I didn’t turn that up in the graphics settings after the last graphics driver update.  The game reverts to default whenever it’s updated.

Poor Andres.  It seems like he struggles with everything!

He wanted to light a firecracker and even though he does need to save up the tickets he needs to have fun too.

Thrilling.  Yea, I think if this whole thing was completely goal-oriented and focused only on getting the gnomes it would get boring fast.  Which is why the aging is on long.  No rush.

Chapter 8


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