TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 8: Sir Dance-A-Lot

Chapter 8

This guy on his horse cracked me up.  I don’t think his riding skill is very high either!

Wow -50 mood!  This happened a lot too.  If he wasn’t inside the fence he’d just run!

Luckily, Andres was usually there to calm him down.

And give him a friend!  The lady is probably thinking she just saw him a few days ago.  Yep!  And you’ll be back.

Meet Sir Dance-A-Lot!  I can’t take credit for the awesome name.  It was the one that he already had.  He’s noisy and loyal.  Noisy dogs like to bark at the fridge.

Awe aren’t you the cutest puppy!

They both look so happy!

See?  Already barking!

Ack, that bed looked horrible.  But the puppy inside is what matters right?

Hahaha!  Locked out!

Umm… that doesn’t look like moving the clothes to the dryer to me.

Singing to the chicks?  I don’t think they are the type of chicks you want!

A happy little family!

The limo cracks me up.  I feel like Andres sees it as more economical than buying his own vehicle and doesn’t really notice that it’s a limo and not a taxi.  It’s just a way to get from here to there.

Although, I suppose it makes him look rich…

He’s really not.

There being the festival grounds.

It’s so funny how excited they get.

Mmm… fair food.  My favorites are either funnel cakes or elephant ears.  Fried dough basically.

That’s disgusting.

Little Sir got lots of attention.

Domino arrived to socialize with the horse all stinky!

Why hello there!  Aren’t you fancy?


Playing a little soccer.  I discovered later that, as far as I can tell, they get no tickets for playing soccer!

Wowing some kid with his magical abilities.

A little nuzzle.

Then it was time to run home to eat since the other horse left.  Domino loves running!

Time for you two to go home as well.  That full moon glow is so weird.

Upgrading in Sims 3 takes sooo long!  It feels like a total waste of time.  He never finished it.

Domino and little Sir socializing.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

This ghost haunted the house across the street almost every night!  The first time I heard the music I thought he was getting robbed again.

You don’t actually have to feed the chickens but it’s fun.

Little Sir getting praised.

Domino needing more attention.

Almost every celebrity opportunity he got was to work out.

Okay, so I said he wouldn’t get anything expensive unless it was gifted but that bed he had was total garbage and he seriously slept half the day and was still tired so I bought him a bed with the highest energy available!  He later got the meditative trance sleep reward trait.  I didn’t notice a difference.

He had to go outside of the gate to pee.

It’s his birthday already!  He was on the adoption list when we got Domino though so he was almost through his puppy lifespan when we got him.

I had no idea if he would be a large or small dog!  Look at him!

What a cutie!  And he has a long beak like I like on a dog.  (aka snout… I call it a beak)

Off to start a sculpture.

Singer gnome hanging out by the mailbox.

Graduation gnome watching Andres sleep.

I love the small vs large pet balls!

Such a pretty shelf.  He got like 2 more that were sold.

Chapter 9


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