TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 9: Puddy Tat

Chapter 9

Such a loyal dog bringing the paper.

The kid must have delivered a new one right after he brought it!

While Andres was working on an opportunity I  was looking around.  I saw this beautiful colt…

And this lady carrying around a tiny puppy.

He gets paid so much for some of these!

Then he was off to the park to audition for a magic show.

I have no idea why the audition option is blank!  It’s so weird.  Luckily, I chose it out of curiosity and it was the right one.

Truthfully, I’d been putting off auditioning because I thought that I would have to have him put on a show of some sort as an audition but this is all he did!


Back home I see that the incessant barking at the fridge has resulted in our first freezer bunny!  I kind of find this funny because it took forever to get this one in my Apocalypse Challenge household!

After getting his needs up a bit Andres headed to a pool party he was invited to.

Except, the guy had no pool!  Was this a clever ruse to get him in his swim shorts?

He introduced himself to everyone and attempted to make friends but somehow they all kept taking offense to stuff he was saying and the conversations were going nowhere.

He decided to play foosball and called the others to join.  After winning the game he was told it was time to leave.  What a lame party.

Although, he did get to leave in a limo.  Not that he cares about that stuff.

Checking out where the gnomes are.

And look!  There’s another!

Are you writing an article about the gnomes?

Having a morning chat with Domino.

And then… she arrived!  Her name in the adoption advertisement was Puddy Cat but it was changed to Tat.  Like:

This will be the last of us you’ll see, lady.  Thankfully!  Pets in Sims 3 are so needy!

Greeting the new family member.  I really liked her ears!

Sir Dance-A-Lot meets her as well.

And then it’s Domino’s turn.

This, Puddy Tat, is your purpose.  Get whacked-out on catnip as often as possible!

I don’t think she minds.

Andres cough Dre Gnomely arrives in his limo for his first show.

I set up the stage with a bunch of (useless) props.  I had absolutely no idea what to do!

But he seemed to just autonomously do stuff so I left him to it.

Freaking paparazzi on the stage.  He was not pleased.

He got this guy to volunteer for the sword trick.

But he stuck the sword into the guy!

He didn’t seem worse for wear and Dre got another volunteer.

He did it right this time.

The crowd of three people seemed impressed for the most part but, in the end, he didn’t do so well.  I did a bit of research after this and realized I can’t leave him to doing the show on his own.  Apparently, they really like it when he talks to them which is kinda goofy seeing-as-how they are there to see the magic!


He got paid plus celebrity points.

But, he wasn’t happy.

He wanted to introduce himself to this celebrity cop.

It didn’t go well and that’s when I realized he’d also lost a friend during the show.  I figured out during the next show that for each minus from the crowd he loses friendship!

Back home to chisel away at the sculpture he’s been working on for days.

Awe he’s singing to freezer bunny!

Unlike the huge round hay bales, this even huger pile of square bales lasts and doesn’t disappear after scattering hay.

Playing with the adorable little chicks.

He went to a hospital to perform for sick kids.

He’d finished the sculpture and brought it to the consignment store.

And bought something… for free!

Chapter 10


  1. Congrats on another gnome, and an adorable new addition to the family.

    RE: the magician career. During the show, crowd members will request certain tricks for Andres to perform. Chances of the show going well with be improved if you learn to interpret which trick each these little images in thought bubbles is a requests for, and give the crowd what they want. You need to have hideheadlineeffects kept turned off for this, otherwise you won’t be able to see the requests. And, yes, I think poor performances tank relationships.
    Good luck with it! The showtime careers can be a bit buggy sometimes, especially at the later levels, but they do have really fun animations.

    Liked by 1 person

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