TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 10: Making Friends?

Chapter 10

A pampered pink poodle.  (haha say that 5 times fast!)

It’s so funny when they come out of the haunted house with the ghost curse.  The first time it happened in my Masters story to Jade I freaked out!

Puddy Tat meets another kitty.

Keep your lovers quarrel away from my drinking horse!  He loves the pond water.  If there was room I’d give him one at the house.

It’s not far to home so riding might be fun but… maybe not?

So funny!

Puddy Tat stayed a little longer exploring the cat jungle gym.

This lady must have been bugged because she was just floating there.  I reset her.

This was the weirdest thing ever!  I heard the alien music and looked around and she appeared outside of the gate.

She just kinda stood there like she was waiting to be let in so Andres went out there.

He invited her in and they chatted.

They became friends.

And then, she left!  This game is just so weird.  The whole thing was surreal.

Sir Dance-A-Lot needed a bath but there was only a shower.  It was replaced by the tub but for some reason, he couldn’t bathe him in the bathroom.  In my runaway in paradise thing that I didn’t write anything for she gave her dog a bath outside all the time because there was no room in the houseboat for a tub.

Graduation gnome gives the others a lesson.

Have I ever mentioned that Andres can’t interact with paparazzi?  He can draw attention but if I tell him to introduce himself he just stands there.  It seems it’s the same for the pets.  They are constantly going out to get petted or whatever but nothing happens and I have to send them back inside the fence.

Wow, for once this one makes sense.

Haha gross!  I think the table needs to be washed!

At least with three pets, they can socialize with each other a bit.

But they still need quite a bit of attention from Andres.

Which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for other pursuits.  This is obviously not a gnome.

Another freezer bunny joined the pack.

So sweet!

Why is he eating standing facing the wall?  Maybe he knows what Puddy Tat was doing on the table!

He took a shower and then walked out stark naked to pet the dog!  I have no idea why it wasn’t pixelated but I could not stop laughing!

He was actually hungry for once when the ice cream truck stopped out front.

Let’s hope the freezer bunny gnomes don’t take offense!

More attention for the horsey.

Now, why can she interact with a stray dog but not my horse?

Sir Dance-A-Lot learning hunting.

Andres auditioning to the lady with the cat hat that owns the diner behind his house.  They all act so amazed by this.

I was so in the habit of cutting gems myself since I’d been doing it in the runaway thing that I forgot he needs to send them out because they sometimes return with a gnome!

This girl seemed pretty cute so he introduced himself.  I think her name was Oriole Bird?  One of the Bird girls.

I really don’t understand.  He still has the charismatic trait and he had no problems at all making friends in university!

There is a gnome caveman that you can only get from traveling to the past or (rarely)from the miner.  He got the time machine for free at the consignment store.

Maybe he’ll come back with a friend for the other gnomes?

No such luck.  Whatever he saw he seemed freaked out.

I have no idea why I like sims brushing pets so much.

I gave in and got this bowl that’s like the one in Sims 4 except it costs §100 to fill it.  Him waving at the dog cracked me up!

I discovered while re-reading the ways to get the gnomes that you only get the dryer gnome from the expensive washer and dryer!  All that time washing a load or two a day since he’s been here for nothing!

Back to the festival with the rest of the crew.

And look!  They didn’t mess up the face paint.

The guy behind him was turned into a ghost instead.

He wanted an autograph.

That little dog seems wary of the big dog but really with a name like Sir Dance-A-Lot how could you be afraid?

He was apple bobbing but…

The kid recognized him and stopped to ask for his autograph.  I don’t think he got the tickets for participating either.

No horses were at the festival so Domino trotted over to a nearby farm to socialize.

This was the only trick-or-treater.  At least that I saw.  I don’t understand why they don’t buzz or something.  They all just stand by the gate!

I made the mistake of choosing the venue’s set up.  I thought perhaps it had something he didn’t but he didn’t even put out his box thingy!

I did discover the options to mesmerize the crowd and tell jokes and such between tricks which seemed to make them all happier.

When he went home he traveled to the past again but didn’t seem to have a very good time this time either and no gnome.

I thought it was funny that there were a few of the gnomes out there by her.  Although, I have this weird irrational fear that someone will steal one if it’s outside of the fence!

The tub was moved to a better spot outside instead of in the middle of the yard.  He needs baths often.

I stuck it outside the fence.  It reminds me of the one that my T’Park founder kept getting as date gifts in Sims 2.

Chapter 11

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