TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 11: Neve Appears

Chapter 11

I’ve never paid so much attention to the firefighters in this game but it seems to keep happening!

And since Andres was sleeping I had to check it out.

How did that even happen???  My first thought was smoking cigarettes in bed which is obviously impossible.  LOL!

It was a handiness opportunity.

Hey, aren’t you the girl who told him off when he tried to befriend you?

His face ohmygosh!

There’s a gnome that you can sometimes get by exploring the catacombs in the graveyard.

Erm, better luck next time?

But look!  When he returned home this beauty was there!

Then, he was playing with the cat while she was wacked out on catnip and…

Now, the wiki says that it’s just a chance while wacked out but I’m wondering if it’s something to do with them playing while she is?  Regardless, two gnomes in one day!  Hurrah!

Look I brought you a toy mouse.


Back to exploring the past trying to find that caveman gnome.

Darn.  Maybe next time.  I love how his reactions are always different when leaving.  Sometimes he’s happy and waves and others like this he struggles out.  Sometimes he goes out and is pressing the buttons madly to get it to close.  Others he falls out on his butt and looks dazed.  My favorite though is the one when a bunch of arrows follow him out!

Look at them!  This is so exciting!

Maybe if we play with the dog too?  No luck.

Puddy Tat was filthy and there’s an option to bathe them in the tub.

Oops.  Sorry, Andres.

Time for the morning grooming ritual.  Didn’t I say get used to those pajamas?  What the neighbors must think!

Look!  A deer!

A little playtime with Sir Dance-A-Lot before getting to work.  The pets need so much attention.  Even with making them socialize with each other it’s a chore.  Not that I don’t love them but ugh.

Starting a sculpture in wood this time.


Look to the right… yes, another freezer bunny gnome.

Awe look Domino wants attention and is waiting for Andres to return.


Well, we now have someone to help with the pets.  Seriously, that was my first thought.

Post-makeover.  I just changed her hair and clothes.  She got good genes!  Obviously, Andres is a handsome sim.  I also renamed her.  She had a really long Spanish name which didn’t seem to fit if you ask me.  I did a little looking to find a name used about a century ago and found Genevieve.  The suggested nickname was Neva.  Which is kinda weird to me since nowadays that’s a slang way of saying never.  So I call her Neve.

Welcome back… this should be interesting.

A birthday cake?  Trust me, you got more than that!

Umm… yea.  There’s someone in your bed.

Andres just shrugs it off and goes to sleep on the couch.  So, that happened.  And as much as I swore I didn’t want this to become some sort of legacy or something I warmed to the idea of him having her around almost immediately.

Chapter 12


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