TS3- Gnome Crazy! Ch 12: Tackle Cat

Chapter 12

She adjusted to present-day pretty well!

This time I couldn’t figure out what happened.

Thankfully, she wasn’t intimidated by Domino’s size.  Maybe they had horses where she came from?

The gnomes just chillin’.

Isn’t she so pretty?  At least with the horse, the brushing is needed.  I love having sims brush pets.  They do it a lot autonomously too.

Getting to know Sir Dance-A-Lot.

Both Andres and Domino have been wanting to enter a competition.  I really didn’t think he’d go dressed like that!  I assumed he’d dress!

Here we are to compete!

While Neve entertained and befriended the pets.

Good kitty.

Nice kitty?

I could not stop laughing!  Look at the picture of them!  He’s in his PJs!!!


Quick!  Snap a pic!  Andres Wicker wins the race in his PJs!

Creepy paparazzi.

After he dismounted I had him look for available real estate on his phone.  I have no idea how the babysitter got called!

His only interactions were to dismiss the kid or show a magic trick.  I was disappointed.  I thought children could be home alone?  But, I looked it up and they can.  I really have no idea how the kid got called.

And yea, maybe she should have some more supervision.  Andres doesn’t look at her as his daughter or he as her father.  They’re just there together.  Maybe she’ll help look for gnomes.  The first thing they did together was going to the graveyard.

Go to the graveyard on the full moon?  She wanted to and of course, Andres couldn’t see a problem with this and hey maybe one of them would find that gnome!

Or not?

Really I don’t think making a snowman in your underwear while scorched is the best idea.

Look!  Neve got a bed!  Now, do you see why he was looking for real estate?

I forgot cats play in the bath in this game.  Suuure now you go in the bath!


This has to be the funniest thing ever!  It’s a mean interaction but they don’t lose any relationship.

Moving on to ice.  So far he’s only made like 4 and kept 2… I think?  It was a long time before I’m writing this.  He hadn’t made many that’s for sure!

He went to audition for a magic show… in his PJs.

Freaking people wanting autographs!!!

He did end up finishing the audition but she wasn’t interested.

He stopped at the consignment store on the way home!!!!

I’m shocked that I didn’t take a pic of the new gnome!  Maybe I accidentally hit V instead of C?  And look he’s not in his PJs for once!

He tried to find a place where there were a lot of people so that he could do tricks for tips but it didn’t go well.

He moved on to a bar or something that was supposed to be a hotspot.  Apparently, he can’t do it indoors.  He walked all the way over to the side of the building.

Freaking-A!  Do these people ever stop with the autographs?  They interrupted him over and over again.  The least you could do is tip him!

Nobody really watched.  They just asked for his autograph or took a pic and left.

This guy was the only one to tip him… the whole night!  Oh magician gnome, where are you?

Chapter 13


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