TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 13: Expanding

Chapter 13

What a sight to behold!  So many gnomes gathered together.

When Neve woke up she signed up for homeschooling.  She went for a few days and met the kids.  There really aren’t many.  Maybe 3 or 4.

I suppose he couldn’t get to the table to eat breakfast for whatever reason.  It’s so cramped!

Probably the dog was eating.  If they are eating at that bowl Andres and Neve can’t get around the table!  Sir Dance-A-Lot looks like he wants Puddy Tat to come down and play.

Another night pic of what the gnomes are getting up to.

Neve playing laser pointer with Putty Tat… in the snow!

I realized that he couldn’t work with metal because he had no scrap in his inventory!

I needed to get them both out of the house so that I could work on it so I sent Neve to the festival.

She really likes snowboarding!

Well, once she got better at it at least.

I have no idea why he put that outfit on.  He was here to do a celebrity opportunity.  I have to admit though that I love how he looks in this!

(Lost screenshot.  That’s what he got paid.)

§10,000!  Holy moly!

Neve got some hot cocoa to warm up at the festival.  Time to build!

Originally, I wanted to move them to a bigger lot.  But there are only a few and none that have a house already.  I didn’t really want to build a whole new house so I added an upstairs.

And a goofy barn.  Hey, it was my first attempt at making one!

Upstairs is a room for each of them and some odds and ends on the landing.  Also a tiny bathroom with the all-in-one shower that I’d had in the downstairs bathroom.  I love those things!  My only complaint is that they don’t change their clothing like they would in a regular shower.  But hey it’s pretty funny watching them run around in their PJs half the time!

I knocked the wall out that was for the bedroom and put in the staircase going upstairs, moved the dining table to the side so that they wouldn’t keep getting stuck in the kitchen area and just basically spread out the living room area a bit.

Awe look at Domino in his new barn!  Sadly, he can’t seem to sleep in there.  I noticed later that all the ones that are built elsewhere have those corrals inside.

Uploading her finished schoolwork for the day.

Andres stopped at the consignment store on the way home and got a cool new item!

(Lost screenshot, can’t dig in winter.)

That he can’t use!

Neve wanted to wear a costume but then she was tired so she took a nap.

That is so cute!  She woke up and played with him for a bit.

Before heading home he stopped by to get another magic show scheduled.  He became good friends with this lady, the proprietor.

I saw this kid selling cakes but when he went to buy one she closed up and left.  The horse watching cracked me up!

Well, I suppose it’ll just sit there until spring taunting me.  I thought it best that he does not travel to the past for a while lest we get another orphan child!

Although, Neve is pretty cool.  She’s working on tomorrow’s school work.

I love this sculpture!  I was so excited to see that this is the one he’s learning to make.  Even if it’s a bit disappointing that it’s not a gnome.

I love this thing and she won’t use it unless I tell her to!

(Lost screenshot, self-explanatory.)

The singer gnome seems to like the chickens.  I find him there most often but it looks like one of the freezer bunnies has an interest as well.


Andres shows off a magic trick.  At this point, they didn’t have much of a relationship.  They just kinda live together and both seem content with this arrangement.

As Neve was heading to bed I noticed that there is a new gnome in her room!  I hadn’t realized she’d become best friends with Sir Dance-A-Lot already!  It’s odd that when Andres became best friends with him no gnome appeared.

Chapter 14


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