TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 14: Stardom?

Chapter 14

Andres and Neve decided to take advantage of the diner in their backyard to have some breakfast.

And Neve got 2 celebrity stars!

Geeze lady go around!  (We’ll just pretend that the cars don’t pass through the kids on their bikes cuz that’s creepy.)

The Napolean look-alike gnome popped into the bathroom while Andres was bathing Sir Dance-A-Lot to suck his thumb.

Are you really surprised at this point that the festival grounds was her destination?

First, yay they didn’t mess it up!  Second, she looks so adorable!

See?  Told ya she’d come to love snowboarding!

I love this sculpture!  It has to be one of my favorites.  It joined the clay alligator in the front yard.  I’m sure all of the weird sculptures in the yard don’t endear Andres to the neighbors any more than the gnomes or him roaming the yard in his PJs at all times of the day do.

I decided to try a different stage layout and somehow his mystery box or whatever it’s called disappeared!  It didn’t show back up until the next time I started the game and I thought it was lost forever.

While Andres performed Neve built an igloo.

Then she went inside to play.  Looks like the pink poodle wanted to play too!

Might as well get some help with schoolwork when he’s not busy with something else eh?

After they were in bed another alien woman showed up.  This time I didn’t wake him.

Yes, she’s doing schoolwork again.  The one before bed was for that day.

She ended up getting really good at skating as well don’t worry.

Andres had yet another one of those celebrity body opportunities that he gets constantly.  I cracked up because the woman next to him is pregnant bench pressing while wearing a riding helmet!

I can’t remember if this is the first time he got 5 stars?

I almost died laughing!  He went outside to fight with the chicken!

He lost the fight.

Yes, another bath.  It’s not nearly as often in Sims 3 as in Sims 4.  He’s needing more baths because he wants to learn to hunt.

Starting a stone sculpture.

It rained and melted the snow.

I think this is the only time Neve ever used the toy oven.  She spends so much of her time at the festival!

Now that the snow has melted Andres can start drilling!

I was looking in the household inventory and saw this weird looking cowplant.  It took me a while of searching online but it seems it’s something they can throw onto the stage for the showtime professions.  It sells for §475 I think.

Andres hit a tunnel!

Don’t worry Neve… he’ll be back from exploring the giant glowing hole in the yard eventually.

He got a seed and a gem.  I absolutely love the seeds in this game.  It’s like a mystery!  What seed will it be?

I feel like things have gotten more family-like by this point between them.

Alright, you can take the helmet off.  Andres was back in the hole.  He didn’t find anything interesting.

No real surprise that he’s in his PJs now is it?

Asking questions from the chickens.

I realized that he needs to get his gardening skill up and so he went in search of seeds.  Neve had done some gathering as well but apparently, kids can’t pick up seeds which is really weird.  The criminal hangout is a goldmine!

It was worth more than §0?

All of these gnomes are just endlessly entertaining to me!

Since the bookstore was having a sale he stopped and got some recipes.  I believe some of them are still unread two seasons later in his inventory!

Oh, and he found a chameleon while foraging for seeds!

The paparazzi are always there.  Lurking.  He sends out one thing to be smelted or cut and gets one back each day in hopes that a gnome will ride along in the mail.

I can tell which sculpture this is!  Not gonna keep it.

They were going to bed soon and Domino needed attention and brushing.  It’s so nice having Neve there to help out.  I never feel like there is enough time in a day to get anything done at all!

Chapter 15


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