TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 15: Evil!

Chapter 15

Andres tending his little “garden.”

Hooray, it’s time for the spring festival!  Neve enjoyed the egg hunt.

I know I say this all the time but she’s such a cutie.

She had to be quick to beat all of the adults to the eggs.

I didn’t even know that was possible.

Sir Dance-A-Lot was there with her.  That dog’s eyes were so funny!

I’m not sure if she gets tickets from this but she wanted to do it.

The “thinker” sculpture is complete.

He had a celebrity opportunity to eat at this restaurant and he brought Neve with him.  It didn’t complete though.  I sent him the next day alone thinking that was it and nope.

In the morning he started another sculpture in metal… and caught on fire.

He had to run upstairs to the all-in-one shower!


Tackle cat strikes again!

They got some angel food cake from the restaurant the night before.

Oh no!!!

More egg hunting.

Another horse appeared!

A mime and a crawling baby.  This game is just so weird.

Mmm grasshopper pie.

That has to be the most uncomfortable looking chair ever!  Needless to say, it was consigned.

“Magical rainbow butt cat I am now a princess!”

Perhaps she’s Cinderella.

Pretty sky pic while they slept.  I was also entertained by Domino while they slept.  I accidentally tried having him turn off the radio and saw an option to tap hooves to the music…

I think he wishes it was the soccer ball.

They can’t seem to get out from under the fence themselves when they do this.

Putty Tat also enjoys hunting.

Andres has begun traveling to the past again.  I almost died laughing!

Anddddd… more egg hunting!

No caveman gnome in the time machine so perhaps he can mine up one.


“You will be my minions and together we will rule this world!”

Another audition.

She didn’t bat an eye over his outfit.

Puddy Tat!

Another bath.

Domino visited a neighbor to socialize with their horse.

It’s the full moon again.  You know what that means?!

More catacomb exploring.

Oh, joy.  A putrid quality seed.

When they got home it appears that the snake Puddy Tat caught had escaped!  I would freak out if I found this on my floor.

Chapter 16


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