TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 16: The Real O.G. (Original Gnome)

Chapter 16

Everything that evil gnome does looks… evil.  He also seems more likely to separate himself from the group than the others.

A fence was built to keep a certain horsey from munching all the plants.  Andres doesn’t lack company around them!

This cracked me up!

Going back into the time machine again.  I wonder what the past people think of this guy roaming around so oddly dressed?

More egg hunting for Neve.  I think she’s found all of the fancy eggs.

He often gets this contemplative look.  He got it quite a lot in university.

Time for another show.  I managed to get the setup that worked well the first time.

Neve started her schoolwork and this teen girl sat next to her doing her homework.

I kept trying to get a volunteer to do some stuff but nobody was available until finally, this lady showed up.

Bock bock!

These picnic areas are so nice.

The only person once again was the same lady.

She was very excited that he’d made her disappear.

I believe that the reason he couldn’t get a single volunteer from the crowd was that they are all freaking celebrities that haven’t been greeted.  Ugh.

He went into the past again after the show.

Good morning gnomes!

Neve scattering the morning hay.

Both of their faces were hilarious!

He introduced himself to a few more freaking celebrities and befriended a few.

There was a place with a performance stage across the street.  The lady acted amazed but then shot him down.  I decided it would be better that he just stick to the park.

Eggs hatching!  So cute.

She wanted to dance at the festival.

Look!  He got a new outfit!  After traveling to the past he mined for a bit.

Gasp!  Yay!

Mysterious Mr. Gnome!!!  This is the original gnome.  He’s the one who comes in the base game who will hopefully one day start a family.  I’m not sure if I’ll need a second gnome for that or if it just happens when he gets to a certain age.

While Sir Dance-A-Lot was out hunting he needed social so he chatted with the pampered pink poodle.

Starting up the game was so funny!

They are just so fun!

A morning brushing.  She’s so great at helping out around the house.

See!  There’s always at least one of them in there!

Neve loved the chicks.

Yikes, something happened in there.

It’s an ax.  I put it into the laundry/workroom.

The days that there are no festivals are kinda boring.  But hey she got some future handiness skill.


Chapter 17


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