TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 17: Light Em Up, They’re On Fire

Chapter 17

Setting up for another magic show… in his knight outfit.

He managed to get a volunteer right away this time.

She did a bunch of muscle poses.

We knew it had to happen sooner or later.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to have a child aging up to teen!

It takes sooo long to age up in this game.  Although, that makes it really nice for screenshotting so I’m not complaining.

Adorable!  She is absolutely adorable.

And then, I saw this!!!

I dragged him inside to get a closer look.  The blurry face kinda freaks me out.

It wasn’t long before he’d joined his new friends.

Just a little time traveling before bed.  He didn’t find the gnome sadly but he did find this…

I swear I remember it being really difficult to find Tiberium.  He went to the elixir consignment next door and cut it.

Looks like evil gnome has brought one of the horses over to the dark side.

Look closely.  He’s sleeping with his nose on the ball!

She stayed in homeschool.  There are only 3 other teens in town.  Two will age up soon.  There’s literally only one kid her age.

More PJ-clad time traveling.

Auditioning… again.

That is really poor parenting.  I’m glad he never dated her.  Also, I love Neve and am so much happier with the instant child.

Neve’s new goal?  Try to accidentally invent a gnome!

Y’all want another friend right?

Something must have freaked him out.  If you’re wondering that is his formalwear.  I’d tried and failed once again to get that opportunity at the restaurant to work.  He gets it constantly.

I wasn’t thrilled that she was aging up but this was fun.  Those are her PJs.  Get used to seeing them.

Another horsey gnome!  Domino loves his salt lick.  Only one cat and dog still sadly.

Neve caught on fire.  I thought oh good thing that the shower is right there next to her.

Ouch!  But no, she couldn’t use the darned shower.

After she’d put herself out in the all-in-one shower she tested it for me.  Apparently, the way I had it turned didn’t work… or the washer was in the way.  I moved both and it works.  Sheesh.

Get ready for one of the weirdest nights ever.  So, the summer gnome is sometimes drawn to barbeques so Andres started some hotdogs…

But he stopped to investigate the strange lights…

And was obviously abducted…

By the alien he’d previously befriended…

Who has this funny little cat stuck to her back window…

He returned and everything seemed fine…

Until the grill suddenly caught fire.  The crazy thing is that I checked the grill after he was abducted and it looked like the cooking had just stopped!  Otherwise, I’d have just had Neve wake up and remove them.  At first, I tried having them extinguish it themselves.  It grew too fast and they kept stopping to panic so they called the fire department.  My new goal was to keep them away from the fire.  This proved to be more difficult than you’d expect…

In the end, I teleported them both over to the diner behind the house.

It was an exciting night for Domino who watched it all unfold.

He’s such a cutie!  Leftover birthday cake it is then.  I’m not sure why he didn’t eat at the diner.  That would have made more sense but I think at this point my brain was broken.

As was the sink.  Again, I saw that having Neve age to teen isn’t so bad.  She can help out around the house after really crazy nights like that.  Andres was exhausted since he’d not gone to bed at all.  She’d already been sleeping before the abduction and subsequent fire.

Thankfully no gnomes were hurt in the chaos.

And look… the Tiberium hatched.

Chapter 18


  1. Imagine coming back from being abducted by aliens to find your house on fire! Lol, they certainly were determined to put that fire out though–great video!
    They do make such a great team though, sculpting and inventing. And Neve looks lovely as a teen. I was wondering to myself whether you were playing with aging on or not. Would you like some households with teens in them for her to befriend? I’ve got a bunch in my studio I can link if you like.
    So fun to see your growing collection of gnomes all together.

    Liked by 1 person

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