TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 19: Full Moon Summer Fun

Chapter 19

The more gnomes we get the more entertaining it is to see them all grouped together.

Jon seemed to be doing okay with his task of hanging out at the festival to get tickets.

The alien that Andres befriended that later abducted him called to chat.  So weird.

He was invited to another pool party.  This time the homeowner had a pool.  And look, the guy who no longer wants to be his friend because he botched a magic trick is taking his pic.  Typical.

While he was there Neve caught on fire again.

And Jon had a water balloon fight with these two girls.  That hair is so weird looking.  It has to be for a plant sim.

Andres was the only one that swam.  Then the party ended.  Either the parties in this game are incredibly short or I’m just used to the day-long ones in my Ash Shore Sims 4 story.

Back home tending the garden.  It has grown since his skill level is higher and he can plant more.  No plasma bushes yet.

Neve went to the festival for some fun too.  She has really good skating skill from all of her time spent here when she was younger.

Now it’s Jon’s turn to hang out here constantly.

Domino sleeping with his nose on the ball again.

It would be great if he’d not do the royal court thing so often so he wouldn’t constantly be wearing this.

LOL!!!  This is sooo funny!

Good morning gnomes!

This has to be one of the funniest things ever.  All of them kept wishing for one.  Including Jon.

She came in and Neve just smiled.

Jon did not.

LOL!  Poor kid.

Even though Bonehilda was back in her coffin-thingy he was still worried.

Neve decided that the best course of action would be to purchase some sort of potion for Jon to help him be braver.

They didn’t have anything but she grabbed a few things for herself.

Jon had a teddy bear tea party.

Andres had been grilling every day.  No gnome yet.

They don’t have room for a pool but maybe the gnome is drawn to water fun in general?

They all had a turn.  I love slides!  I’m not sure which I like more this frog one or the shark one in Sims 4.

This popped up and I looked everywhere and couldn’t find her.

He’d been checking the consignment store almost daily and finally found one.  I wasn’t thrilled it was a sculpting one.

But he did get it for free!

And, as you can see, this one is made out of wood… I think?  And there is supposed to be one out of every material so we’ll just try to get one from another.  I think a metal one would be really cool… or ice!  Okay, they’d all be cool.

His reaction to Sir Dance-A-Lot’s smooches was so funny.  Everything is tinted green.  You know what that means?

Full moon visit to the graveyard to explore the catacombs.  Jon was appalled at the idea so stayed home with the animals.

But Andres and Neve have been doing this every full moon since she started living with him.

And being a teen doesn’t change that.

Although, they normally don’t have an audience.


Normally, I’d have just sent them home but Andres was back to 4 stars… again.

So they stood there talking and joking scorched and in their underwear while people took pictures of them.  All for a gnome.

Neve is up to 3 stars now!

They don’t seem to really mind being scorched and it cracks me up so it’s a win-win.

The gnomes seem to like the slide too.  There are so many of them now!

Chapter 20

Untrained Ch 2


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