TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 20: Through Good Times and Bad

Chapter 20

A/N: This chapter is going to be long.  Sorry about that but I’m trying to work up to the “end” of this part of things.

Puddy Tat hunting a snake.  Thankfully Domino doesn’t seem to be afraid like most horses in RL are.

Neve’s fascination with elixirs continues.  She was hoping this one would help her invent better but I don’t think it worked.

She has quite a few of them.  Most she got for free.

Two adopted orphans from the past are enough.  So he’s now solely drilling although I think the chances are lower.  Maybe when Jon’s older he’ll start again.

It’s so creepy when he floats.

Fall in a hole?

Gnome check.

After clawing his way out of the hole he grilled some more food.

But, seeing as how it’s the last day of summer and there’s no summer gnome in sight Jon was sent to the festival grounds to purchase one with all the tickets they’ve collected thus far.

Welcome to the gang!

More spelunking.

Neve has been watching Jon.  Something seems to be bothering him.


I love how Andres just smiles and waves at her as she runs to “investigate.”

I’m sure it was thrilling as always.  I have no idea why they are abducted so often.  They don’t have any space rocks.

Is she booing the alien?

sniff  We knew this day would come.  Graduation gnome has left us.

The plants are growing well.  All from unknown seeds.

Neve upgraded the water trough so it always fills.  That dude watching her is creepy.


Such a good soft-hearted boy.

I rarely see them in the house.

Back to the hole.

Yet another gnome check.

This was so weird.  She was there as a tourist.

But he couldn’t talk to her.  And then I couldn’t find her on the map!

Maybe it’s time he makes some new friends.

He stayed there for hours chatting and signing autographs and having his picture taken.

There wasn’t really anyone exciting to meet.  Most of the town are elders now.  And the few close to his age are married.  Although, I don’t think he’s really interested in a relationship.  He hasn’t gotten one romantic wish since university.


Jon has begun trying to create a potion for himself.  It’s top secret.

What the?  How the?  I had to reset him!

Gnome check!

Contemplating why we haven’t sold the Tiberium yet?

A friend?  He lost all of them except the proprietor at the park who is now an elder.  This is bull!

Oh sure, now you notice the grill!

Such a good horsey.  Domino doesn’t get nearly enough attention.


While Jon is at the park and Andres is at the gym Neve collects more scrap.

Poor Jon.  The fall festival isn’t fun at all for him.

Yes, he peed himself.  He does every single time.

Andres got another celebrity body opportunity.  It seems like the only one he gets.

If he can’t go through the haunted house he can at least take care of the pets.

Get in the fence!

You’re kidding, right?  I thought it would take a long time.  That was my plan for Neve!  For once I was actually disappointed to get a gnome quickly.

Gnome check.

I couldn’t find Sir Dance-A-Lot and found him in the elixir consignment store playing with some girl.  Maybe he had been there earlier with Neve?

I suppose if she doesn’t need to invent she can do research at the Vault of Antiquity.

There’s a collecting skill?

At least the gnomes are having fun.

Poor Jon.  I had to send him home to take a shower.

Unlike Andres and Neve there are a few sims Jon’s age.

Apple bobbing.  Nice and safe.

Neve found it.  While he was apple bobbing and socializing she went into the haunted house over and over again.

This was funny.

This was not.  That was her brother!  WTF game?

There are so many of them now!

It makes it a bit tricky for Domino to exercise.  He really needs a bigger lot.

Of all the gnomes to take this so hard I wouldn’t have expected it to be this one.

Neve!  Tell them to get into the fence!

Aaaand… here’s where I hit my breaking point.  She’d been researching at the Vault of Antiquity and it was almost her curfew.  If they are in a group with an adult they can be out after curfew even if they aren’t there together.  So Andres went there to form a group but she flipped out on him!

Stupid freaking game!!!  I did figure out a way while playing Kyris the witch to get rid of the curfew altogether solving this problem but it’s ridiculous!  Neve went home and Andres did some research instead…

I thought awesome since Andres has maxed his cooking skill right?

“If he knew more about human cooking.”  Seriously?

No ghost gnome.  And despite doing a load or more of laundry a day, no laundry gnome.  Maybe one more load?

He’d gotten this invitation.  Perhaps he should use it.  He’d been offered even more vacation time since he’s a celebrity just to explore the other countries.

He considered his options as he checked over the household before bed.  The pets would be okay without him…

Neve would be more than okay without him and she would take care of Jon…

And maybe he could find some foreign gnomes?  And so, in the early morning hours, he woke Neve and told her he was leaving for a few days.  The kids will be fine alone… right?

Chapter notes:

As you can probably tell, this is the point I was going to quit playing this at least for a while.  And I did.  I played Kyris in Storybrook instead.  But, eventually, I decided to come back to them.  That’s where the vacation part comes in.  Obviously, he didn’t take the teen vacation.  That’s bugged really bad and was never fixed.  Plus, he needed a lot of time to find the gnomes.  So, here is the list I’d made when I quit playing this… before I started again.  I just wanted to show you that I did intend to get back to it as well as a peek at what’s to come.

In between checking the consignment store, I’ll need to:

  1. Do tons of laundry.
  2. Research ghosts at the vault of antiquity.
  3. Explore the dig hole or travel to the past.
  4. Make an army of snowmen.
  5. Grow a bunch of plasma bushes.
  6. Maintain 5-star celebrity status.
  7. Scuba dive.
  8. Vacation in Egypt and China.
  9. Travel to the future and solve the puzzle.
  10. Maybe return to uni.

Untrained Chapter 3

Chapter 21


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