TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 21: World Tour

Chapter 21

As you may remember, Andres needed a break from the norm and took a free vacation aka celebrity world tour.  These are the chronicles of that vacation.

He started out doing a small quest for a woman in town that he found on the adventure board.  But then realized he had no real interest in earning visa points so after he explored the first tomb he moved on to his own pursuits.

Including learning a local song.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t take a ton of screenshots.  This would be several chapters if I had.  When he was sleeping some guy got into his tent and this paparazzi took pictures for hours!  I have no idea what she thought she’d see?

Moving on to something more exciting.

Well, for me a least.

I never noticed that it looks like a showerhead.

After he’d fully explored the sphinx he moved on to the biggest pyramid!

Which was apparently amazing… even the light fixtures.

He camped inside that night.

Looks like another shower’s in order.

No mummies… yet.

It’s hard to tell whether a trap should be disabled.

Thankfully, most can be done just by dragging around statues.

I was so mad!  He was literally walking into the next room and boom… loading screen!

He went to China next.  (I removed the vacation moodlet and sent him back out immediately.)

After doing more research I realized that the foreign gnomes are not found exploring tombs like I thought but by exploring the catacombs at the local graveyards!  Doh!

And so, get used to seeing him like this for most of the rest of the trip.

But, just because he has a lot of graveyard searching to do doesn’t mean he can’t sightsee!  There’s a 12-hour cooldown between exploring the catacombs.  This looks so cool!

Really Andres?  It doesn’t look that amazing.

I have no idea why I enjoyed exploring the tombs so much this time.  Normally, I find it tedious.

Maybe because he seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

The nice part of staying in China or France is that he has a place to cook.  I’m sure you don’t need to guess what he’s making.

Yum!  Peanut butter and bananas!

I’m not exactly sure how he knew this guy.  I know there were “explorers” from the university so maybe from there.  He’d befriended an explorer in Egypt but it was dark and I didn’t really pay attention to his looks.

I took more pictures than I normally would because it’s been so freaking long since he’s had a real friend.

Ugh, I suppose he is there as a celebrity after all.

Why are my sims awkward so often???

Really though, it’s been forever since he’s gotten this many wishes involving one sim.

Freaking paparazzi.  After this Nathaniel wandered off and Andres went to explore the catacombs.

That looks so cool!

He started doing a quest chain until I realized that I’d gotten confused and there is no museum in China and thus no quest for going to one.  I swear he’d pull out that snake basket every idle moment.

I didn’t realize that there were archaeological digs in Sims 3.  He found a lot there.

He bought some recipes for local foods.  He’s so funny posing all the time!

He also learned a local song.

Back at the house, two werewolves got into a fight.  They stayed in their were-forms the remainder of the trip.

This is so intrusive.  He took pics the whole night too.

Yes, just something you have to do… to find a gnome.

Poor Andres.

This cracked me up!  He knew her from school… it’s the full moon.

Yikes.  Poor guy.

If you think the pics are getting repetitive… imagine doing it!

He really doesn’t care that he’s scorched.

Taking pictures of him reading recipe books… thrilling.

He was at the market and jumped into the pool there.  This guy jumped in too and they had a breathing contest.

He wanted to steal his clothes which I found hilarious!

I couldn’t stop laughing!  Also, he bought one of those fortune cookie machines but when he got home it wasn’t there!

Ohmygosh yes!!!  Six days.  It took six freaking days!

Look different?  That’s because this is France.

Now, this is where the museum is!

At first, I just wasn’t sure.  I had found the Chinese gnome myself but they are just there for the taking!  But Andres isn’t the type of sim to steal either.

He fell onto something soft… boring.

I guess he’s such a super-star that nobody cares what he looks like.  Perhaps it adds to the mystique?

Although, going to the nectary like that may have been taking it too far.  I was just so sick of sending him back to the basecamp constantly to shower!

And when I finally did this lady wouldn’t let him!  There should really be a limit to this!

He kept telling her to leave but she wouldn’t.  I sent him upstairs to shower instead and she followed him but he was already showering so she didn’t go inside so I guess that’s the trick… be naked before they can go inside.

I hated France.  I couldn’t find anything exciting to do and it was driving me crazy that he hadn’t completed the great pyramid so he was back off to Egypt… after getting those gnomes from the museum.  Let’s call them a gift.

After a trip to the local catacombs, he made his way back inside and resumed the tomb exploration.

Seriously, I was having so much fun with this.  Maybe because it wasn’t part of one of those quest chains?

He always acts so amazed.  Although I will admit, this room looked cool.

No mummies.

Scary graveyard on the full moon?  Check!

Absolutely gorgeous.  He was sleeping.

He found this which totally cracked me up and it occurred to me that he rarely seems to need the toilet.

Ohhh pretty!

The final room and look… mummies!  I could be wrong but I believe that these are the first that I’ve ever seen!

I don’t know if this burned the one or what but after he moved it wasn’t there!

I wasn’t really sure what to do so I just had him grab the loot.  And then, he just stood there and waited to be attacked…

All his friends… gone again.  I HAVE to figure out a way to fix this!  How the heck did they know he’d passed out in the first place?!?

After that, he mostly just explored the catacombs.  Genie lamp!


It had been a long and eventful vacation.

But, it was time to go home… after he grabbed that chinchilla.

The moment the limo dropped him off at the house Neve ran out to tell him what happened while he was gone…

It was quite a shock to say the least.  (To be continued)

Untrained Ch 4

Chapter 22


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