TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 22: I Just Wanna Be Brave

Chapter 22

In the early morning hours, Neve and Jon went outside to watch Andres depart for his world tour.  Neve asked Jon what he wanted to do and he said that he wanted to visit the graveyard like she and Andres always do.

And so, that’s where they went.

It took Jon twice as long as Neve to explore the catacombs and she spent that time raking leaves just to distract herself but when she saw Jon come out she called to him that she was leaving… she needed the bathroom badly.

With his sister gone Jon was able to show just how frightened he was.  How could they think this was fun?!

But, once he’d returned to the house and cleaned up he laughed it off.

And since he’d done so well Neve asked if he wanted to go to the Vault of Antiquity with her to research the supernatural.  When they got there Jon pulled out his phone to see what this place was and didn’t seem too sure.  But when Neve offered to go back home he refused.

Going back home was probably a better idea.

He didn’t want Neve to see how scared he was but this time it was inevitable.

He was indeed so frightened that he peed himself again after taking a shower to clean up after the first time.

And then, that night there was a burglar!

And as she snuck onto the lot strange lights appeared.

Neve woke up Jon and warned him about the burglar.

But then immediately ran outside to investigate the lights… despite already having been abducted once so she should have known better!

Jon, who had slept in Andres’ room that night, was left alone to call the police himself.

The thief stole Bonehilda first.

And then, I almost fainted because she stole the graduation gnome’s grave!!!

Thankfully, the police were speedy.

A great fight ensued.

Which Jon witnessed.  He decided he wanted to be brave like that police officer.

Just as the officer was rounding up the burglar Neve returned.

Jon tried to joke about the whole thing in the morning.

And tended to his chores like always.

But then as he was about to go into the house he saw that Bonehilda was as well and ran for his life!

He was so frightened.

At least he had the cat tackling him as a distraction.

It was Spooky Day and Neve came out in her costume.  She was concerned with Jon’s recent behavior.

He told her he wants to be brave and she had no idea how to make that happen!

She told him to go change into his costume and maybe they could find an answer elsewhere.

She asked the guy at the elixir consignment shop if he knew of a potion or… something.

Jon was embarrassed and became angry.

He looked at the bottles reading the description of each one and got an idea.  A terrifying idea.  Which sent him running out of the store.

Neve dragged him to the other consignment store.  Perhaps there is a less supernatural way?  But there was none.

Inspired by their costumes, they decided to go swim in the pool.

But just as Jon was about to get in he got scared and decided to do his homework instead.

And when he saw that Neve was completely distracted by her snorkeling she left to go back to the Vault of Antiquity.  He had some research to do… even if it was scary.

He met Neve back at the house that evening and acted like he’d been at the festival grounds instead.  And then, Bonehilda appeared out of nowhere.  (How the heck does she keep getting out???)

He dropped his plate and ran for his life!

The house was a disaster so the kids ran to the diner behind the house for breakfast.

Jon thinks Neve is like a superstar.  And so brave too!

He suggested that they return to the consignment store.

Which of course Neve agreed with because she’s really interested in elixirs.

He snagged the bottle while she was laughing with the guy at the register.

And hollered to Neve that he was going home.

He sat there looking at it.  This is surely going to make him brave.

It was also terrifying.

He decided that, in the end, he just couldn’t drink it.  He was too scared.  He became angry and smashed the bottle.

And immediately began to feel funny.

He looked down and for just a moment he thought he saw the magic.

As the funny feeling faded he gasped.

And realized what he’d done.

More terrified than he had ever been he lashed out at Neve as she walked into the house.

Neve was used to Jon’s moods but this anger was new.  She made him sit down and tell her what he’d done.  And this is where we left off with Andres.  When Neve heard him pull up she ran outside to tell him what Jon had done.

He came inside and tried to be stern.

But once he saw how freaked out Jon was it was hard to be angry at him.

He calmed him down and said he was mostly upset that Jon had stolen from the shop and the rest they’d figure out.

Andres had already decided that it was time for them to move.  Seeing the great big world made Appaloosa Plains seem like a spec.  He’d heard that Storybrook County is huge and has witches there that might be able to teach Jon.  They decided that the best place to ask around was at the supernatural hangout.

While Andres chatted with the bartender Jon and Neve had a look around.

When Jon saw the broom arena he was more frightened than he was excited about the prospect.  Indeed, he was frightened about this whole witch thing altogether.  It appears that witches aren’t all that brave after all.

And Andres got disappointing news.  There are no supernaturals left in Storybrook County.  The bartender told him there was a young one here very recently.  He’d left for Meadow Glen just the day before where rumor has it there are supernaturals including witches.  And so, the journey continued.


I couldn’t find a place in the story to add the gnome pics.

Next time you see them they’ll be at their new home in Meadow Glen!

Extra Bonus Chapter

Chapter notes:  I have no idea if I want to keep calling this Gnome Crazy or not.  It’s kinda branched off into much more than just the gnome search which of course will continue.  I have enough screenshots for several chapters already which is why I’m cooling off on playing it a bit.  I just keep getting so far ahead!  This is also the point where the Untrained chapters merge in with Gnome Crazy.


  1. I still really like the name gnome crazy . It fits with how unusual the family is. I really came to like Jon in this chapter ! Shows how a character’s unique traits create personality and challenges for growth!

    Liked by 1 person

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