TS3 Gnome Crazy! Extra: Meadow Glen

Extra Bonus Chapter

As with Storybrook County where Kyris lived before this Meadow Glen was created by MySimRealty.  I thought I’d do a little intro chapter.

This is the view to the left of the Wicker’s lot…

A little to the right…

And a little further.  It’s so cool having their house up on a hill looking down on everything!

I was so distracted the first day that this is the only non-snow pic I have.  I made this little area to the side of their lot for Domino’s jumping stuff.  Believe it or not I had a hard time fitting it all onto the 60×60 lot!

These are just some more shots I took before I made this post.  I know that this looks horrible with the camera like this but I wanted to show the house up on the hill.

Pulling back you’ll see the firehouse and then a dive bar to the left and then further there is a dance club.  Across the street is a resort hotel which I still can’t figure out how to get to work.

Pulling back a little further there is a very small beach which had two empty lots.  I placed this laundromat that I’d had in my Without a Compass save.  If the creator listed their name on the lot description I’ll list them here.  If it’s not a MySimRealty lot then I got it either on the Sims 3 exchange or MTS.  This was by Jurik1124.

Moving further there are a few ports.  I put in this awesome container houseboat which is huge inside.  Creator luvalphvie… I think?

And up the coast a bit more, is a little beach, more ports and my favorite the surf shack.  The creator didn’t list their name but it’s featured on the exchange so should be easy to find.  I actually managed to place it really easily this time compared to when I had it in my Without a Compass save!

Moving inland you can see that “town” is much smaller and more small townish than the big city of both Storybrook County and Evansville where Without a Compass was.

Another angle…

And another.  There’s a small beach back there where that peach building is.  You’ll see it better in the next chapter.

My favorite in-town lot is this park!  It’s actually a park I’d added to Evansville that I grabbed with the others.  This was where the festival grounds originally was but I moved them to the countryside.  This was a 60×60 lot and the park is 40×40 so I had to get creative filling things in…

Like this!  I have to say this is one of the most fun and, if I do say so myself, coolest things I’ve ever made in Sims!  I love rockin’ riders.  I’m pretty sure I have them all.  Obviously, it’s made to look like the kiddos are going to race.  The park minus my additions is the Riddle Me This Park by Polysporin.  I wanted another park because My Sim Realty doesn’t use anything from Generations in their builds.

Back to the countryside (I hope I’m not confusing you!) we have my favorite area which I did myself… well I didn’t build any of it but I did put it all together.  Kind of hard to see from this view so it’s kinda pointless for me to name everything.

First, we have the festival grounds that I pulled out of my Without a Compass save.  Built by MySimRealty.

To the left of that is the werewolves cabin.

And a bit down that street is the ghost’s house.  Rosy Cottage by PolarBearSims.  (She’s the one who makes the Sims 4 autonomy mods I use!)

Moving on a little further you’ll see the awesome fairy village.  This is actually part of a set on MTS that are meant to be connected to each other in a particular neighborhood.  I just changed a few things so that the “lodgings” were more like houses and the tavern is like a central shared eating area.  The Village of Thornspell 2 on MTS.

Next door to the fairies there is a teenage genie living in a small house with his dog.  He is the only single occult sim.  The other households have 4 plus their various pets.  Hortensias Cabin from MTS.

Taking a sharp left you’ll see this incredible graveyard on the right.  I absolutely love this lot and since MySimRealty seems not so fond of graveyards (they are usually tiny and kinda boring) I added it and removed theirs.  Gatehouse Cemetery from the Sims 3 exchange I believe.

Across the street is the largest house where the witches reside.  I had a heck of a time finding a house I liked for them.  Newport Elegance from MTS.

The vampires live next door.  They are friends with the witches and even have a broom arena in their backyard.  This lot is just so cool!  Blood Heart Mansion from MTS.

Across the street from that you’ll find the supernatural hangout.  It’s a bit small but it fit perfectly on this lot.  I made a few changes here and there.  Made by MySimRealty for this neighborhood… I just moved it.

Last but not least we have the mermaid’s home!  Twin sisters live here.  Their last name is Siren.  I’m kinda hoping they’ll do a lot of dating.  Depth’s Rising created by Crowkeeper.

Here’s one!  I was very excited to see that they swim to shore from their home.  I was also impressed by the speed with which they swim!

As you may recall, they were on the final day of fall prior to moving.  So once I’d unpaused for a bit the area was covered in snow.  Indeed some of the above pics were taken later when I got fed up with waiting for the snow to go away so that I could take the shots.

Andres liked their home so much that he had an almost identical house built here in Meadow Glen.  It’s bigger but still cozy.

And down a bit to the left here is where Kyris is living.  He’s renting from the vampires who own the little resort hotel you can see partially on the right.  The barn-type house that he’s renting and another to the other side of it were off of the MySimRealty site and I thought they matched so well with the one at the hotel I changed them to the same blue.  I think they look so neat all together.

Another shot of the main house trying to show what the surrounding area looks like.

And finally, we have the gnomes.  This is from when they just got there and finally the new gnomes from Andres’ travels were released from the storage chests.  I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the new Gnome Crazy hometown.  I absolutely love it here!  It’s like country living with most of the lots you’d find in a big city… just smaller.

Chapter 23


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