TS3 Gnome Crazy! Ch 23: Welcome Home

Chapter 23

How can you not be gnome crazy?  They are so entertaining.  On this much bigger lot they have spread out some.  Which makes the gnome checks several screenshots.

A nice family meal to celebrate the new house.  And look they even have a dining area.

It seems that Puddy Tat is dining on something else altogether.

Blech!  I had no idea you could see it in their mouth after they catch it!

The most exciting addition to their new home is the greenhouse.  I never could figure out the darned roofs for these so never had one on a lot I owned.  After doing some research it seems that they fixed them at some point but at first they were just roof decor and didn’t actually keep out the weather!  Sheesh.

He got one!  He replanted it.  According to what I’ve read there needs to be several of them to draw the vampire gnome.

The new foreign gnomes seem to stick together.

Here’s a better shot of the little jumping area I built for Domino.  It’s a extra home or whatever which I realized you can have several of and the sims can use them all at once.

Are we having cow issues Neve?

I think they were playing tic-tac-hoof?

Umm… I really don’t think strutting around naked is a good idea with two kids in the house!  At least the censor worked.

Thankfully, the kids were occupied.

I saw this…

And he was indeed splashing so, of course, I made a video…

Jon is so good with the animals.

It hasn’t even been a day and Andres already got a celebrity opportunity!

This is the lot that I mentioned you’d see in this chapter in the Extra: Meadow Glen chapter.  There may be another empty lot on this small beach… it is very small.

I like these dancing opportunities.  So easy.

Gnome check!

Kyris check!  It’s very odd having them living in separate houses while still controlling them all.

Neve was out collecting scrap.  Despite finding the gnome of invention already I thought she could still invent at least sometimes.

Jon began working on the army of snowmen that will hopefully attract the winter gnome.

And then warmed up inside driving the couch.

Then this popped up!  What?  Really… what?

I’m so confused.  She was queued to find scrap and then go to the library.  There’s no way she did something else in that time!

I’m glad I have this mod.  It’s so annoying how the parents in this game normally just scream at the kids for stuff that isn’t their fault.

A few minutes later I was pulled to Kyris’s house for this!  He was queued up too!!!  All of this keeps happening.  I can’t figure it out.

Speaking of Kyris, Jon got tired of waiting for someone to take him to meet him so he headed down to introduce himself.

They got along great from the start.

After the whole incident from stealing the witch elixir Jon is more jumpy than ever.

After Jon left Andres had a talk with Kyris explaining what had happened and asking if Kyris can help Jon out when he ages up in a few days.  He, of course, agreed.

Back home Sir Dance-A-Lot was watching TV with a horse gnome.

And Jon had calmed down again.

Kyris gave Andres a few invigorating elixirs to try out.

There never seems to be enough time to get anything done so a few extra hours was welcome.

It just looks like a cube.

Who would want that in ice?

Random gnome pic.

The occult sims that I created keep getting assigned as paparazzi.  I think she’s a witch.  It’s funny because when I saw her I thought wow is she cute and then realized she’s one of mine!

Neve milking the cow.


The bunnies seem to like the trees.

There’s always at least one gnome in the greenhouse.

Truly, there are gnomes everywhere!

Somehow the fact that it was Jon who created a grim reaper snowman was much creepier than if anyone else did it!

Chapter 24


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